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Dream interpretation, what dreams of flies: a lot, in the house, flies in a dream to a woman

Annoying flying insects do not cause particularly good feelings. Therefore, when insects dreamed, such a dream can hardly be called pleasant.

However, there is no need to panic, you just have to listen to the prompts in order to solve what flies dream about.

Dream interpretation, what dreams of flies: a lot, in the house, flies in a dream to a woman

Most interpreters share a common negative attitude towards these insects, but there are also alternative versions of dream transcripts. The main thing — to take into account all the details dreamed.

Dream Miller warns of the danger of becoming ill with an infectious disease if you dream about flies. In addition, in the immediate environment there are many envious and slanderers.

However, if in a dream it is possible to kill an insect, soon we should expect an improvement in affairs.

Russian dream book interprets the flies as dirty tricks from detractors. Unscrupulous on the hand and hypocritical people will seriously annoy the dreamer.

Ukrainian dream book contains a similar interpretation: the enemies are very close. Of particular importance — to drive away insects.

Such a plot promises a journey.

According to the dream Wang, when dreams of flies it is necessary to remember the dead relatives and friends. If the insect in the dream is the only and very annoying, it is a sad symbol of loss.

Dream Esoteric Tsvetkova deciphers that numerous flying flies in a dream mean meeting friends. One insect symbolizes sadness and boredom.

Flies in a dream, caught in food or drinks, according to the version of Madame Hasse mean a sudden fright in reality. Catching insects with your hands is a warning that you can get into a very delicate situation because of your own indiscretion.

Being able to slam an annoying fly is auspicious sign. With the problems will be able to cope without prejudice to the reputation.

According to the dream book of Sigmund Freud The interpretation of insect sleep is original. According to the famous psychiatrist, when flies are dreamed, this means the dreamer’s subconscious perception of children or the younger generation, if insects annoy with their buzz in their sleep.

To cripple insects (tearing off legs, wings) according to Freud’s interpretation means to have a craving for an intimate relationship with minors.

According to the dream tarot white flies mean slander. Someone is preparing to put the sleeper in front of the authorities and relatives in the most unattractive way.

Dream interpretation of the 21st century warns that flies appear in a dream as an image of upcoming troubles. Individuals who are hungry in a dream symbolize bad presentiments. It is easy to deal with insects — joyful events, but eating flies is an unpleasant symptom of deteriorating health, possibly poisoning.

If insects sit on clothes — in reality someone gossips about the dreamer.

Flies in a dream decipher depending on who they dreamed of, how many there were, and where the insects were. Therefore, it is important to recall the details of the dream.

When on the street or nature many flies dream a man, it means meeting buddies. The value of sleep is favorable if the insects do not interfere with the sleeper.

If Roy flies cause discomfort, in reality there will be controversy. Such a plot warns that it is necessary to reconsider their relationship with others.

Conflicts do not always occur solely through the fault of others, the cause of some — in the stubbornness of the sleeper.

When a lot of flies in the air bored with their buzzing, it foreshadows a lot of trouble. Cares will absorb all free time.

If you dream of flies in large numbers indoors, it means that reputation is at stake. The ill-wishers intensified, and carefully spread rumors.

Dreamed a lot large flies — expect trouble. The larger the size of insects, the harder it will be to cope with problems.

Dream interpretation, what dreams of flies: a lot, in the house, flies in a dream to a woman

Lot flies for a woman mean intrigues that are woven around her. It is likely to catch the infection, so you should avoid visiting potentially dangerous places of large concentrations of people.

Large a fly in a woman’s dream almost always means a decrease in immunity and illness. To kill a swirling and annoying fly is an auspicious sign relating to the personal sphere.

Thanks to an extraordinary solution, we can brilliantly improve romantic relationships.

If flies in a dream fly into a dwelling, sometimes this plot means a wedding feast. But if the insect is crouched on the stove or fireplace, be careful with the fire.

In order to correctly interpret what dreams of flies in a house in a dream, it is necessary to remember and figure out whose housing was.

Dreamed a lot of flies in the room sleeping — a bad sign. There are many unpleasant rumors around the personality of the sleeper.

The noisy hum of the wings means that the matter is already serious enough, and it is time to deal with the slanderers.

If insects in his the house sat on the ceiling, it should be alerted. Nyava got too close to a hypocritical, insincere man.

The trust that turns out to be, he uses for his own selfish purposes. It is worth reviewing your social circle.

Flies sitting on the window pane mean an unexpected situation. It will be possible to cope only with the help of friends. Detect insects in food — troubles just dumbfounded by their suddenness.

So that they will not be caught off guard, it is worth analyzing the “weak points” and adjusting the way of life.

Flies in a stranger the house means the occurrence of trouble due to the unwitting intervention of the sleeper in the affairs of others. The very case when helping others is able to bring trouble to a kind person.

Depending on how flies dream, the interpretation has different meanings. The role has color, size and other details.

It will be possible to safely part with unpleasant people from the environment, if there were dead flies in a dream. To the girls, the dead insects foreshadow the deliverance from an annoying and unpleasant admirer.

In the same time the dead flies in a dream mean a nice date. Possible unexpected meeting, which will give pleasure.

As a display of everyday worries and concerns that something does not have time, appear black flies in a dream. It is desirable to consider such a dream as a recommendation to take care of yourself first and foremost, and after that, figuratively speaking, to save the whole world.

If you dream big black flies, annoyingly flying, or even sitting on a sleeper, it is desirable to pay attention to the state of health. Great danger of being exposed to viral disease. A black insect of enormous size means that you should abandon the new project.

Proca from working on it will not. If a big fly in a dream is not black, this is a reflection of adverse circumstances that have arisen in reality.

The dreamer is trying hard to find a way out, and a detached glance will help him. Perhaps the danger of the situation is greatly exaggerated by him, and the solution of the problem is easier than it seemed.

A serious warning about the threat to health dreams green flies. If you do not take care of yourself, a simple illness can develop a chronic illness with complications.

Also a warning about the deterioration of well-being dreams manure flies. It is advisable not to tempt fate, and avoid visiting places where there is a high probability of catching an infection.

White insects warn that to recall the past. A once committed mistake or deed will unexpectedly require correction.

Red flies — a sign of the influence of dark forces. Possible evil eye and magical damage.

Yellow insects — a symbol of the vampiric impact. Someone from others shamelessly uses the energy of a sleeper.

Nasty small flies in a dream mean that unseemable rumors are spreading about the sleeping person. The very tiny moshkar reflects dreams of a leadership position.

To get it, you have to try very hard.

Dream interpretation, what dreams of flies: a lot, in the house, flies in a dream to a woman

In the plot, in which dreams kill flies, there are several interpretations. The most common — is getting rid of unpleasant people in the environment and the successful solution of all issues.

However, an alternative version warns that the sleeper is overwhelmed with irritability. An overly emotional point of view can lead to a quarrel.

It is worth thinking about the meaning of the spoken words, and over the intonation. Otherwise, you can strongly and for a long time offend your friends, relatives and colleagues.

Good omen if dreaming to poison flies You will be able to clear your environment from two-faced people and slanderers. But the meaning of a dream becomes unfavorable if duct tape is used to kill insects.

This is a premonition of quarrels with close friends. Catching insects with traps means that you can snoop by adjusting the trick to another person.

If you dream flies and spiders in a dream, it means that you have to work hard in reality. But the result is very pleased.

To mutual love dreams of an insect that fell into the web.

But if you dream at the same time worms and flies, personal life will be overshadowed by troubles. This may be the omissions, quarrels over extant gossip.

Dreamed maggots flies foreshadow a serious clarification of relationships with your loved one.

The flies and cockroaches seen at night foreshadow a profit if they didn’t disturb the sleeper. Otherwise, the income will be less than expected, or get too much work.

Flies in a dream are not always a bad sign, because it is necessary to take into account the day of the week when they dreamed of. In addition, after a warning, it is easier to avoid getting into an unpleasant situation.

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