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Dream interpretation, what dreams of corn: boiled, on the cob, a lot of corn in a dream

Corn, or maize — is a unique cereal plant. The famous «queen of the fields» is widely used in nutrition. It is eaten in a wide variety of forms: from hominy to popcorn, and in August-September it is rare for anyone to resist the temptation to feast on boiled kernels.

Perhaps, due to this universality, the overwhelming majority in the interpretation of what dreams of corn, adhere to positive interpretations.

Dream interpretation, what dreams of corn: boiled, on the cob, a lot of corn in a dream

Dream Miller treats corn as a symbol of joy and success, if the ear of good quality. Corroded weevil — to material problems.

The dreamed popcorn means that an influential person will provide protection.

According to the dream Wang Corn is treated very positively, as a symbol of prosperity and well-being. Profit will bring even those projects that at first seemed hopeless.

English dream book claims that when a woman dreams of corn, it is a reflection of her personal life. Ripe fresh cobs — a sign of complete harmony in relationships with your loved one.

Modern dream book interprets ripe corn as a true foreshadowing of financial prosperity, if the sleeper shows firmness of character and determination in the implementation of plans. Unripe cobs — a warning about indisposition.

According to this source, the corn girl promises the appearance of a new cavalier. However, the dream also serves as a warning: the feelings of the fan will not be too serious.

The newest dream book treats corn for people who are married or in a romantic relationship, as an indication that the basis of the relationship is exclusively intimate attraction. However, true love has yet to be met.

Freight’s Dream Interpretation sees in the corn a phallic symbol. If a man holds a cob in his hands, he is in excellent shape, and for women, sleep indicates readiness for posterity.

Corn field in a dream is interpreted depending on the stage of growth. The green “sea” of shoots prophesies luck in the personal sphere.

If dreamed a lot of corn with bobbin coils, the vision foreshadows a profit. Even projects that were accompanied by solid risks will be successfully completed.

Farmers and gardeners can count on a wonderful harvest.

In a general sense, corn on the cob means financial stability. The dream at the same time emphasizes that wealth and an independent position will be the result of their own work.

For girls, cobs on a plant symbolize an increased likelihood of pregnancy.

When Corn Dreams beans, in reality financial problems can not be afraid. But it is very likely an unexpected flow of money.

Lonely dreamers boiled Corn foreshadows meeting with a loved one. Married ladies dreaming with a dreaming delicacy means having fun in the company of girlfriends.

Excellent sign is considered yellow corn in a dream. This is a sensual adventure on the romantic front, and material wealth.

Dry white Corn signals the spiritual honesty of the sleeper. This can lead to discord with loved ones.

Grains of unusual shades of blue or red — to the surprise in reality, which will greatly surprise.

Fascinating leisure in a circle of pleasant company promises dreamed young corn. The dream suggests that it is the sleeper that will be at the epicenter of fun.

Ripe corn is a symbol of financial success. Rotten cobs warn of possible material troubles.

Dream interpretation, what dreams of corn: boiled, on the cob, a lot of corn in a dream

Collect Corn is a symbol of a correctly chosen life path. Work will bring pleasure and material stability.

When they dream of corn that their friends are tearing, they have to go through moments of triumph. Sleeping at the same time will experience sincere joy for the success of loved ones.

Clean corn from green leaves, wrappers — a call to be more attentive. Competitors are ready to attack the position.

But to clear the ear of the grains — a good sign. Ahead of communication with nice people.

Cook corn in a dream — to change in the personal sphere. They will be favorable.

Nayavu will have some difficulty if dreamed buy corn in a dream. However, as a result, problems will become an impulse for self-realization.

If it happened eat raw corn, ahead surprises from loved ones. Dish of boiled — fun with friends and girlfriends.

To dream of birds pecking on corn — a call for caution and prudence. Detractors are preparing a dirty trick, but it is quite possible to prevent it.

A dream tells a secret sympathy for the dreamer, in which a familiar person treats him on the cob.

After it became known, what is the dream of corn, you can plan further actions in reality.

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