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Dream interpretation, what dreams of sperm: male, a lot, sperm in a dream to a woman

Plots of dreams relating to the sexual sphere, are quite common. After all, it is in a dream that the subconscious mind is liberated, and hidden desires appear.

On such night dreams, as the moment of ejaculation, it is not particularly customary to talk, but various dream books will prompt what the sperm dreams about.

Dream interpretation, what dreams of sperm: male, a lot, sperm in a dream to a woman

Dream Miller treats an excited male sexual organ and the subsequent ejaculation as a sign of great opportunities and the ability to awake in reality to achieve outstanding success. See traces of passion on the bed — a warning to dreamers of both sexes.

Secret love adventures may be known to a wide range of people.

On the erotic dream book, when sperm dreams, it means the emergence of a good idea. Thanks to her, it will be possible to organize or continue to develop a profitable project.

Dream interpretation of Sigmund Freud believes that sperm in a dream symbolizes the strongest potential. If a man sees abundant ejaculation, this is the personification of a rich sex life and the desire to fertilize a woman.

For newlyweds, sperm indicates a passionate honeymoon.

Interpretation of the modern dream book deciphers a strong stream of seminal fluid as the desire to share exciting thoughts with your loved one. Sperm of an unusual color or unpleasant smell is a symbol of caring for an intimate partner.

According to dreamo Longo sluggish seeding of the seed means helplessness in the circumstances.

A pleasant and promising acquaintance foreshadows sperm a lonely woman. To married women, seminal fluid is a very auspicious symbol.

Marital life is close to idyll. See dried sperm on the sheets — a warning.

The fleeting romantic fascination threatens with serious problems.

When dreaming semen a girl, she will soon experience frustration. A young man with whom she is in love, will show his true intentions. It will push her away.

If the young person sees how her friend is engaged in self-satisfaction and reaches ejaculation, in reality she should stay away from him. Stains on the bed for a virgin — to impartial gossip about her. Spread the rumor envious.

Lonely girlfriend sperm means the appearance of a boyfriend. However, the dream warns that his intentions will be frivolous, and you should not count on a serious relationship.

Dreamed male sperm — a great character. This is a precursor to the possibility of earning an impressive amount easily.

See dried spots on the bed — to the appearance of an opponent and the emergence of a «love triangle».

Older dreamers, regardless of gender, dreamed sperm means that the old case is nearing completion. The final will be favorable.

Homogeneous white male sperm — a symbol of well-being. All will be well with the dreamer, and with relatives.

Also expect a bright love relationship. An unpleasant smell or an unusual color warns of ailments.

It is important to begin treatment when the first symptoms appear, then the disease will quickly subside.

Subconscious desire to increase the family — that’s what dreams of sperm of husband woman of childbearing age. Older lady plot foreshadows a successful period, enthusiastic gardening — a good harvest.

Unexpected Trouble Means Sperm with blood. In love and family, such a vision indicates that the couple have few common interests.

Black seminal fluid — a call for intelligibility in intimate contact. Chance to become infected with a sexually transmitted disease.

See lot sperm in a dream — to a passionate romance. After such a dream, married and married dreams can enjoy absolute harmony in their personal sphere.

Dried sperm warns — it will soon have to finish the abandoned business to the final. Also on the horizon may suddenly appear former lover or passion.

Dreamed condom with sperm — reflection of unrest due to some difficulties and awkwardness in intimate relationships. An alternative interpretation states that the state of the financial sector will improve.

Spilled sperm means that there is a person playing a double game surrounded. Around the dreamer, detractors who dream of taking possession of his position or depriving part of their profits intrigue intrigues.

Animal sperm is a good sign. You will meet with dear friends who have not seen each other for a long time and have fun.

Dream interpretation, what dreams of sperm: male, a lot, sperm in a dream to a woman

When dreaming semen in the mouth — It is a symbol of irritation about the development of the novel. Relationships do not bring complete satisfaction.

For woman to swallow partner’s sperm symbolizes her willingness to please him in reality, and at the same time — indicates some suspicion. If a man sees a girl swallowing seminal fluid, a dizzy love adventure is waiting for him soon.

The representatives of the stronger sex dreamed sperm on the face favorite tells about her willingness to be paired on subordinate roles. For a woman to feel the drops of seminal fluid on her face is to unconditionally recognize the authority of a partner.

Sperm on the body signals excessive care for external beauty. For a woman who dreams of a child, this is a joyful sign of a long-awaited pregnancy.

Smearing the seminal fluid through the body means to get a vivid impression of new experiments in the intimate sphere.

Entrepreneurs to see traces of semen on a suit — to an awkward situation, the emergence of distrust among business partners. To get out of difficulties and prove your honesty, it will take considerable effort.

If a girl dreams to wipe the sperm from the floor, in reality the events of her personal life are actively discussed by the spiteful critics.

When you try to figure out what dreams of sperm, you can pay attention to a fairly favorable context. In addition, if you use the tips of the sources, you will avoid embarrassing situations.

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