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Dream Interpretation: what dreams of clothes

What clothes dream about: dream interpretation in dream books

Clothes in esotericism personifies a person’s personality — his world view, personality and level of self-esteem. Dreams of wardrobe can foreshadow both favorable changes in personal and business life, and troubles. In addition, a dream can point a person to certain traits of his character.

Therefore, when interpreting it is important to pay attention to details: the type of clothing, condition, color, and the plot of sleep.

When interpreting sleep, it is important to consider how it looked and who owned the clothes, seen sleeping in night dreams.

New clothes — a symbol of the fulfillment of desires and the achievement of goals. Old clothes are the harbinger of difficulties that the sleeper will face on the way to his dream.

The following is the value of sleep depending on the details of night vision:

Winter outerwearFavorable sign in case things were in good condition
Women’s mink coat (for girls)To meet a wealthy fan
Warm coat (for man)The symbol of a stable financial position
Kids’ thingsSubconscious desire dreamer for the birth of his own child. An alternative interpretation indicates the infantilism of the dreamer. He must learn to take responsibility for his actions and make serious decisions without relying on the support of outsiders. Pregnant girl dream foreshadows a successful birth
Bought colored clothes with bright details and an unusual cutThe dreamer’s inner protest directed against the daily routine. A person aspires to change, dreams of memorable events occurring in his life, filled with bright emotions.
Velvet or silk dressTo the improvement of material well-being. If a dream or dream occurs to a bride or groom on the eve of a wedding, they will have a long and happy family life.
Clean clothesTo material well-being and happy changes in life
Dirty thingsCaution from communicating with false hypocritical people. The sleeper may be the victim of their deception.
Rich outfit embroidered with precious stonesTo the carefree existence that the dreamer will receive as a reward for hard hard work
Clothes with embroidery, ribbons and beadsTo the approaching love

For a woman to see in a dream a stranger with a crepe mourning veil on her face — to the appearance of a rival. The veil on the face of the dreamer is a sign that he hides his thoughts and feelings from others.

If in the realm of Morpheus many things were put on the dreamer, the dream conveys his subconscious desire to hide from problems and difficulties.

Dream Interpretation: what dreams of clothes

Treatment of sleep depending on the color of clothes in it:

White, lightTo happy meetings with loved ones and joyful events in life
BlackBad sign. He warns the dreamer of the difficulties he will face in the near future.
RedThe embodiment of passionate love relationships and romantic dating. Dream boy foreshadows a young, but short-lived love affair with an attractive girl
PinkPredicts interesting entertainment and fun pastime with friends. Pink things in a dream, as a rule, are seen by infantile and dreamy people.
BlueReflection of moral and physical fatigue. Dream books recommend the dreamer to take a rest and to postpone all affairs for a short while, devoting himself free time
BlueA favorable sign for people who own their own business or work in the field of finance. The dreamer will be able to achieve success in business and strengthen his financial position. Alternative interpretation promises to meet interesting people.
YellowWarning about intrigue, gossip and envy. The man to whom the yellow dress belonged in a dream is prone to deception and hypocrisy
GreenSymbol of prosperity and happiness. For people who have difficulties, sleep is a harbinger of favorable change.
GoldFavorable changes will occur in the life of the dreamer due to his diligence and purposefulness.
GrayTo disappointments and mood swings. The sleeper must control his emotions in order not to unwittingly offend his close ones with harsh remarks

Dream Interpretation: what dreams of clothes

The actions of a sleeper in the realm of Morpheus are a reflection of his secret thoughts and anxieties, plans and hidden experiences.

The treatment of popular scenes dreams:

Sleep plotInterpretation
Wear someone else’s clothesThe sleeper will soon need the help of relatives and friends.
Wear women’s clothes (for men)To the soonest difficulties at work
Wear men’s clothes (for women)In real life, the dreamer has a strong decisive character, which often pushes off her boyfriends
Buy clothes on the marketTo the changes that will affect the dreamer or someone from his family
Choose clothes in the storeTo the choice, the outcome of which will affect the future
Undress at home and gently fold clothes into a closet or chairSign that the dreamer is an interesting conversationalist and a responsive person who favors others
Try on elegant thingsProfitable prospects will open up before a person and he will feel inspired and burst of energy to implement his plans.
Clean cloth from stainsTo the successful and quick resolution of all troubles and conflicts
Put a patch on your favorite clothesGossip and gossip should be avoided.
To iron clothesTo establish a relationship of trust in the family
Looking for lost husband clothesTo the appearance of a rival. An alternative interpretation indicates that a man needs the support and attention of his spouse.
Find in your closet the clothes of a former lover or loverThe sleeper still cannot forget the memories linking him with the owner of the found thing.
Ask your acquaintance for permission to wear his clothesThe dreamer has desires that he cannot realize because of his own indecision. It is time to overcome shyness and take decisive action.

If the sleeper is given a gift of expensive clothes from a famous brand, then in reality he is surrounded by caring loving people who are ready to support him in any situation.

Dream Interpretation: what dreams of clothes

The table provides the interpretation of the dream in the dream books of famous authors:

Author / name of the dream bookInterpretation
  • To put on badly tailored clothes — unfulfilled hopes, quarrels and jealous suspicions.
  • To see ugly clothes for yourself (for a woman) — to meet unpleasant rivalry. Tireless energy will help the dreamer overcome difficulties and emerge victorious from the current situation.
  • Dirty torn clothes — warning the subconscious that the sleeper must be careful when dealing with strangers.
  • Detect the loss of a piece of clothing — to the collision with obstacles to achieving goals

In the dream book of Medea, a dream is interpreted depending on the subject of the wardrobe seen in the dream:

  • Dress — problems in relationships with others, difficulties in communicating with strangers due to timidity.
  • Trouser suit — worrying about your reputation. For a woman, sleep is a warning that she must be discriminating in sexual relationships.
  • Underwear is a reflection of dreams and hopes that the sleeper hides from others. An alternative interpretation indicates a person’s fear of sexual relations.
  • Take off your dirty worn clothes — the personification of the shame of a sleeper in front of an act committed in the past. And also, the dream indicates the dreamer’s rejection of his appearance and his desire for change.
  • To sincerely admire someone’s appearance is the desire to have sexual intercourse with an object of sympathy.
  • Seeing a person in old, leaky clothes is a difficult period. There is a great risk of making a mistake that will completely change the life of the dreamer, so it’s worth taking decisions responsibly.
  • Seeing your soul mate in beautiful clothes is a sign that harmony reigns in the relationship of lovers. If the outfit looks ridiculous, the waking dreamer is unhappy in love
Dream Guide Dmitry and Hope Winter
  • New beautiful clothes — a sign of hope. A dreamer can expect pleasant events in all walks of life.
  • The inconvenient outfit that holds down the movement is dissatisfaction with one’s life. To improve his position, the sleeper will have to make a lot of effort.
  • Bright clothes with a lot of detail — the uncertainty of the situation and the waste of energy on the little things.
  • The service form is the duties that the dreamer or someone from his inner circle must fulfill.
  • Larger clothes — the desire to occupy a position that does not correspond to human abilities
Dream Dream
  • Wear clothes out of fashion — to parting with your loved one.
  • Show dissatisfaction with their outfit (for women) — to rivalry and intrigue. Alternative interpretation foreshadows separation from loved ones.
  • To admire the appearance of a stranger — to jealousy on the part of the beloved.
  • See bright things — to the collapse of hope and unhappy love.
  • Seeing yourself in black clothes — to the dismay of a close friend
Jewish dream book
  • Dear, well-tailored clothing — financial success and the signing of lucrative contracts that can be obtained legally.
  • Beautiful fluffy dress, embroidered with precious stones — the achievement of secular success and meeting with influential people.
  • To lose a favorite piece of clothing and experience deep disappointment because of this — neglect of valuable ideas will negatively affect the professional activities of the sleeper. He must learn to listen to the advice of wise people and get rid of his inherent overconfidence.

The above interpretations are intended to warn the dreamer against making mistakes and help him overcome difficulties in life.

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