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Dream interpretation, what dreams of sex with the former, have sex in a dream

Voluptuous plots of dreams are not a special wonder. There is nothing shameful or perverted about it.

Intimate pleasures — an important area of ​​life! Therefore, it is important to know why dream sex.

Dream interpretation, what dreams of sex with the former, have sex in a dream

Interpretations of the sexual connection according to different dream books are very diverse, taking into account his appearance, the personality of the dreamer, his direct participation in the sensory process, or simple observation.

Gustav Miller also makes a distinction in decoding depending on whether the sleeper has experienced pleasure. Getting pleasure is a great sign of success in all things.

If, after intercourse in a dream, there is a feeling of strong exhaustion, then luck will be the result of very hard and hard work.

Prophetess Wanga gave a vague dream formulation with other people’s intercourse seen: “good deeds always find reward”. If you dreamed of making love with a long-absent person, it means that a joyful meeting will happen very soon in reality.

Russian people’s dream book treats seen sex as obstacles to the realization of the goal. Himself asleep enters into a sexual relationship — a warning signal.

The reason that things do not move from the dead center is in the laziness of the dreamer himself.

Gypsy option suggests that having sex with a loved one — a signal to be more attentive. Relations are not so cloudless.

The partner has a mercenary interest.

Noble dream gives a separate interpretation for men, as a foreboding of disappointment and disappointment. For women, sleep symbolizes small pleasures.

Egyptian dream book predicts the sleeping, entered into a sexual relationship, the sad events in reality. The similar meaning of the Muslim interpreter.

Newest dream book of the 21st century treats the sexual intercourse as dissatisfaction with one’s own intimate life. The sleeper, who entered into a dream intimate relationship, is waiting for a warning.

Nayava possible the occurrence of an unusual situation. It will require special attention for the successful elimination of consequences.

Erotic dream book predicts, in the case of an active role during sex, that everything in the sleeper is under control. He knows how to enjoy life.

Burning up after intercourse means that you will immediately need to solve many cases at once. The dream speaks of the need to preserve health and save power, warns not to take too many commitments.

Suddenly, the blood that went off during sex in a dream predicts that some of the relatives are trying to embroil their partners. If the relationship is expensive, you must stop listening to the advice of others.

Quite often the sex of a virgin or boy of puberty. This means the desire to enter into adulthood, and get a sexual experience.

For a man to make love in a dream With girl, with which he was barely familiar with reality, it means to feel displeasure from the already established relationship. His situation is his, but the dreamer fears significant changes.

If he indulges in sex With a woman popular (singer, politician, actress), then in reality it is very dreaming to penetrate into the ranks of the beau monde.

Pleasant pursuits with passion with my beloved — a beautiful sign of harmonious pastime. Unpleasant sensations during sex in a dream — it is worthwhile to devote more time to your chosen one. Sex with my wife foreshadows problems.

If you do not pay attention to the long-standing cooling, the disorder can be aggravated until the divorce.

When a married man dreams of sex with a stranger, as if the embodiment of his erotic fantasy, in reality he will easily succeed in business.

For a young unmarried girl sex with a man, with which she meets, warns against delusion about his intentions. Unfortunately, his feelings are insincere, and he uses her solely for the sake of entertainment.

No serious relationship with him will not work.

Dreamed sex with a loved one — it’s time to decide on a conversation, putting in place all the important moments of the relationship. Watching your own intercourse in a mirror image — the dreamer attaches too much importance to the opinions of others

Sleep signals the need to become more free and independent.

Often dreaming lovemaking with my boyfriend, that means thinking too much about him. It is worth analyzing whether your feelings are not too intrusive, otherwise it can be scared away.

Sex with husband in a dream brought a sense of satisfaction — auspicious symbol. This is the harmony in the family, excellent understanding.

For married ladies the satisfaction of lust with another man — a sign of dissatisfaction with intima waking. To correct the situation, it is necessary to speak frankly with your spouse.

Often in a dream to have sex with another man — problems are already threatening the family character. Perhaps it is time to turn to a psychologist or sexologist.

Intrigue with married man and bedding on the marital bed — in reality awaiting a quarrel. They will arise due to the material claims of others.

Dreamed sex with a friend in a dream speaks about the degree of emotional intimacy So the dreamer trusts him, and he really deserves it.

Intimacy with a friend says that a woman wants public recognition. However, on the way to the top, it is worth remembering about the methods, and not go over the heads.

Enter into intimate relationship with a stranger with blond hair — joyful events will happen in reality. Make love with a brunette — there will be obstacles.

Sex in a dream with the boss signals the need for respect for others.

Intercourse with a colleague means that in the team the dreamer is envious. Someone wants to catch her on an oversight, it is necessary to exercise caution.

Dream interpretation, what dreams of sex with the former, have sex in a dream

The overwhelming majority of the dream books interpret making love to a person who has already broken up, as an emotionally unfinished situation. Feelings have not yet disappeared, and continue to manifest themselves in dreams.

Intimate connection with the former a husband warns that it is time to move on. The habit of remembering the past interferes with happiness in the present.

Have sex with dead husband means that the widow longs for it. The image dear to heart arises in such a sensual dream.

Pleasant sex with a former lover means that the lady can not take control of their own emotions.

For brides it is often necessary to see in a dream on the eve of a wedding celebration making love with the former boyfriend. This is a reflection of internal experiences about the sooner gaining a new status, and not at all that he wants to return, as some people think.

Sex with ex wife in a dream — a sign that soon in life suddenly there will be problems associated with past actions. They, most likely, are not connected with the personality of the ex-spouse.

Intimate relationship with the former girlfriend foreshadows the onset of the troubled period. We’ll have to be bored waiting for someone else’s decisions, and our own sluggishness will prevent success.

In contrast to traditional types of intimate relationships, special types have a separate interpretation.

If a man dreams oral sex, then, in his relationship with the opposite sex is not all the way he would like. For a woman to do blowjob partner symbol of the fact that sometimes it is better to remain silent.

Excessive talk will not bring to the good, and certainly not necessarily voice all your plans and intentions. The plot in which the lady bites the phallus during oral sex symbolizes her tendency to revenge.

Dreamed anal sex warns that in reality you will have to learn the bitterness of betrayal from a loved one, or a very close friend or girlfriend. Unconsciously, the dreamer already knows that she has been changed, but does not want to notice the obvious.

Group sex dreams of people obsessed with a sense of self-worth. They are ready for much in order to always be in the thick of the events of society.

A pregnant woman is dreaming of such a plot as a precursor of impetuous labor.

Virgin seen the first Sex in a dream is often a prophetic plot. For men, the memory of the beginning of intimate life means that many small matters will fall on them.

A woman sees the loss of her virginity as a symbol of remorse because of a recent act that does not necessarily concern the personal sphere.

The dream of sex has prompted the loss of the limits of pleasure from intimate life. three. Too much physical, too little spiritual.

The sleeper needs to remember another name for sexual intercourse — making love, and try to return the emotional emotions to this process.

Dream interpretation, what dreams of sex with the former, have sex in a dream

Incest, or intimate communication with a relative, is forbidden and shameful in reality. However, after waking up after such a dream, you should not be embarrassed or frightened. The value can be very favorable.

Intercourse with an elderly relative (aunt, uncle, grandmother, grandfather) means the need to take care of health. On the threshold of some kind of infection that is easy to prevent.

Dreamed sex with brother — rejoice! At the right moment, native people will support and lend a helping hand in difficult situations.

Intimate relationship with sister ensures that in reality cases will be solved simply by themselves. It also increases the vitality and overall activity of the sleeper.

Pleasant sex with Father in a dream means that the next 2-3 weeks, you can not worry about anything. There is incredible, almost mystical, luck in everything.

A dream that contains a strict warning is a love story. with mom. The dreamer leads a completely wrong way of life for him.

It is worthwhile to think about the expediency of the decisions made many times, because now is a period when the foundation is laid for future successes.

When dream sex with mother-in-law, for the correct interpretation of the plot, one must recall the sensations. If it was pleasant and comfortable — in reality there will be success even in those projects that were considered hopeless.

In the case of sexual intercourse that caused negative emotions, adverse news will appear. A man, by force or by coercion, who has captured a mother-in-law in a dream, will never succeed in becoming a true head of the family.

Non-standard types of intimate contacts have a specific interpretation.

Scary story of the dream in which sex occurred with the dead, is an auspicious symbol. Nayavu will give a valuable thing.

One has to see the sex of one of his buddies or girlfriends with a famous man — a symbol of the fact that in their quest to gain fame, acquaintances are ready to cross all conceivable boundaries. Happy to watch alien sex in a dream, and at the same time caressing oneself is an alarming sign

Someone steals luck, and the sleeper is left to be satisfied with not at all what he really deserves.

Dreamed sex with a dog warns of internal readiness to deceive a loved one. The second half learns about adultery.

If a man dreams same sex sex with his participation, means waking, soon embroiled in a scam without his knowledge. It is necessary to carefully study the conditions of all proposals.

For a woman to be performed in a dream Lesbian sex means a quick, momentous meeting with a very interesting person. If the male dreamer observes the same-sex mating of girls in a dream, it means that the underlying erotic desires overcome him.

Soon, someone will realize his fantasies.

Sex in a flying plane warns of an unusual event. If the sensations were pleasant — it will be favorable, in the absence of bright impressions — the incident will not have special significance.

Very extraordinary sex with an alien predicts that soon the sleeper will gain popularity. The reason may be either in the achievements of the work, or in an unexpected bold act.

Modern dream book gives the interpretation of virtual sex as a signal of life misconceptions, and the presence of baseless complexes. The sleeper cannot achieve harmony in the intimate sphere, and this is manifested by the demonstration in the dream of such a non-standard type of sex.

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