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Dream interpretation, what dreams of potatoes: a woman, plant, dig potatoes in a dream

Potatoes have entered the diet of Russians relatively recently — at the beginning of the 18th century. However, it is considered the second bread as one of the most popular vegetable crops. Potatoes in a dream may well be a reflection of the daily troubles in growing, caring and gathering this tasty root crop, but at the same time, according to the interpretation of various dream books, it is a rather expressive symbol.

So why dream of potatoes?

Dream interpretation, what dreams of potatoes: a woman, plant, dig potatoes in a dream

Dream Miller suggests that when you dream about potatoes, you can expect profits. Dig it up — to achieve success.

If you see a potato with sprouts, which the dreamer puts in the ground, this is a good sign. Nayava will soon fulfill all the dreams.

According to the dream Wang to the accomplishment of the long-awaited event of a dream potato. This may be a marriage proposal or a salary increase.

Ahead of a new acquaintance — that’s what dreams of potatoes in the opinion Ukrainian dream book. But getting the tubers out of the barn or cellar is a danger of getting sick.

Dream book azara predicts that a large potato on earth means making a profit.

According to the eastern dream book if you dream of potatoes in the ground, there will be a difficult phase of life. However, thanks to the presence of the spirit it will survive.

Family Dream warns that Colorado potato beetles mean damage. It may be a loss or a loss in business.

Potato unmarried woman foreshadows successful development in business. Very soon, the professional dreamer awaits recognition.

Potato flowers dreamed a girl, are the forerunners of a romantic adventure. It is even possible to get a marriage proposal.

Dreamed small potatoes married lady signals temporary material problems. Large tubers promise a harmonious atmosphere in the house and good security.

When dream about potatoes pregnant woman, she has to go through a rather complicated process of childbirth. However, the dream is a positive omen — with the woman and the baby everything will be fine in the end.

An interesting offer will soon arrive if you had to plant potatoes in your sleep into the ground. It can concern both private life and business cooperation. It is also worth remembering what color it was possible to plant potatoes in a dream.

Pink tubers delight lonely dreamers with the news of a successful romance, and the family foretells a happy period of living together. Planting material of almost white color predicts new perspectives.

Yellow tubers suggest unexpected support from friends. Connections will help to very profitably carry out the planned transaction.

Stable career growth predicts a dream in which you had to plant potatoes in pots. The dreamer himself limits the possibilities of his own development.

Plant potatoes in the winter or burrowing rotten tubers into the ground is a warning sign. You can lose part of the income, if you act carelessly.

About the threat to the material condition of the plot warns of sleep, which happened to plant potatoes in a foreign garden. Works with a good mood in their own area promise an indispensable reward for their work. If the landing was carried out through force and with reluctance, you should pay attention to other people’s claims.

Someone decided to take away a tasty morsel, and will have to make an effort to save their own income.

Dream interpretation, what dreams of potatoes: a woman, plant, dig potatoes in a dream

To truly interpret what it means dig potatoes out of the ground in a dream, it is necessary to remember which instrument of labor was used. If it was a shovel, in reality there will be information that has long been a secret to the sleeper, but is crucial to his well-being.

The use of rakes and forks suggests the need to deal with vanity. Digging potatoes with a toy shovel indicates ill-considered actions.

Digging up root crops with fingers symbolizes hard work, with sticks or other improvised means, hinting that it is time to compare your own desires with possibilities, and to correct aspirations.

Also worth considering what had to collect potatoes in a dream. Even beautiful tubers foreshadow the rise of strength and the successful solution of all tasks.

If the potatoes are rotten — a joyful period of reality comes to an end, and you have to wait a little with the implementation of your plans.

As a sign of pleasant troubles associated with the acquisition of considerable capital, dreams of potatoes large and smooth. Entrepreneurs expect very lucrative contracts, and it is worth paying attention to all incoming offers.

Large Potatoes symbolize excellent profits. All in the near future will work out.

If dreamed small potatoes, in front of expect small but empty chores. It also reflects the dissatisfaction of the sleeper with insufficient attention to his person from others.

Receiving the good news means clean potatoes in a dream. To be happy.

On the contrary dirty potatoes foreshadow the onset of difficulties. Ahead of trouble.

Bad value has dreamed rotten potato. There comes a difficult stage in life when you have to fight for your own happiness.

New source of revenue foreshadows young potatoes. It is necessary to look around, and it will turn out to find a benefit in such a business, which was not even thought of.

To important events in dreams appears the old potato. Her quality will tell whether they will be sad or favorable.

Great sign — raw potato. It signals joyful activities in real life.

If dreaming peeled potatoes — good. Such a vision promises good luck.

Has positive symbolism roast potatoes in a dream. It is possible to receive a tempting proposal for a new project or even a change of place of work.

Boiled a potato in a dream warns that in reality a sleeper fulfills the wishes of others. It is necessary to pay time and own life aspirations.

Dream interpretation, what dreams of potatoes: a woman, plant, dig potatoes in a dream

Bucket potatoes means successful completion of the case. The main thing is that the roots were smooth and strong.

Bag excellent quality potatoes means well-being. Spoiled or very small tubers warn of financial troubles.

Ok when dreaming garden with potato. Nayavu appear good prospects.

Even rows in field with weed-free potatoes foreshadow the successful implementation of ideas. Projects will evolve as planned.

A lot of potatoes in the cellar symbolically displays an attempt to hide a secret.

In order to find out what dreams of potatoes, be sure to remember your actions. It is also worth considering the occupation in reality.

Farmers and gardeners spud potatoes — a sign of preparing for a rich harvest. Businessmen dream of such a significant profit.

Weed a potato is a double symbol. This is a fun meeting with friends, and the danger of skin disease.

There will be hard work in reality if dreamed pick potatoes in the garden. But the material returns will please.

To sort through potatoes — worry about distrust of someone around. There are doubts if there is a rotten tuber.

Will be able to cope with bullying and evil mockery of yourself, if you dreamed clean potato Too small tubers indicate dissatisfaction with themselves.

Soon there will be guests in the house if you dream cook potato Most likely, visitors will be from afar.

Fry potato — there comes a prosperous stage of life. But if she burned, you should keep plans with you.

Good sign — Cook dish of potatoes in a dream. These are positive events and decent wages for real work.

Soon be able to meet with friends, if you dreamed there is potatoes in a dream. It will turn out great fun.

Eating baked tubers — luck accompanies in everything.

To envy, there is a dream in which steal potato It is worth fighting this negative feeling.

If dreaming sell potato, in reality someone is very tired sleeping. The dream suggests that soon it will be possible to part with the sticky guests and acquaintances.

Ahead of an unexpected find, if you had a dream buy potato The smoother and larger the tubers, the more expensive it will be.

A potato in a dream is a multi-valued symbol, but mostly carries a positive meaning.

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