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Dream interpretation, what dreams of cats with kittens, cats in a woman’s dream

Home pets are part of everyday life, so their appearance in dreams is quite natural. Already dead cats often reflect the owners longing for pets. But at the same time, this animal with mystical inexplicable qualities usually deserves a detailed decoding of its presence in dreams.

Therefore, it is important to remember all the smallest details of a dream in order to guess what cats are dreaming about.

Dream interpretation, what dreams of cats with kittens, cats in a woman's dream

Most interpretations attribute warning signs to felines.

Dream Miller says that the dreamer is soon waiting for trouble. Unless you manage to scare her and chase her away, even destroy her physically. It is especially unfavorable to get a wound from a cat.

For businessmen, this serves as a warning that someone will take possession of part of the profits.

According to Wangi dreamed in love with a woman’s pussy talking about a quarrel that goes up to parting forever. The Bulgarian prophetess interpreted the cat as a selfish nature, therefore, in order to preserve feelings, you will need to show flexibility and make a compromise solution.

Scratching Murka symbolizes the manifestation of jealousy.

Russian dream book offers a treatment that takes into account the sex of the animal. The sleek, sleek sleek cat predicts a married lady, or a romantic girl, that the lover is planning to cheat.

It is worth paying attention to him in order to understand what he is missing. To a free man a pretty little cat predicts a quick acquaintance with a charming young lady with a bitchy character.

French option warns the dreamer that soon will have to face the trouble. Fighting cats warn about the danger of being attacked for the purpose of robbery, and the need to take enhanced measures of protection and prudence.

If suddenly a married man dreams that his wife has turned into a cat, perhaps she is behaving with others too frivolously.

Dream Medea interprets a cat in a dream as the onset of a changeable period in life. The lack of stability can wear down the dreamer.

For Sigmund freud it is quite traditional to decipher the dream as a reflection of the subconscious. The cat, according to his dream book, denotes sexual aspirations, the thirst for experiments to satisfy relaxed erotic fantasies.

Carefully pet the animal — a tendency to contact with minors.

Ontopsychological interpretation Antonio Meneghetti reveals the dreamer’s personal problems. In the form of a cat reflects a strong dependence on the person who is patronized.

Sleeping or asleep, for the time being, they themselves do not notice that their kindheartedness is being abused, but the attentive subconscious mind is already giving a signal!

Esoteric dream book He sees the cat as a dishonest, flattering person for his own selfish purposes. Yevgeny Tsvetkov sees a symbol of sadness in a fluffy animal, and additionally decodes a dream depending on the color purrs.

White cat denotes an insincere friend, and black — an enemy who does not even hide his dislike.

Most often, all interpreters imply that under the guise of purrs in a dream is not too benevolent woman from the environment. Fleas on the cat indicate that this person is now an unfavorable period, and she is temporarily unable to harm the sleeper.

The animal in the patches of depriving symbolizes that the enemies have lost their power. Now is the period to overcome them with minimal effort.

A dreamed pregnant cat is treated in two ways, depending on its type and character. On the one hand, if it is well-groomed and affectionate, the dream promises the emergence of new ideas.

The appearance of a dirty, dull cat is of negative importance — intrigues are spinning around the dreamer.

The dead cat belonging to the partner symbolizes that it’s time to stop the relationship. No good preservation of marriage will not bring.

If the death of the cat was due to the actions of the wife or spouse, it indicates that in reality they are eager to part. When a dead cat is dreaming of a stranger, it means that the unkind woman will soon disappear from the environment. If the corpse is thrown on the threshold of the house (apartment), it means that minor dirty tricks will not bring much damage.

An unaccustomed dead cat lying on the street or in a box means that attempts by detractors to spoil their reputation will fail. The corpse, subjected to decomposition, is interpreted as a problem because of long-term blunders or situations that were started up by chance.

An evil cat in a dream in all dream books, without exception, is interpreted as a negative symbol. If she manages to bite the dreamer, her state of health worsens, and his personality is surrounded by gossip.

When an aggressive cat dreamed of it is worth preparing for the fact that for your own happiness you will have to fight hard.

Mad Cat — a dangerous sign. The enemies are ready for anything to win.

A big cat in a dream displays an authoritative malevolent. For businessmen, this is a symbol of the fact that competitors are becoming increasingly influential.

Too fat animal signals the need to be more careful with opponents, even if at first glance they seem frivolous.

A wounded cat seen in a dream warns that in reality someone needs support and care. It is likely that help will be required by the ill-wisher.

Shown generosity can turn him into a friend.

The dreamed cat in the blood signals — relatives are in danger. The dreamer needs to soon strengthen the supervision of younger family members.

For the fair sex seen purrs are of particular importance. If a woman dreams lot cats often enough, it reflects internal conflicts.

Perhaps unloved work in an aggressive team, or annoying need to pretend to be in front of relatives. It is recommended to remember the color of animals. White dreams of the appearance of a dangerous rival, she can become her best friend.

Ginger cats and cats in huge numbers warn that someone not only breathes unevenly to the dreamer, but also bears lustful plans. Gray pussy mean the company envious, their meowing — gossip.

Striped animals warn — it is necessary to show consistency in business, do not jump from one task to another. Otherwise, there will be an annoying blunder that affects well-being.

Dreamed cats and kittens, the dreamers on their hands signal the danger of being drawn into questionable entertainment and activities.

However, if this is your own homemade favorite and her kids, the value of sleep is good. At home, peace and harmony reign.

Unmarried a girl The dreaming cat is a good symbol. Soon there will be a fateful acquaintance with the future spouse.

Alien affectionate a cat in a woman’s dream means that someone is seeking to get into trust. “Native” purring animal calms down — all problems will soon be successfully completed. The cat aggressively rushes — the enemies are preparing a blow.

I managed to scare her away — a very favorable sign, you can manage with all the intrigues.

Feed the cats in the House — A romantic evening with your loved one is awaiting you. The kindness of the nature of the dreamer attracts a large number of people to it.

Dual interpretation has talking cat. Some dream books are advised to memorize all the information containing valuable tips.

Alternatively, this unusual plot reflects difficulties in communicating with men.

Wild cats advise to be wise in communicating with neighbors. Even the household trifle in the near future can lead to a serious scandal.

If a dying Cat dreamed of a woman — you can rejoice. All enemies will be disarmed.

The sick, too exhausted purr — bad news from friends. It is worth calling those who have not seen for a long time, they need all the help they can.

Dream interpretation, what dreams of cats with kittens, cats in a woman's dream

Nayavu many are in captivity superstition. It is transferred to the world of dreams. Dreamed a woman black cat symbolizes the need to be careful and listen to the voice of intuition.

There is an exception, in the case of a dream, a black cat from Friday to Saturday means a quick improvement in financial affairs.

If a black and white the cat in a dream behaves very friendly, purrs and fawns, in reality a short period of calm and calm begins. Hurry up to enjoy it, but not to relax completely.

For family dreamers lot black cats means dissatisfaction with relationships. Lonely need to check the social circle — the enemy is near.

If black cats are fighting among themselves — this is a signal to deal with internal experiences.

Black cat with kittens — a sly rival, or an insidious competitor is carrying evil plans. Mom-cat takes the kids away — unexpected trouble due to a change of residence or work.

Suddenly attacked black cat — be ready to attack enemies. Large black cat, well groomed and shiny, dream a man as a sign that he is being closely monitored by some person.

If a a man in a dream an idyllic picture of a happy feline family dreamed up, in reality he dreams of tender relationships, and at the same time fears his vulnerability to his beloved. But if the animals are red, there is a warning symbol in the dream — deception is possible.

When the cat dreams, giving birth Kittens, ahead of the problem, which will require ingenuity, balancing on the verge of accuracy. Successful completion of the process in a dream promises the well-being of reality.

Had a dream lot cats and kittens — troublesome time is approaching. We’ll have to do everything at once.

Playful little kittens with a cat threaten with troubles because of a quarrel with a person with children.

On improving the financial situation says the birth of a kitten in a cat in a dream. But income will come through labor.

If the young girl has a plot that cat licked in a dream, it means she is subconsciously ready for the role of the mother.

During an indefinite period of life often dreams white cat. For a man, a dream means that it’s time to figure out who is around just pretending to be a friend.

The sign of fake relationships is redhead cat. In order not to be trapped, you should understand who you can really count on and who you can stop communicating with.

Gray the cat denotes the boredom of life and fatigue from routine affairs. In order not to «earn» depression, at least a short rest is necessary.

Tricolor a cat in a dream signals — the fight against ill-wishers will be exhausting.

Dream interpretation, what dreams of cats with kittens, cats in a woman's dream

Comers cats and dogs in a dream together can mean a familiar family couple. A woman, although she behaves in a friendly way, secretly hates sleeping.

Often dream at the same time mice and cats. Trouble literally sypyatsya from all sides, if the purr does not pay attention to rodents.

If the cat caught the mouse, in reality, you can plan purchases for profit, which will soon arrive. Failed to successfully hunt — a dream warning to stop the unfair performance of official duties.

Otherwise, you can lose in salary, and generally get fired.

Considered a good sign to kill cat aggressively throwing itself on the dreamer. The bad deeds of those around will hardly touch.

Entrepreneur to iron a cat in a dream is to be prepared for the failures of your project. Affectionate attitude to the animal means a subconscious distrust of partners with whom you have to cooperate.

To take over not the simplest duties will have to come true after dreaming take delivery at the cat. However, it will be rewarded with interest.

To cause pain to your own purr is a symbol of restless conscience because of a dishonest act. Beat a cat that is unfamiliar means to enter into open confrontation with a lady.

If a businessman dreams how he prepared feed cats, in reality comes a good period for financial investments. Men such a plot suggests that it is time to act confidently and decisively.

Eating cat meat, according to Veles’ dream book, means regaining a lost thing.

Whatever cat dreamed, it is worth remembering — happiness depends on actions, and not on night dreams.

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