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Dream interpretation, what dreams of fat: salty, fresh, fat in a dream to a woman

To decipher what dreams of fat, you need to take into account the smallest details.

Gustav Miller treats fat as a positive change. If a woman thaws in her hands, she will not be able to realize ambitious plans.

According to the dream Wang meat delicacy symbolizes profit. Big Shmat is an inheritance, a small piece is a pleasant surprise.

Dream interpretation, what dreams of fat: salty, fresh, fat in a dream to a woman

Fat a woman promises a chance, which will soon provide changeable fortune. Do not miss this opportunity.

Salted lard a girl, consisting in a romantic connection, foreshadows disappointment in his beloved because of his behavior. Fresh signals lonely about unpreparedness for a serious relationship and marriage.

When dreams of fat pregnant, this is a very good sign. The upcoming birth will be easy.

On the approach of a successful period, the dreamed fat reports a man. There will be an opportunity to strengthen well-being.

Married and married dreamers salsa is considered a positive vision. Past passion will return to the established relationship.

If you dreamed very much a lot of fat fragrant and appetizing, you can prepare for the unexpected arrival of guests. Most likely, a visit will be made by wealthy relatives or friends.

Lard in bag treated depending on the quality of the product. If good is an indication of great well-being and profit. Foul salsa warns about the failure of plans.

There may be financial trouble.

The approach of a favorable period heralds fat in the bank. However, if the container is cracked or split, it is a hint that the person who is near does not suit the dreamer at all.

If in a dream fat was suddenly noticed on the table, There are pleasant surprises ahead. It is possible that there will soon be a useful acquaintance.

Dream interpretation, what dreams of fat: salty, fresh, fat in a dream to a woman

Appetizing slice Sala symbolizes brilliant prospects. The main thing in the near future is to actively demonstrate talents.

When dream lard with bread, this is a happy omen. Soon there will be a good period for the implementation of projects.

Salty Fat in a dream means prosperity after a thing that didn’t allow to relax ends with a happy ending. However, those who enjoy change will be bored of calm.

A happy coincidence predicts a dream fresher fat. Do not miss the opportunity.

For merchants smoked fat means the conclusion of a lucrative contract. To other dreamers, the seat promises a fruitful period.

When dreams of fat with meat, you can not worry about the final, even those projects that seem to be unpromising.

Very original interpretation gives fat with interlayer Sigmund Freud’s dream book. This is a sign of unusually good rough sex.

Roast Fat foreshadows controversy at work. The arguments of the dreamer will be more convincing.

Dirty or spoiled pork Fat warns of failures. However, the dream suggests that the reason lies in the laziness of the dreamer, and with due diligence will be able to correct the situation.

Old Fat signals that in reality the sleeper is engaged in deception or dubious affairs, and the truth may open at any moment. It is worth considering whether all goals can serve as an excuse for dishonest methods.

Dream interpretation, what dreams of fat: salty, fresh, fat in a dream to a woman

there is Fat in a dream for a man is a very auspicious sign. The plot foreshadows victory over all detractors.

For a girl, a dream in which she has to eat lard is a warning that it is time for her to give up excessive gullibility. This will help avoid bitter disappointment.

Buy lard — to positive events, if it was fresh. About the turmoil warns spoiled product.

It’s a long time to choose a fatty but not buy one — a plot that prophesies about material damage due to indecision.

Sell Salo is the personification of envy with which the dreamer is possessed. This destructive feeling prevents you from enjoying your own happiness.

Salt lard in a dream, it means to achieve success in reality. An important role in this will play a certain woman.

Purposeful movement forward symbolizes the dream in which it happened cut fat. Perseverance will bring great results.

Fry Fat — a plot interpreted ambiguously. On the one hand, it is a signal that another’s secret is to be found. On the other — non-prestigious work, which will have to do.

Slowly heat the bacon in the pan — an undesirable disclosure of its own secret.

Treat lard familiar, and he gladly eats delicacy, an indication of mutual sympathy. If a person refuses, the joy of communication will be short-lived, and leave behind a disappointment.

For businessmen to throw shmat fat to dogs is a special sign. For the sake of saving the business will have to sacrifice something.

A period filled with thought. That’s what dreams of fat, which has to smoke.

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