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Dream Interpretation, what dreams of snakes: many snakes, snakes in a dream to a woman

Representatives of the suborder of reptiles from the animal kingdom cause in most people a feeling of disgust, squeamishness and unaccountable horror. In the Bible, the Serpent-Tempter is mentioned, because of the insidious persuasion of which, the first couple of people were expelled from the Garden of Eden.

Perhaps it is from human enmity that the roots of the expressions “creeping viper”, “creeping reptile”, etc. go. At the same time, the snake is a symbol of wisdom, endless life and healing. No wonder many pharmacies can see the image of a cup entwined with a snake.

The ambiguity of attitude towards reptiles is also reflected in the interpretation of dreams with the presence of amphibians in them. What do snakes dream of? Basically, they are harbingers of deception and gossip, but more often such dreams are merely of a warning nature.

Probably, this also manifests symbolic serpentine wisdom. After all, any person can easily avoid many troubles if they are prepared for them.

Therefore, after seeing the negative decoding, it is necessary to take note of it, and not to fall into despair! In addition, if the sleep did not cause strong negative feelings, and in reality a person, for example, adores snakes or works in serpentarium, even an unfavorable meaning is alleviated or completely neutralized.

Dream Interpretation, what dreams of snakes: many snakes, snakes in a dream to a woman

The interpretation of the plot, in which the dreamer observes reptiles from different sources, is very slightly different.

Founder of psychoanalysis Zigmund Freud treats the snake unequivocally as a phallic symbol. The appearance of a dream indicates a desire to lead a more active sex life. At the same time run away from the reptile, beat him — problems in the intimate sphere.

A dream in which a man holds a snake indicates a hidden or apparent tendency to gay.

According to Miller’s dream book Snakes are interpreted as the evil intentions of others towards the dreamer. This dream is a warning to fear deception and slander.

The interpretation of the dream with the presence of snakes from Wangi also has a negative value. The man who saw them is surrounded by enemies.

Perhaps a negative magical effect.

According to the Ukrainian dream book snakes also warn about detractors. The assault of the reptile and the bite are ahead of the quarrel.

Russian people’s dream book clarifies — the ill-wisher is almost certainly female. At the same time, if you manage to defeat the snake, the dream predicts success, gaining valuable experience and wisdom.

Evgeny Tsvetkov warns that he sees a serpent awaiting the betrayal of friends. If the snake crawled close — ailment.

Old Slavic dream book Veles treats reptiles as the probability of betrayal of a loved one. Possible deception from good friends.

For the most correct interpretation, the gender and age of the dreamer should be considered. A man who saw a snake in a dream, and did not experience fear at the same time, subconsciously dreams of popularity among the fair sex.

The meaning of sleep also changes from social status.

Snakes that appeared pregnant a woman in a dream, according to one of the interpretations, means unsatisfied sexual desire. On the other — sad or disturbing thoughts, anxiety about financial well-being.

Surprisingly positive is the dream with snakes for married ladies. This heralds the achievement of autonomy, perhaps your business and income.

Girl the dreamed reptile predicts a quick loss of innocence. Another option — new knowledge, for which will have to make an effort.

Dream Interpretation, what dreams of snakes: many snakes, snakes in a dream to a woman

Deciphering the dream, you need to consider what looked like a creepy.

Black snake, «Creeping into a dream» is a warning sign. It should be on the lookout, to follow others — a number of villains.

Large A reptile resting on a stone heated by the sun means that fate has so far given the dreamer a breather. But you should look at what people are nearby.

If dreamed awesome a snake crawling towards a person, or a group of people, then local cataclysms will soon appear awake. If a giant reptile squeezes the dreamer — someone controls his actions, not enough will.

White the snake symbolizes the approach to dangerous knowledge. Perhaps unreasonable fascination with magic and the occult.

We must thank the dream for the caution not to go where it should not be.

Green a snake, if it crawls away, predicts a victory over old harmful attachments. Unfavorable plot, if the emerald serpent wraps man.

So, to break the habits in the near future will not work.

Seen in a dream yellow the snake has a positive interpretation — significant changes for the better in a once-ruined relationship (reconciliation with enemies, sincere meeting with friends whom fate has parted with). New acquaintances will be very unusual, however, the appearance of a fraudster is possible.

Red A reptile that is in a dream in natural conditions promises a long journey and an abundance of impressions. If she crawls in the apartment (enclosed in a terrarium), in reality you should be more careful on the road.

Injuries are possible.

When dream dead snakes, dream promises success in business after serious efforts. The adverse period of reality, when it seemed that the whole world was against the dreamer, was finally coming to an end.

Little ones Gray snakes warn of minor annoyances. One by one, they seem to be insignificant, but all together they are able to unbalance. To see little snakes hanging from a tree means to hear rumors about yourself soon.

The man, whom the dreamer does not even think about, dismisses them.

Seen in a dream rattling a snake for a woman means the appearance of a rival, and a female devotee can win. For a man, dream means an insidious person in his immediate environment.

Positive value has dreamed orange snake. So, in reality, some news will help make the right decision and avoid trouble.

Also auspicious symbol is blue snake. Interpretation promises quiet joy from communication with relatives.

Possible to visit with friends in an entertainment institution.

In general, seen in a dream poisonous snake means the appearance of waking powerful enemies. They spin intrigues, and it will not be easy to resist the trap they have conceived.

Some species of reptiles dream books allocate separately, and decipher their symbolism individually. So seen in a dream cobra — a sign that the enemy, among other things, is a very cruel person.

If the reptile has already opened its hood, then the enemy is preparing a dirty trick in the very near future.

For women, the cobra is a symbol of misunderstanding with the opposite sex. In the family — a period of discord, and to fix everything, you have to make a lot of effort. Restore the old feelings is still possible if the snake was on the street.

Particularly unfavorable value for a snake in the matrimonial bedroom. But at the same time, if the dreamer realizes that her beloved has reincarnated into a cobra in a mysterious way, sensual pleasure awaits them in reality.

To see a cobra dancing to the tune of a fakir — a group of detractors acts against a real lady. It is necessary to beware of fraud at work by colleagues united in the company.

Snake viper, Appearing in a dream, signals that someone who the dreamer trusted unconditionally prepares a stab in the back. In order for the traitor’s plans to collapse, you will have to stop being a person with an open soul.

At least for the near future.

Dead snakes are a good sign, saying that the time of sadness and negativity will soon pass. If suddenly the reptiles come to life, and tend to sting — in relation to the dreamer someone will manifest injustice.

We’ll have to defend their good name.

Killed in a dream of a snake, someone else (including a dog or a mongoose) has a favorable interpretation. Friends will come to the rescue.

It is also possible that the comrades who defended the dreamer from slander will be unfamiliar people. Himself to destroy the snake — a sign predicting success in business.

Snake already in a dream, as in reality, it does not threaten man. The interpretation of the plot is definitely positive.

Even after seeing a major snake, only minor troubles are likely to arise that are very easy to handle.

Creeping away the snake — all evil gradually passes away from the dreamer’s life, even if it causes unpleasant sensations. It makes a person stronger and more circumspect.

Another auspicious dream story is to see a snake shed its skin. The symbol of excellent health and familiarity with a very knowledgeable and wise man.

When a snake in a dream does not appear alone, the negative value increases.

In a dream a woman see a lot of snakes promises reality conflicts. On the other hand, sleep may indicate the lack of demand in his personal life.

You do not have to get involved in questionable dating.

Man in a dream, snake-infested space predicts danger from acquaintances. If a child is playing among snakes in a dream, and the dreamer is quietly watching this, then you should look at your friends.

The subconscious is no longer just hinting, but it shows unequivocally — one of them may be a two-faced person.

Girl snakes sign to be more discriminating in their meetings. Sociability can play a bad joke.

Dreaming calls for caution.

If snakes are dreaming to kid, such a dream in reality promises a meeting with the enemies. Someone is angry with the kid, wants to slander.

Snake ball symbolizes being in an unfavorable atmosphere: around detractors. Stirring — remorse of conscience and internal discomfort, perhaps the dreamer is unhappy with what he has to do in reality.

Paradoxically, if the hair suddenly turns into a reptile, this is a good sign. Restless thoughts disturb small things.

All enemies will face the wisdom and life experience of the dreamer.

Of great importance is not only the appearance of the snake, but also the place where it was spotted.

Snakes in water mean that it is not so easy for ill-wishers to cause evil to the dreamer, although they seek to do so. In some cases, a dream in which the reptile swims in a transparent reservoir, promises an early move to another place of residence.

Snakes in the House the dreamer is a sign that the enemies are crossing the threshold of the dwelling. Possible theft in the absence of the owner.

Sleep warns — to be more attentive to the property, then material damage can be avoided.

Watch in a dream that snakes are crawling in the apartment — betrayal by relatives. The negative context from the dream disappears completely if the snakes in the dwelling are dead.

The most incredible at first glance events are possible. The people whom the dreamer considered to be his enemies will themselves take the first step towards sincere reconciliation.

Dream of a snake on the ground — skirmish with the ill-wisher. The collision is likely to be intellectual.

Sleep warns: at work, it is worth paying attention to insignificant trifles at first glance — someone just waits for the dreamer to blunder.

For married people, or simply cohabiting, snake in bed symbolizes treason. A woman who saw a snake in a dream right on the marital bed, you need to think about family life.

Sly rival can lead her husband.

Dream Interpretation, what dreams of snakes: many snakes, snakes in a dream to a woman

When deciphering a dream, one must also evaluate what had to be done with them.

Virtually all drafters claim (and there is no reason to doubt) that to kill snake is a good sign. The victory over the slanderers, ill-wishers is already very close, although it will have to try for it.

The killing of a snake in a dream is a symbol of the triumph of justice. All the rumors about the person of the dreamer, the cunning plans of enemies or the bases at work will remain in the past.

Also auspicious sign — cut off the head snake. The dream symbolizes that the dishonest person will be able to put in place and show everyone around him a vile nature.

The plot of sleep, which accounts run away from the snake, calls to show in reality extreme caution and vigilance.

At the same time, if a man or a woman holds a snake in his bosom, and does not feel disgust, sleep predicts the birth of an heir. Another interpretation, also positive, is a sign of hardening reputation.

In the event that the dreamer’s sensations from such a plot are nightmarish, in reality he may be disappointed in who is around (relatives, friends, colleagues).

In order to properly understand what a snake bite in a dream means, you also need to analyze the feelings of the dreamer. General meaning — attacks of enemies, false rumors.

But the interpretation in some cases is considerably softened.

For a married, or intimate woman bite in hand warns that she may soon become pregnant by her lover. If in the near future there are no plans to become a mother, it is worth to take care of contraception more carefully.

When in a dream the snake bites in leg, for representatives of both strong and weak sex, it means that you will have to sacrifice something for the desire for independence.

If you dream that a snake attacks Many times, in reality, you will have to take measures to protect your reputation, property and family. Malicious slanderers are trying to find any flaw, so the best way to respond to them can be readiness to attack.

When the snake bites in a dream of others, and the dreamer does not seek to prevent this; perhaps it is he who will distress his friends or a loved one with his behavior. Most likely, this will happen without malicious intent.

But it is desirable in reality to follow their affairs.

If the snake wants to bite, and the dreamer is terrified — in reality he should repeatedly increase his vigilance. The motto for the near future: «maximum caution»!

In the plots of some dreams, other animals join the reptiles of reptiles. Most often it is also not very pleasant representatives of the animal kingdom.

Snakes and crocodiles predict increased danger. Significant forces come together against the dreamer. Their intention is to destroy his well-being.

Confrontation can be successful if these creepy reptiles peacefully swim together in the clear water. In this case, as long as you can not worry.

At the same time, the dream warns — the enemies are near. Everything must be done so that they don’t even think about attacking.

Simultaneously seen snakes and rats in a dream means that in reality there is a series of problems to face. Events will evolve quickly, almost without giving time to navigate.

The reason for the trouble — in the actions of enemies.

Dreamed snakes and worms symbolize bigger problems and smaller troubles. A favorable sign is to pass through a territory infested with reptiles and worms, and not to touch any of them.

If dreamed spiders and snakes, you should pay attention to the plot of sleep. Only in this way can a dream be interpreted correctly.

Spiders in most dream books mean households.

Therefore, their fight with snakes means attacks on their relatives by insidious acquaintances. Run away from the spiders, but meet the reptiles, a signal that it is not necessary to make hasty conclusions, and take offense at relatives.

Moreover, you shouldn’t trust your feelings in reality “suddenly” by your acquaintance, they can take advantage of confusion and benefit exclusively for themselves.

A joint attack on the dreamer of spiders and snakes — relatives acts in concert with detractors. It is necessary to think, maybe the truth, the dreamer is doing something wrong in his life?

In general, despite the prevalence of a negative context, sleep with snakes is a call for accuracy in words and actions, vigilance and attention, at first glance, to minor events. Listening to the warnings, you can prepare for the problems, and they will pass with minimal losses.

Good friends, loyal relatives and good dreams!

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