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Dream interpretation, what dreams of fire: to extinguish the fire, the flame of fire in a dream

Thanks to fire, human civilization was able to survive and go through all stages of evolution. At the same time, it is a powerful destructive element. He is honored and feared.

Myths, tales, legends are connected with fire. Along with the fire, it is mentioned in folklore in the form of proverbs and sayings, and most often in a negative context. Therefore, when a fire is dreamed, quite naturally after awakening an alarming feeling arises.

However, the dream is not always directly treated as a possible fire. The symbolism is much more extensive, and the meaning depends on many factors and points of view of different interpreters.

Consider all possible interpretations to understand what the fire dreams.

Dream interpretation, what dreams of fire: to extinguish the fire, the flame of fire in a dream

Dream Miller treats the element positively, if it does not burn the dreamer and does not harm his property. The fire burning in the hearth of the sleeper’s own home symbolizes the excellent relationship with family and friends, the joy of communicating with the younger generation.

Entrepreneur sleep predicts rapid development of business. There is a lot of work to be done ahead, if you had a chance to fight with the fire element in your dream.

Dream Vanga interprets burning paper as a fire hazard. According to the Bulgarian soothsayer, if a dream is firing in the sky, humanity is threatened by cosmic bodies.

Probably the fall of a meteorite or comet, which will lead to disastrous consequences. Exactly burning candles are an auspicious sign.

Observance of the main commandments and faith will help to find happiness.

Russian dream book interprets fire according to actions with it. Dilution, indicates a too strong reaction to the words and actions of others.

Fire extinguishing symbolizes an attempt to stop conflict situations that have already begun.

Ukrainian the source treats the fire as a quarrel. If he is divorced in a furnace, it may be unwell.

Esoteric Evgeny Tsvetkov interprets the violence of the elements as unrealistic plans. Fire warns of a quarrel with a loved one.

To get burned in a dream after contact with fire — unflattering rumors go about his dreamer. The fire in a dream is in the stove — this story of what he saw guarantees family well-being.

Female dream book predicts that kindling a fire in a dream means waking up to receive joyful news. It is also a forerunner of changing places, traveling and meeting old acquaintances.

If the flame escapes from the furnace, it is necessary to be afraid of ignition in real life.

On the erotic dream book if the dream is a fire, near which the dreamer warms up or prepares food, a love adventure is ahead. Adventure will stir the whole existence.

If there was an explosion in the dream and the fire has engulfed something, in reality the passion will not be controlled by the mind and will simply become sizzling.

Dreaming Veles treats big fire as misfortune. A small and even flame, on the contrary, is a good sign.

If it burns in the furnace — material issues will not disturb the sleeper.

According to the ontopsychological dream book Meneghetti, when a fire is dreaming, it is symbolically displayed in vain energy. Nayavu is desirable to engage in the revision of life priorities.

But if the flame peacefully blazes in the fireplace, it is a sign of the dreamer’s rational actions. Exact calculation and dedication will lead to success.

Gypsy dream book treats fire in a dream as a symbol of the dreamer’s anger and impending danger. Smooth burning flame in the furnace means well-being and joyful pastime with friends.

The painful state of reality predicts the plot in which it was possible to burn in the fire in a dream. If a flame engulfs one of his acquaintances, his premature death is quite likely.

Attempts in the dream to stop the raging elements are interpreted depending on what method was chosen for this. Extinguish the fire water — auspicious sign. The dreamer will learn the art of compromise with others, and will benefit a lot from this.

Trying to defeat the flame, knocking it with something, a symbol of stubbornness. Such a dream warns that not always own opinion is the only true one. To extinguish a fire in a dream with sand symbolizes misbehavior during disputes.

Trying to win, the sleeper goes over the brink of decency.

Also put out fire for men in a dream, some sources interpret as awareness of their own shortcomings. This is the way to try to correct them in reality.

Extra worries are inevitable if you put out a fire a woman. This symbolizes the tedious work that must be done.

If in love a girl dreaming of fire, and she seeks to extinguish the flame, then this plot heralds the cooling of the senses. Even a final breakup of relationships is possible.

Successfully put out a fire in a dream, and to observe embers filled with water, means indisposition. In the business sphere, it is desirable to avoid participation in new projects.

Dream interpretation, what dreams of fire: to extinguish the fire, the flame of fire in a dream

If the fire in the dream was not noticeable, but its ordinary satellite was present, the interpretation depends on the color and place of appearance.

Before an unpleasant conversation with a loved one dreams black smoke without fire. In order not to aggravate misunderstanding, and not to provoke a conflict during a conversation, it is necessary to try to control emotions.

If it happened fire without fire and smoke in a dream, it is a symbol of deception. Someone has long been deceiving a sleeper.

The true state of affairs is completely different than it seems.

Blue smoke means a very important acquaintance. The new man will add joy to life.

Plucked plans are symbolized by white smoke. All expectations will be in vain.

When in a dream the room of a bath is filled with smoke, love relationships are threatened. There is a period of misunderstanding and reproach, so you should be patient.

Smoke from the chimney of a house in a dream tells you about fast travels.

The prosperity in the house and the harmony in the family foreshadows the dreamed fire in the oven. For single people, this is a meeting with a passionate person who will arouse interest.

The stove with the fire on which food is cooked is a favorable dream. Soon the financial situation will noticeably improve.

Light the stove in a dream — a great sign. Nayava to commit an act that will warm the soul and bring sincere joy.

Family happiness and cozy life symbolizes gas stove with fire. If the flame strives to go out in a dream, the spiteful critics are activated in reality.

If dreaming fire in the House, it warns of conflict situations in reality. Quarrels can be avoided if the sleeper succeeds in controlling his own temper.

Intrigues against the sleeper are prompted by a blazing fire. in the apartment. However, if the flames did not touch the walls, there is a chance to cope with all the problems with the help of friendly support without any damage.

Dream interpretation, what dreams of fire: to extinguish the fire, the flame of fire in a dream

In case you dream bonfire and its flame burns smoothly and without cod, it is a successful symbol. The sleeper will achieve harmony.

The spiritual aspirations and pragmatic plans will be in perfect balance. When dreaming a candle fire, it is also necessary to recall the details regarding the flame and other nuances.

Dark smoke and uneven burning warn of indisposition. It is necessary to attend to their health.

About all the secret secrets will be known to the widest range of people, if you dreamed sparklers. Enemies can take advantage of this new information to the detriment of the sleeper.

Should take into account the color of the fire in a dream. Unusual, iridescent with all shades of the rainbow, warns against excessive gullibility.

Someone decides to take advantage of the openness and sincerity of the dreamer.

Red flame fire, arising directly from under asphalt or earth, warns of the need to look into both. Soon there will be an excellent chance to improve life.

But it will be necessary to act promptly.

The fulfillment of desire promises blue flame. White color speaks about respectful attitude of others, and green — calls to protect health.

Flames of black color warn about problems in business.

If you try to systematize and summarize all interpretations about the fire element, the controlled flame is a favorable and creative symbol. Thanks to the enthusiasm and will power of the sleeper, success is guaranteed.

The rampant of the elements foreshadows grandiose changes, and nuances tell about their character.

Big fire means big trouble. However, people whose profession is connected with seas and rivers is a sign of a safe flight.

Little fire in a dream reflects dissatisfaction with one’s own waking position. For the fulfillment of desires is not enough features.

Bright the fire in the dream, not causing any damage, is a positive omen. All the planned cases can be brought to a positive ending.

The need to restrain temperament warns all-encompassing fire in the dream. Even when the expression of emotions can be justified by a sense of justice, their demonstration will not be of practical use.

Lights floating in the sky is an auspicious sign. You can safely start a new business.

But if you dream of fire, flying from heaven, ahead of anxious and sad time. Wandering lights suggest that there will be a reality in the circle of people unfamiliar to them.

The society will perceive the dreamer favorably, if in a dream the manifestations of the elements did not give him any unpleasant sensations.

Fire is an ambiguous symbol both in reality and in a dream. However, do not be afraid, and it is desirable to take even unpleasant interpretations as warnings.

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