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Dream interpretation, what dreams of rain: strong, warm, get under the rain in a dream

A variety of weather events surround us every day, and there is nothing extraordinary in the fact that it was raining. But this familiar event has various interpretations depending on the details of the dreaming dream.

Consider in more detail what the dream of rain.

Dream interpretation, what dreams of rain: strong, warm, get under the rain in a dream

The interpretation of a natural dreamed-up phenomenon is attributed by a number of dream-books to the emotional sphere of the sleeper. Precipitation, in their opinion, reflects the feelings and hidden desires.

Dream Miller deciphers a pleasant summer rain as a symbol of elation. If it pours from a thunderstorm lead-dark cloud, in reality you will have to get unpleasant news.

Getting out of the rain is a good sign. Thanks to your own instinct and knowledge, you can avoid dangers.

But if there was no water in the dream, but only a noise was heard — it is worth preserving health, and try not to subject it to testing.

Prophet Wang She interpreted warm drops falling on the dreamer as a symbol of spiritual purification, possibly through religion. Also, the Bulgarian soothsayer claimed that the rain reflected the presence of a person’s abnormal abilities ready to wake up.

The rainbow that appeared during the precipitation means great changes in the near future.

Russian dream book warns: when it rains in the winter, it’s awesome news to expect. «Mushroom», going in sunny weather, heralds soon success.

Ukrainian the variant treats such a type of precipitation as joy and the receipt of good news, but the shower warns against hasty actions. Failures are possible.

See how the drops fall at night — to cry in reality.

American dream book treats rain as a sign of the upcoming update of all the senses. It is necessary to be cleaned from the old, pulling back.

English the version prophesies the dreamer watching rainfall on a clear day mutual love. But the rain, accompanied by the wind, warns of future troubles.

Dreaming taflfi treats precipitation as a positive change. They should be expected soon.

Freight’s Dream Interpretation originally interprets a woman soaked in a dream in the rain. According to the founder of psychoanalysis, this reflects her subconscious desire to continue the race.

For members of the stronger sex plot means that he prefers to satisfy the passion on their own.

Old Slavic dream Veles Considers rain also depending on details. Warm and pleasant mean profit and fun, cold on a windy day — anxiety.

Soak up the skin — a warning about the deterioration of health.

When the house dreams to rain through the roof, it is a surprisingly nice symbol. Soon all conflicts will be forgotten, and peace and joy reign in the family.

Dream interpretation Tsvetkova warns after seeing flows from the sky about the need to carefully treat their own time. Do not mindlessly squander it.

This resource is impossible to buy.

Also on the esoteric version rain symbolizes the attainment of peace of mind. This beneficial event will occur only if the emotions in the dream were pleasant.

Contradictory symbolism contains a dream with played bad weather. Shower in a dream often displays anxiety about their loved ones. Cold water foreshadows any losses or annoying losses.

Warm jets predict that the situation will change for the better soon.

To see in the dream heavy rain outside the window — auspicious symbol that will soon be able to show all that has accumulated in the heart. This will be positive.

In place of anxiety joy will come to life.

Pouring rain in a dream, which carries streams of mud through the streets, warns against disputes with loved ones. With innocent comments now too easy to reach the family scandal.

In order to most correctly interpret wetting as a result of falling under natural precipitation, it is necessary to pay attention to the emotions tested in a dream, and recall the color of the drops.

Significant changes in your personal life dream of falling under the rain a woman. Warm and clear water predicts that they will be favorable.

Cold or dirty streams from the sky warn that some lightheadedness, which has been done before, now threatens to significantly damage the dreamer’s reputation.

Get under the rain without an umbrella, soak up and freeze to the skin, a symbol of deterioration of reputation. It will not be too easy to get rid of gossips.

It is better to think about the behavior, and not to give an extra reason for ill-wishers.

When the rain dreams, causing pleasant emotions, and inviting to swim under it in a dream, this change in the current situation in a positive direction. Walking in the rain in a dream, and enjoy warm drops and freshness, a great sign.

Ahead waiting for a pleasant acquaintance, and even a romantic relationship is possible with one of the new people.

With pleasure walk in the rain — a good symbol. Nayawa the sleeper will be able to win over others, and even knowingly losing situations will benefit.

Walk in the rain, and at the same time feel your displeasure, a symbol of obstacles for entrepreneurs. Nayavu will experience frustration and anger because of the inability to control external factors.

Dream, which happened get wet in the rain not at will, predicts that good-natured and open personalities may appear in appearance among the entourage. In fact, they can be scammers.

To run in the rain to find shelter, and not to find salvation from biting drops, a signal that the sleeper persistently ignores all the signs of fate. Closing your eyes to hints from above can lead to trouble.

It’s time to pay attention to detail, then the problems can be avoided.

To longing for the events of the past, dreaming with a plot in which I had to fall under the rain In the countryside. Old relationships seem ideal, but this is only an illusion.

In this case, the rain dreams of a reminder that all the changes that happened once were definitely for the better. Do not be sad about the past!

Amazing phenomenon — stand in the rain in a dream, and at the same time stay in dry clothes, this is an excellent sign. Plans will come true, and all unpleasant situations will be resolved safely.

To dream like get wet in the rain you have a familiar person or relative, it means that they have problems. We’ll have to provide support, otherwise the deterioration of the relationship can not be avoided.

Dream interpretation, what dreams of rain: strong, warm, get under the rain in a dream

It happens that the dream of rain is quite extraordinary. If fire pours from the sky, in reality it is necessary to fear real disasters. They can be both natural and man-made.

There is a more favorable interpretation of this plot — working projects will be out of control, and the household will be very surprised.

Stunning imagination meteorite rain in a dream means the appearance of new problems. To overcome them, most likely, it is necessary to sleeping alone.

If dreamed warm rain, you can prepare for all that is pleasant and good. Ahead is a serene period.

Rain and mud in a dream, resulting from precipitation, means confusion and quarrels. It is necessary to follow the words and actions, not to provoke conflicts, to avoid noisy showdown.

There is also an unusual meaning of the element being played out. When a dream dreamer is waking thunderstorm and rain, soon feel better noticeably.

This plot is a symbol of the fact that the crisis has passed safely.

Generally, if dreaming rain and lightning in a dream, you can forget about peace. There will be a series of significant changes.

When dreaming strong wind and rain, in reality will have to adjust their own plans. After all, suddenly there will be new conditions that initially could not be foreseen.

Dreamed hurricane with rain — you need to be in full «combat readiness», and almost instantly adapt to new circumstances.

Hail with rain warns that in the near future it is desirable not to touch at all the realization of fresh ideas. They almost inevitably await failure.

Bad events in life behind. They left an invaluable experience. Now you can reap the fruits of patience and hard work.

That’s what dreams rain and sun in the clear sky at the same time. This plot symbolizes the increase in vitality.

Dreams warn of many things, but in any case, precipitation serves as a warning of change. Meet them without fear, but fully armed.

Good night!

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