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Dream Interpretation: what dreams of flowers

Dream Interpretation: what dreams of flowers

Dreams are rarely random: most often they show a person his subconscious aspirations, hopes and fears. Often dreams shed light on upcoming events, warning of future joys or failures. Having correctly interpreted your dream, you can lift the veil of secrecy over the future and prepare for any circumstances.

The flower is a dual symbol. On the one hand, it symbolizes being, enjoying life, beauty and health, on the other hand, due to its fragility, it acts as a symbol of death. Therefore, for the interpretation of a dream, the state of the flower that you dreamed and the actions that you performed in relation to it are very important.

Why dream of flowers

Seen in a dream garden or meadow covered with flowers, promises quick realization of a dream. If you are among flowers, then the goal is very close; if the meadow, on the contrary, is moving away from you, put more effort, otherwise your dream will remain unfulfilled.

If you dreamed that you plant flowers, wait for replenishment in the family. Sleep in which flowers are planted by a stranger to you, and you watch the process, warns about the threat to family happiness — someone wants to separate you from your spouse.

Beautiful flowers standing in a vase in your home promise well-being and prosperity. Perhaps in the near future you will find a promotion and financial success.

Dried flowers in a vase promise quick adversity: a violation of material well-being, family quarrels and workers troubles.

If you dreamed flower, withered right on the garden, — dream foreshadows disease.

If in a dream You get a luxury bouquet from a loved one, this promises the onset of a happy period in a relationship or marriage. If such a dream dreamed of an unmarried girl, it means the soonest finding of love.

If a they give you dried flowers, sleep warns of a quarrel with the donor. In case if the flowers presented to you are unnaturally colored (for example, black or green roses), the dream reveals falsehood in a relationship with the person who presents the bouquet. Be alert — you may have to endure deception or betrayal.

Dream in which you tear beautiful flowers, means that in order to achieve goals you will need to sacrifice something very important.

Sleep in which you collect a beautiful bouquet of cut flowers, It means that you easily realize your desires. If a the bouquet that you collect is inaccurate and the floral arrangement breaks down all the time — to achieve the goal will not be easy.

If in a dream you give someone flowers, especially yellow, then you are expected to be separated from this person.

Sleep in which you see a garden with trampled flowers, warns you of ill-wishers who want to prevent you from seeking happiness.

If you saw the only flower in the vase sleep symbolizes your inner loneliness and dissatisfaction with relationships.

Interpreting a dream will help you understand your feelings and prepare for the coming changes. We wish you only happy omens, and do not forget to press buttons and

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