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Dream interpretation, what dreams of pregnancy: own, alien, pregnancy and childbirth in a dream

An exciting time of waiting for the child — a frequent version of dreams for women. Dreams in a pregnant woman are generally a special case.

Quite natural anxieties experienced in reality can lead to hectic dream scenes. But this has nothing to do with the future — just a hormonal storm and heightened emotionality.

Some dream interpreters generally recommend that women during pregnancy, in order to remain calm, refrain from dragging all sorts of predictions. Even so completely innocent, like dream books.

At the same time, the plot with the pregnancy seen in a dream most often does not apply to the very position of the dreamer, and even representatives of the stronger sex visit them.

Decipher what dreams of pregnancy, you need, depending on the details seen in a dream. Usually, such a plot tells about excessive unrest in reality, and almost all interpreters express their additional assumptions.

Dream interpretation, what dreams of pregnancy: own, alien, pregnancy and childbirth in a dream

The interpretation of dreams about the «interesting position» is very diverse.

Dream Miller treats the seen pregnancy as a whole negatively. This is a sad family life, ugly offspring.

It is even worse if such a dream was seen by an innocent girl, because in reality she will be dishonored. Only for those already awaiting the baby, Miller’s dream is interpreted positively.

Childbirth will be easy, mom will restore strength in the shortest possible time.

Dream Vanga predicts women who have seen themselves in a dream position that this event will happen in the near future. Chance of multiple pregnancy is high.

For young girls, the dream is treated negatively — a dishonest man next to him, who decided to take advantage of her inexperience.

Freud treats a dream with a pregnancy dreamed in it straightforwardly. The dream dreamer, as well as Wang, the Austrian psychiatrist prophesies in the near future conception. It may also be a new heart friend.

The man who saw the pregnancy, Freud’s dream book warns: events will be out of control.

Nostradamus treats the dreamer’s pregnancy as financial loss. Just seen pregnancy — someone will ask to lend money.

The esoteric dream book in the interpretation of such a dream fully agrees with the legendary soothsayer.

According to Ukrainian dream book to see a pregnant woman in a dream — to trouble in the future. If the dreamer felt pregnant, the meaning of sleep is deciphered depending on her age.

A young girl — gossip, a lie; for a woman to conceive a big and troublesome business; old woman — to poor health.

Esoteric E. Tsvetkov warns an unmarried woman who sees her pregnancy that in reality someone will try to deceive her.

Even the simple appearance of a pregnant lady in a dream, he associates with future problems in reality.

According to the dream book Hasse Seen pregnancy promises happy romance and success in affairs only young women. For women of retirement age, such a dream predicts health problems, even the most sad outcome.

It can be seen that absolutely all versions of dream books offer to decipher dreams taking into account the personality of the dreamer, his gender, age and marital status. Therefore, it is possible to particularly highlight and note the importance of the dream of a piquant position for the fair sex.

In addition, for the ladies, this is a fairly common plot.

If the dreamer saw herself in an “interesting position,” for a correct interpretation of sleep, it is necessary to consider whether this reflects reality.

If a woman expects a child, and in a dream also feels pregnant (which is not surprising), in reality she should stop worrying about trifles. The future mommy is too overloaded with numerous questions, but all will be well.

Dreamed own pregnancy, but in fact it is not? The dreamer can be waiting for joy.

Nayawa will be proud of his achievements, which are not long in coming.

Pregnancy married the woman is signaling that in her life, after an effort, comes the time for a well-deserved reward. It’s time to make next plans, and move towards the goal, even if it seems at first glance to be unattainable.

Dream predicts success!

If your pregnancy had a dream unmarried a girl, apparently by analogy with social stereotypes, most dream books promise rumors discrediting her honor. On the part of the beloved, an unworthy act is possible.

When pregnancy dreams single woman, so it’s time to take care of your personal life. It is necessary to look around, because most likely the happiness is near, and the dream in this original way hints at the necessary changes.

Not a very favorable sign, if you dream of pregnancy virgin. Nayawa is waiting for her betrayal of friends, dirty slander by the envious.

Reputation may suffer from these events, and it will be problematic to restore it.

Unwanted pregnancy, seen in a dream, signals a serious change in life. If the dreamer, after all, in a dream, after experiencing, begins to rejoice in her position, she will be able to make changes in her wake.

In the case of violent denial, unforeseen expenses are possible, an annoying minor oversight on work will reach the management, it is possible to lose some amount of money.

If a married girl dreams of pregnancy, then subconsciously she is ready to experience the joys and difficulties of motherhood. The dream has a neutral positive meaning.

When not a pregnant girl I dreamed of pregnancy, in reality we should expect gossip. For them, special reasons for leisure languages ​​are not necessary, but still it is better to correct the behavior and refuse questionable meetings.

If pregnancy dreams young girl regularly, this indicates its fertility and the manifestation of the monthly cycle. Najava in the very near future increased the probability of conception.

Dream interpretation, what dreams of pregnancy: own, alien, pregnancy and childbirth in a dream

Quite sensitive people can sometimes “predict” the interesting position of their acquaintances or relatives. This is due to the fact that at the subconscious level, the smallest nuances in the behavior of the pregnant woman are noted, and sleep is merely a visual reflection of involuntarily made waking observations.

In this case, they usually say — “dream in hand”. The remaining options have their own interpretation.

If pregnancy is dreaming girlfriends, it means that she acts too much on orders from the side. Another option is when there are general ideas or ideas with a friend.

The dream promises that the implementation of the plans will be successful.

Dreamed of pregnancy mothers — This is a very auspicious symbol. All that was planned for the near future, will be executed in the best possible way.

Someone else’s pregnancy in a dream foreshadows for women success «on all fronts.» A man who sees a pregnant woman in a dream, in reality, can expect positive changes associated with income growth.

Pregnancy native or cousin for all dreamers without exception, a positive sign. Nayavu is about to happen fateful changes.

Free girls can meet mutual love. Men dream promises strong friendship, perhaps the emergence of a new high-ranking friend.

Pregnancy daughters in her mother’s dream, she signals that in reality the parent is very worried and subconsciously awaits this event. If the daughter is already married, the dreamer will soon become a grandmother. When a girl is already an adult, her mother can rejoice — happy events are coming in the life of her daughter.

The piquant position of a too young girl — in reality you will see an event that is on the verge of law.

When dream about pregnancy familiar girl, despite the fact that she actually bears a child, it means that the birth will take place without complications. Otherwise, she may in reality get into an ambiguous situation, and she should be warned about the danger in the near future to be trapped.

Pregnancy relatives in a dream decoding is similar to the plot in which the baby is waiting for a friend. It all depends on her position in reality.

A man who dreams of his wife’s pregnancy, if the couple is really expecting a child, the dream speaks of undue concern for what is happening. If the birth of the baby is actively planned, it is possible that the stork is already on the way.

Such a dream also means that you have to be bolder in the realization of ideas, even if they seem at first unreal.

A man seen in a dream pregnancy another woman (not wives or cohabitants) generally predicts success in work after certain efforts.

Sometimes during sleep it goes all the way up to the birth of a baby.

Pregnancy and childbirth boy treated as auspicious sign. Naive a dreamer will receive a well-deserved advancement on the career ladder.

Ideas will be implemented in the best possible way, and will bring profit.

Deciphering a mark like having a baby in a dream, depends on the sex of the baby. Boys generally predict financial well-being.

Childbirth girls predict the harmonization of the emotional sphere and the embodiment of creative ideas. Good luck will be a faithful companion, and there will be no significant obstacles to success.

Not very positively interpreted symbol — to feel contractions in dreams. Nayavu the dreamer someone decides to involve in a compromising event and tarnish the reputation.

Basically, the decoding of dreams, in which there are ways to clarify the onset of «interesting position» can be found in modern versions of dream books. They are fairly unanimous in interpretation.

Positive test for people who dream of adding to the family is definitely a positive sign. Soon the dream of a heir or heiress will come true.

For a bachelor, two strips on a dough or a plus sign in the window of a special device, seen in a dream, should serve as a warning. While enjoying a riotous lifestyle, you need to think about the means of protection.

In general, if presented learn about pregnancy in a dream, a man symbolism of sleep speaks of the emergence of new obligations.

Pregnancy news another woman — possible success in the business, which was not pinned special hopes. But in order to realize this chance, we will have to work, rolling up our sleeves.

If you dreamed about the pregnancy of a girl preparing to marry in reality, the dream calls for no rush. It is necessary to once again review the arguments for and against the wedding.

First of all, take into account your own feelings, and not be guided by arguments like “it’s necessary, it’s time, and what people will say.” For a virgin, a dream like this foreshadows an unpleasant situation — someone is trying to deceive.

If you have to do a test for pregnancy in a dream may be twofold. On the one hand — the desire to become a mother, on the other — the desire to control everything in life, even that which is beyond control.

Sometimes it is worth letting go of the situation and not torturing yourself.

A dream in which a pregnancy test is bought warns about the danger of cheating from scammers and scammers.

The plot in which to dream Uzi pregnancy of another woman — dedication to other people’s affairs. Perhaps the dreamer is too passionate about stories about strangers and rumors.

When in a dream a woman sees what she is doing an ultrasound during pregnancy, in reality she tries to find answers to many questions.

Dream interpretation, what dreams of pregnancy: own, alien, pregnancy and childbirth in a dream

For a correct interpretation of the plot with “an interesting position, even the way a woman looks in a dream matters.

Pregnancy with belly predicts that in reality comes a great time to conceive. Attempt to become parents will be successful.

If the dreamer was told that she is pregnant, but there is no belly — in reality, someone is cunning and trying to take on additional responsibilities.

When pregnancy twins dreams of an unmarried person, in reality a meeting with a manipulator is possible. Someone two-faced is already in the circle of her communication.

Pregnancy a girl in a dream it foretells an emotional period filled with surprises. If such a dream sees a woman in position, then in reality she bears, most likely, a baby of the opposite sex.

For those who are not pregnant, this is a signal — the appearance of a rival and betrayal of the beloved is possible.

For those who dreamed of pregnancy as a boy, in reality, you will have to participate in a new project at work, or to renovate your home and repair it. Good luck will accompany hardworking, the next period will not tolerate laziness.

Pregnancy triple in a dream — auspicious sign of prosperity and success. Another interpretation, depending on the details of the dream, the dreamer will inevitably become a member of a love triangle.

If a girl dreamed of pregnancy from ex-boyfriend, then subconsciously she has not broken off relations with him. The past does not allow to move forward, and this loads the present with unnecessary problems.

When dream stirring during pregnancy, In reality, an invitation to participate in a dubious project is possible. For a married girl, this story may be associated with a repressed desire to become a mom.

Big belly pregnant, seen in a dream, means the upcoming efforts. Perhaps increased attention will be needed younger members of the family or friends.

If you briefly summarize all the dream books, you get the following.

When pregnancy dreamed a woman, interpretation is directly related to its cycle, and the real situation.

Girl dreamed pregnancy warns of a possible loss of innocence, deception. If the dreamer sees in the interesting position of others, a favorable value.

If a a man I dreamed of being loved, the dream has a good meaning. An unmarried person should be more attentive in amorous tricks.

Dreamed wife’s pregnancy to husband — a symbol of either the speedy addition to the family, or the improvement of the material condition through hard work.

Pregnancy seen older woman in a dream, the sign is not too good. Warning carefully care about health, visit a doctor.

Sometimes monthly during pregnancy in a dream, it is not a joke that frightens a dreamer waiting for a baby. However, interpreters of dreams for such a plot have a positive interpretation.

Everything is going as it should, good health, favorable childbirth.

Blood during pregnancy in a dream means most often a meeting with relatives.

Amazing but bleeding during pregnancy in a dream has a very positive interpretation. In this case, the more blood, the more easily the woman in labor will be a happy mom.

If dreamed missed abortion — in reality someone is trying to prevent the development of the idea. For a pregnant woman, sleep does not make sense, but reflects excitement.

Pregnancy and abortion in a dream — a sign of future failures in business. They can be avoided if you show foresight.

It must be remembered that no dream determines the future life. Everything in the hands of the dreamer in reality, and any unpleasant signal, taken into account, will help improve the situation.

Happy dreams to you!

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