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Dream interpretation, what dreams of flooding: in the city, flood, incoming water in a dream

Plots of dreams are often caused by memories of the events that the sleeper was witnessing in reality or frightening scenes seen on television. A natural disaster in a dream occurs quite often, and it is desirable to understand what the flood is dreaming about and whether this is not a reflection of reality.

Dream interpretation, what dreams of flooding: in the city, flood, incoming water in a dream

According to Miller’s dream book when the arrival of a big water dream, it is necessary to pay attention to its color. Muddy, means the onset of a difficult period.

If the vast expanses are flooded with clear liquid, peace and material well-being will be in reality. Being carried away by the rapid flow is an alarming symbol.

In fact, the disease is approaching.

Dream Vanga treats the dream of a flood as a reminder of the plot of the Bible. Only people who repent of their transgressions and with pure thoughts will be able to survive in a catastrophe.

Female dream book when interpreting that dream of a strong flood, also draws attention to the nuances of what he saw. Dark swirling stream means complications in life.

If you dream that the element takes people, in reality there will be heavy losses. After the tests, it will finally be possible to enjoy the prosperity, if it was possible to see the expanses of meadows filled with pure water.

Family Dream interprets the arrival of large water as adverse circumstances in reality. If the stream is noisy directly at the feet of the sleeper, then you have to defend your own property interests. If in a dream a flood floods a house, the plot foreshadows family people the complication of relationships with loved ones.

Turbid streams signal problems in the intimate sphere. Sinking under the stormy waves — to experience malaise.

If you managed to escape, the disease will quickly win.

Dream Medea treats the dream of the flood as the power of emotions over the mind. To see how the water absorbs the streets, it means waking up with unkind people or making a bad acquaintance.

Erotic dream book warns that a flood in a dream foreshadows a change in addictions in sexual relationships. Even a change of orientation is possible.

According to the dream-book of the 21st century watching from a distance a big flood means to encounter an unpleasant person in reality. A good omen, this source considers to be carried away by the stream on its own bed.

Something important is to be found.

If you dream of fleeing a flood, it is a sign of repentance. This displays the unclean conscience of the sleeper and his desire to correct the mistakes made.

Russian dream book interprets the flood in a dream as a fateful adventure. If in a dream the property has suffered from the elements, it will be in a difficult situation.

According to the esoteric Tsvetkova, if you dreamed of a flood with clean streams, you will have to postpone the execution of your plans. Turbid water foreshadows an awkward situation in reality.

To be safe and watch the calm surface that hid the surrounding landscape means to experience all the delights of a luxurious lifestyle.

Of particular importance is the dream in which much water turns into the sleeper’s dwelling. If she leaks from under the door or through the floor, in reality she will have to communicate with unpleasant pesky people.

In order not to complicate your life, you need to reduce conversations to a minimum.

Spontaneous house flooding foreshadows for family dreamers clarification of relationships. Problems can be solved after a frank conversation.

When dream of flooding in the apartment for a young girl, this means the inevitable tears and griefs of amorous experiences. For male dreamers, such a dream plot is a warning that alcohol should not be abused.

There will be a cooling of feelings between lovers if you dream cold incoming water. For lonely people, the dream foreshadows remorse in the act committed earlier.

When in a dream home floods boiling water, it is necessary to take preventive measures. It is possible to catch a cold and get sick.

Dream interpretation, what dreams of flooding: in the city, flood, incoming water in a dream

Sad foreshadowing — drowned flood on the street. This may be material damage, as well as the confusion of the sleeper and the loss of moral guidelines.

Entrepreneurs are advised to take a closer look at investing funds due to the danger of financial losses. It is also a sign of impending depression.

When dream of flooding between houses, need to know that fate has prepared a test of strength. To overcome troubles, the ability to recognize one’s own mistakes and at the same time act, focusing primarily on one’s own experience, is useful.

If you dreamed that the flood demolishing everything in its path, to be hard work. This reflects the internal confusion and emotional throwing.

Flooded tram or railway lines mean a sudden violation of plans.

It is worth keeping track of your own emotions when a flood in a dream carries a sleeper in a turbulent stream. Because of the impulsiveness and incontinence of character, it is possible to commit an act that hurts primarily the dreamer himself.

Dream interpretation, what dreams of flooding: in the city, flood, incoming water in a dream

global flood is a warning. Because of laziness and his own lack of will, the sleeper may miss out on luck.

Changing circumstances require decisive action.

When dream end of the world in the form of flooding, it is a symbol of excessive exposure to foreign influence. The dream warns that at the present moment it is important to listen to the dictates of your own heart and mind, and not blindly follow the “flow”.

We’ll have to see some significant events in reality if the dream is like a flood. disaster. To keep calm and act properly, willpower is required.

Flood warns of great difficulties tsunami in a dream. Also, this frightening storyline may be evidence of the spiritual crisis of the sleeper.

We’ll have to go through the tests if there were earthquake and flood in a dream. If we succeed in overcoming problems with honor, then we will succeed in significantly renewing life for the better.

How subconscious awareness of the need for change is dreaming Apocalypse flood. Feelings do not deceive the sleeper — it’s really time to act!

When dream catastrophe, it is difficult after awakening to remain calm and in a good mood. But it must be remembered that not all dreams are prophetic, and try not to make mistakes, which are warned by what he saw.

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