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Dream interpretation, what dreams of rats: a man, a woman, a rat bite in a dream

Among all the representatives of the fauna world living in close proximity to human habitation, most people consider rats to be the most unpleasant. Lovers of the exotic, however, they like for intelligence and restless nature.

For those who keep decorative rats in an apartment, a dream involving these animals usually speaks about caring for their pets. Those who have recently encountered rats in real life or watched a horror movie with their presence may also not look for a decryption of sleep.

Most likely, his unpleasant story is only a reflection of the emotions experienced in reality. In all other cases, you can try to interpret what happened in the dream in order to understand what the rats dream about.

Such a plot has a pronounced warning character.

Dream interpretation, what dreams of rats: a man, a woman, a rat bite in a dream

Almost all the feelings after having dreamed of rodents are not the most positive. Interpretation of different dream books, by the way, also boils down to the fact that rats are an unfavorable symbol.

Traditionally Russian and Ukrainian dream books warn dreamers who watched rats that there were secret enemies nearby. Their intrigues and intrigues will bring trouble, and it is necessary to establish the identity of the enemies as soon as possible.

Echoes this interpretation French dream book. In life, there comes a period when people who wish to the dreamer of evil will secretly show their insidious essence.

Dream Miller warns that in reality a situation may arise in which close people or business partners will behave dishonestly. They are able to intentionally mislead the dreamer, pursuing their own selfish ends.

The famous Bulgarian prophetess Wanga interpreted the appearance in the dreams of rats as a sad sign. Its meaning is ahead the strip of turmoil and disaster.

Have esoteric Evgenia Tsvetkova similar meaning of rats in a dream. Nayava lurked some danger, and the actions of loved ones will cause tears.

Dream interpretation Hasse predicts a dreamer watching a sleeping rat that the enemy is cunning. To understand who it is, it is necessary to take a closer look at an inconspicuous, with all agreeing person.

As usual, very specifically treats sleep with the presence of rats. Sigmund Freud. According to his version, they mean inclinations in intimate life to intimate relationships with elements of sadism and masochism.

Antnio Meneghetti notes that rats symbolize someone’s evil will, dictate, energy vampirism. In the appearance of rodents in a dream, the psychologist considers “guilty” the negative situations that the dreamer experienced in childhood through the fault of the mother.

Dream Medea argues that rats in a dream reflect the inner turmoil of a person in reality. Because of the bitterness, an unseemly deed was committed, and now it hurts the conscience.

Also, the plot of a dream with rodents is a warning about indisposition.

Traditionally, in interpreting a dream, in order for decoding to be as correct as possible, it is necessary to take into account the day of the week when he dreamed, the details of the dream and even the gender of the dreamer.

If a mice and rats became the «guests» of the fair sex, in reality she should be wary of small intrigues and troubles associated with someone else’s envy. It is also possible minor misunderstandings at work because of the annoying blunders (the envious people necessarily focus attention of the management on them).

In the near future it is worth being more attentive.

Lot rats, surrounded from all sides, and even more aspiring to bite, means that in reality health can deteriorate. In order not to start the process, leading to a chronic one, it is advisable to visit doctors.

General when alive rats dream of a woman; in real life, quarrels with neighbors or colleagues are very likely. These conflicts can be prevented by analyzing your own behavior.

Do not trust the charming appearance and sweet-voiced speeches — this is what dreams white rat woman. On the horizon, a deceiver or a cunning con woman will appear.

It is worth analyzing all the proposals that will be received in the near future.

If the rat the big — secret detractors are pretty powerful. If a huge rodent is sitting on his clothes, a dream-seeker risks being in the epicenter of a scandal, and she should be wary of getting involved in adventures.

For single and married lady dead rats in a dream — a symbol of obscene sentence, which may soon follow in reality. Before agreeing to become someone’s mistress, we must seriously think about it.

The fact of an intimate relationship with a significant degree of probability will be known to a very wide range of people.

Among the most negative interpretations there is a pleasant exception if the rats dream of a pregnant woman. Such a plot predicts the birth of a large child.

In love a girl to see rats in a dream is a warning signal. Nayavu for the chosen one will have to fight, and rivals are ready for dirty methods.

When the rats dream in the House, for women, it is a sign of upcoming turmoil. In addition, if the rodents in the dream absorb food, it is necessary to make at least a small food reserves.

Dream interpretation, what dreams of rats: a man, a woman, a rat bite in a dream

For the stronger sex, the interpretation of dreams with unpleasant rodents often indicates a failure in personal and professional fields.

Dreamed black the rat predicts a grand family scandal. Its cause may be a long-time deception, or the unseemly deed of the dreamer in the past.

Dead the rat, to whose death the dreamer has nothing to do, is not a very favorable sign. A dead rodent may portend problems with potency and hints at a visit to the andrologist-urologist.

Large the rat foreshadows a quarrel with business companions; in the coming period, important issues should not be resolved in the heat of the moment. If possible, you should take a vacation for 1-2 weeks to change the situation and look at the problem in a new way.

Definitely an unfavorable sleep plot — rat that bites. Nayawa can happen trouble because of someone’s betrayal.

Large trouble, figuratively speaking, on the threshold. Peer into the surroundings — a dream signals that the enemy is someone from the near circle of communication.

Seen rat with rats in a dream, he warns that quarrels in the dreamer’s family life are mostly due to his own selfishness and inability to listen to the second half.

Dreamed snakes and rats warn — ahead of a difficult period, filled with problems. The reasons for their occurrence at first glance are not obvious and not related to each other, but the culprit is a cunning person disguised as a friend.

In interpreting a dream, what the dreamer undertakes is undoubtedly important.

Dangerous battles with injustice — that’s what dreams catch rat. Confrontation with enemies is approaching a decisive stage. If succeeded to catch a rat in a dream, this characterizes the dreamer as a sincere and honest person.

He hates meanness, and even all its smallest manifestations.

Beautiful symbol — to kill a rat in a dream. This means that all detractors will be defeated, and life will return to normal. The dream in which it is necessary to feed the rodent has a uniquely favorable significance.

This means that wisdom in solving a problem will be able to pacify enemies. They, if they do not become friends, but loyalty to the sleeper will increase, and recent opponents will «eat from the arm.»

Unusual plot of sleep, which is brought there is rat has the most favorable value. Financial profit is possible, for lovers — the fateful decision about living together.

For those suffering from loneliness, such an action suggests that an important meeting will soon take place.

Ironing a rat in a dream is a double interpreted symbol. Its good value — ahead of unexpected cash receipts.

Negative value — an unpleasant situation will occur due to the fault of a person whom the dreamer unconditionally trusted.

The extravagance of the sleeper is hinted at by the plot in which it is adopted. speak with a rat. It is necessary to think about what lies behind its own shocking, and is it really necessary.

Dream interpretation, what dreams of rats: a man, a woman, a rat bite in a dream

The most disturbing feeling in all, without exception, leaves the dream with the attack of a rodent or even a whole pack. However, it is necessary to consider a similar hint from the subconscious, as an opportunity to prepare, and subsequently cope with problems, as well as to calm your own conscience.

The fact is that bite rats, repeatedly appearing in a dream night after night, often epitomizes a feeling of shame for some act committed in reality. It is worth thinking about how to correct the situation in order not to have any remorse.

According to another common interpretation, if you dream that a rat has bitten in a dream, a quarrel will soon be awake.

Attack Rats in a dream is a foreshadowing of the quick activation of enemies in real life. In order to understand where to expect problems, it is necessary to remember which part of the body was attacked by rodents in a dream.

Biting the legs predict domestic problems. They may occur due to the fact that households lack attention.

Someone from relatives, perhaps, is just jealous of happiness, and is ready to dispel an unpleasant rumor. It is worth remembering that the foundation of strong relationships is in trust, and it is achieved not only by talking, but first and foremost by deeds.

Rat bite on hand in a dream warns of the imminent occurrence of material problems. Their cause will be the dreamer himself and his risky financial operations. Nayavu comes a very unfavorable period for lending at the bank (they may slip an unprofitable version of the contract with hidden commissions or higher interest rates).

Borrowing money from friends can lead to a quarrel. If a rodent has grabbed a finger — you need to think about your waking behavior.

Roughness or excessive licentiousness simply gives ill-wishers a reason to “bite” or damage reputation.

Deciphering the dream must pay attention to the appearance and the size of rodents.

If dreaming gray rat, in reality, you need to increase vigilance. There is a great danger of the situation in which the dreamer will be substituted by colleagues.

This is also a warning about false information, and tears from resentment.

The scale of the problems that will lead to gullibility will be depressing — that’s what dreams big black rat. Unreal awesome rat reflects the size of the future troubles.

Fatty the rat symbolizes the influence and almost invulnerability of ill-wishers. Nayavu needs to reconsider his naive attitude to life in order to minimize the risk, or not to become a victim of cunning enemies at all.

White The rat has several symbolic interpretations. This and deception by the closest person, and the achievement of success by the dreamer dishonest methods.

Redhead a rat in a dream symbolizes that one of the friends is actually an enemy. Soon we can expect that the cunning man finally finds himself.

100% prepare for the betrayal will not work. But it seems that, subconsciously, the dreamer already knows about the identity of the false friend.

It remains only to realize this in reality, showing a bit of observation.

Dead rats lying in a dream on the road indicate obstacles in real life. Trouble will not be fatal, although the mood can spoil.

Neutral, and even a positive sign is considered manual rat. It is a symbol of reconciliation with enemies.

Homemade The rats in their cage symbolize reward for the best qualities of the character. The dreamer will receive recognition even from detractors.

Here is a good event waiting in reality, if you dreamed decorative rats.

It must be remembered that it is important to treat the warning information obtained through sleep correctly. Knowing about some unpleasant moments, ready to happen in reality, it is much easier to minimize their negative consequences.

It may even be possible to turn the situation in their favor. Sweet dreams and sweet dreams with exceptionally favorable characters!

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