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Dream Interpretation, what dreams of lice: in the head, in the hair, lice and nits in a dream

Surprisingly, even the inhabitants of modern megacities know about such unpleasant human companions as louses. Fortunately, with the development of civilization, and hygiene in particular, their appearance is more likely an event out of the ordinary rather than an ordinary phenomenon.

At the same time, often these bloodsucking insects are mentioned in sayings and «winged» expressions. The phrase “checking for lice” means a situation designed to clarify the integrity and reliability of a person. For dreams, the story with the appearance of lice in them is also quite common, and its meaning is decoded depending on the circumstances and details.

In general, the interpretation has a positive meaning, but there are important nuances that will help to reliably guess what the lice dream about.

Dream Interpretation, what dreams of lice: in the head, in the hair, lice and nits in a dream

Interpretation according to different sources has features.

Modern option dream book of the 21st century predicts that in reality the dreamer, who saw the lice, will soon have a troublesome period. A person will worry and worry a lot, but later it turns out that there were no truly significant reasons for this.

Ukrainian dream book treats the appearance of lice on the dreamer’s head as a symbol of career growth in real life. New ideas voiced by the authorities may lead to a more prestigious position.

This is a call to be active.

Russian dream book I agree with the favorable decoding of «lousy» sleep. He foreshadows a full and rich period in life.

Prophetess Wanga warns of the approach of a certain problem that has arisen as if from nowhere. However, to solve it will not only be quite simple, but also profitable from a financial point of view.

Interpretation of the soothsayer Nostradamus in many ways echoes the Bulgarian soothsayer. Lice in a dream promise reality in business.

This is a clear sign that we must take up new projects more boldly, because a profit is waiting for the dreamer. It will be the larger, the larger the insects were seen.

According to the dream book Hasse lice, except when the dreamer finds them on himself, promise the onset of a period when luck will accompany everything. Otherwise, there will be trouble ahead.

A similar interpretation contains the esoteric dream book Tsvetkova. Lice dream of successful development of events at work, if in a dream these blood-sucking insects do not touch the dreamer.

Psychologist Sigmund Freud, with his inherent tendency to interpret dreams taking into account subconscious desires, he predicts that he saw lice changes in the intimate sphere. Perhaps soon a partner will appear on the horizon, which will add to the life of emotional richness and sensual pleasures.

Dream Miller not so optimistic in deciphering the plot with blood-sucking parasites. They warn about the appearance in reality of many small troubles, sad events and indisposition.

Ontopsychological interpretation of dreams Antonio Meneghetti the appearance of a louse in a dream indicates that the dreamer is being attacked by an energetic vampire. How strong this negative intervention will be depends on the frequency of repetition of this plot.

All interpreters attach particular importance to the location of bloodsucking insects in their sleep. In the event that they had a dream in hair, in reality, probably ailment.

The disease will not be too serious, but you should beware of hypothermia, in order to avoid colds.

One louse in a dream is interpreted as not a very positive symbol. The only louse seen indicates that the result of the effort will be too small. If in reality the dreamer is offered to take on some work, or to take part in a project, the plot warns that they will pay less than expected.

Profit will also be minimal.

If at the same time dreaming lice and fleas, such a plot is usually associated with the nearest social circle. Perhaps some of them require too much attention, or become too annoying.

Seen large blood-sucking insects are the harbinger of a successful period. The surprisingly large size of the lice suggests that the dreamer will fulfill the most cherished dreams.

Dream Interpretation, what dreams of lice: in the head, in the hair, lice and nits in a dream

When the lice and their nits larvae visit the dream, the troublesome period will soon be waking. If you are planning a trip, you should think about its expediency — there will be too many unpleasant situations on the road.

If a dream happened to see lice The child has, in reality it is worth analyzing whether there is an excessive inclination to care for the offspring? It is also possible that the subconscious gives a signal to pay attention to the state of children’s health, if the louse in his head is only one. Well, if the dreamer saves his own child from blood-sucking insects.

This symbolizes that relations with the younger generation are harmonious, and the help is timely and does not have a “suffocating” character.

In general, if you dream of lice on another a person is a favorable sign, promising in reality new opportunities for earnings. Success is already very close, and the undertakings will be quite successful.

If bloodsuckers are observed in a dream by a stranger, complexes and self-doubt hinder the dream of the dreamer. It is time to show determination, then the well-deserved success will come.

In case lice are dream of a woman, married, may soon have to face a lot of trouble with the visit of relatives. It is necessary to analyze the sensations from the plot of the dream.

The stronger the feeling of disgust, the opposite the more pleasant the forthcoming communication. Lonely lady lice dream to improve the financial situation. With painful bites of lice in a dream, the dreamer must beware of the attacks of ill-wishers, the appearance of an unworthy and stubborn admirer is possible.

If nits and lice dream of a pregnant woman on the body or in the hair, in reality she worries too much about her position. To alleviate anxiety, you can visit a doctor observing a state of health.

Correct interpretation of the dream also depends on the type of insect parasites. When unusual ones appear in it whites head lice, in reality, you need to be careful when making financial investments. Albinos warn of possible losses.

To avoid losing money, businessmen need to renegotiate the terms of contracts already concluded, and ordinary people should monitor the quality of purchased items.

Chronic health problems that do not show obvious symptoms — that’s what dreams about pubic lice. People who are married need to show attention to their partners, and also be more careful with expressing criticism in their address.

About the incorrect attitude to relatives signal seen in a dream underwear lice. Perhaps involuntarily the dreamer causes resentment to others, and is experiencing because of this remorse.

To dream lot lice means that in reality you have to solve many questions at once. Routine affairs will absorb all the time, but the practical benefits depend on the size of the blood-sucking insects.

If lice are seen in a dream, big, in reality, the reward for the efforts and labors will be very worthy. Also, this dream story speaks of a pleasant surprise.

Making a profit from a source of which the dreamer could not even dream.

Black lice dream to the financial success of all commercial projects. It is necessary to do several things at once, but it will be possible to achieve success without making special efforts to each of them.

The sign of losses, financial troubles and diseases are the dead lice seen in a dream. Even more unfavorable is the plot in which the dead bloodsuckers suddenly come to life. Nayavu happen extremely unpleasant event that could put a stain on the reputation.

When interpreting a dream, one should consider if the dreamer himself did not kill the parasites. Depending on this, the decoding changes significantly.

Dream Interpretation, what dreams of lice: in the head, in the hair, lice and nits in a dream

Destroy nits and crush lice is considered a good sign. Soon the dreamer will receive valuable information regarding material well-being.

If you use it, the profit will almost be «in your pocket.»

Kill parasites — a good omen. Nayavu will solve all the problems.

Probable contact with the energy parasite will be broken. At the same time, it is worth being careful — fears about rumors around the personality of the dreamer are justified, but it will be enough to expose the slanderer.

He (or she) will manifest his insidious essence.

Nayavu turn up the opportunity to earn extra money — that’s what dreams catch lice. When you have to catch blood-sucking insects in your sleep, you need to interpret the size of the lice seen in this plot.

The value will tell you what amount of profit you can later rely on (the bigger the louse — the bigger it will be).

Louse in a dream — a positive sign of internal readiness for changes in life. Nayawa, the desire to update arose in the dreamer is not accidental, because now is a truly successful period.

Entrepreneurs who are preparing to conclude a new contract, the plot with combing lice promises good luck. There will be no difficulties in project implementation.

To search for a poison in a dream in order to clear the head of lice — symbolizes a desperate desire to avoid the problems that have arisen, to entrust someone from the environment to solve them. The plot of the dream, which happened to poison lice, speaks of a favorable outcome.

The long-troubled problems will finally be successfully overcome.

These unusual interpretations have dreams with lice. Pleasant dreams, and the absence of blood-sucking parasites in life!

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