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Dream interpretation, what dreams of cat: black, red, cats in a dream of a woman

In order to interpret the question, why the cat dreams, it is necessary to take into account all the details and nuances of the dream seen.

Dream Miller treats purring as an unfortunate coincidence. Well, if you managed to drive away the animal.

Wanga warns that the cat symbolizes a meeting with a selfish person. Strong problems from this will not be, but the mood will deteriorate.

Dream interpretation, what dreams of cat: black, red, cats in a dream of a woman

If you dream, the cat caught a mouse or a rat, in reality you will have to witness a cruel quarrel.

Russian dream book treats an independent pet as a tendency of the head of the family to go to the left. If an unfamiliar purr caresses, so the desire of others to take advantage of the kindness of the sleeper is displayed.

Cats men predict a meeting with a proud and independent lady.

Ukrainian version treats baleen animals as cunning of enemies.

Dreaming Veles suggests that many cats in the house — a symbol of communication with insincere people. False friends can cause damage.

Family Dream pays special attention to the color of the animal. When the cat dreams of white, it heralds a purchase.

Black warns of financial loss.

Two cats warn that the deception of hypocrites will lead to the fact that the sleeper will lose composure.

According to the modern dream book own cat prompts to abandon idle lifestyle. A nayav is not a time to relax — rivals just wait for the sleeper to make a mistake.

Female dream book suggests that the cat in his arms signals an attempt to engage in a dishonest act. It is necessary to avoid participation in scams, so as not to become a victim.

About someone’s strong influence on the sleeper suggests big ginger cat. If the subordinate position does not suit you, it’s time to make an attempt to free yourself.

Caught small red cat in a dream may herald to the girls an early and unexpected pregnancy. Men such a plot of a dream signals a meeting with an authoritarian and imperious lady.

For sleeping, having children, if the red cat meows in a dream, it’s time to get to the bottom of raising siblings. Otherwise, problems will turn into an insurmountable abyss.

Nayava to experience sadness, if the red cat bites the hand.

On the possible influence of extraordinary forces suggests a dreamed huge black cat. It is also a symbol of the fact that the enemies are quite powerful.

As a reflection of suspicion of infidelity dreams small black kitty family people. It should not be a temper to rush to clarify the relationship, it is desirable to consider a flat line of conduct in the conversation, which can not be avoided.

The danger is approaching if the black cat runs across the road in a dream. A colorful animal means a difficult situation that can be resolved positively or can lead to failure.

Dream interpretation, what dreams of cat: black, red, cats in a dream of a woman

Warns against hidden adverse conditions big White cat. A young girl sleeping advises to be more careful in the company of unfamiliar people, and also to avoid excessive frankness with her friends.

Small white cat symbolizes promiscuity in humans. There is a risk of suffering because of their own naivety.

Dirty white cat foreshadows difficulties with finances. The problem may occur as a result of deliberate deception.

Diseases of the digestive tract symbolizes the dreaming white cat on the street. It is worth more attention to the quality of products.

Peacefully resting home white cat in a dream reflects the nature of the dreamer. In life, laziness and relaxation prevail.

In general, when a cat is dreaming, most sources single out a separate value for the fair sex.

Someone with not too honest intentions is seeking favors, this is how the cats dreamed a girl. In order to achieve the goal, the suitor shamelessly flatters, but it is advisable not to give special attention to his promises.

Cats report on involvement in an unseemly situation. married to the girl. To avoid problems with your loved ones, you will need to bravely resist the temptations of reality.

To a slight indisposition and anxiety, cats appear in a dream. pregnant to the woman. However, the dream is not fatal, and there will be no special damage to health.

When a cat dreams, you need to remember all the details of what you see. Depending on what the sleeper did with the purr, the interpretation has different meanings.

Feed a cat means to truly enjoy spending time with someone you love. Pleasant moments of personal happiness will be remembered for a long time.

Affectionately to iron A cat lying on the sleeper’s lap is a rather disturbing sign. To face the insincere person.

Insidious deed will cause trouble.

On a joint event with rivals foreshadows a dream in which it was possible wash the cat. Initially, an unpleasant event can wrap itself for the benefit, if you look at the competitors and their advantages.

A fierce battle for the fulfillment of their own desires is waiting for reality, if in a dream it was necessary beat the cat. Depending on the result of what he saw, a real outcome is predicted.

To kill Cat — means to put the final point in the confrontation with the enemies. This is a good omen.

Communicating with a purr in human language is a symbol of loneliness. Saving an animal out of trouble means unexpected support.

If you dream of a cat that is no longer alive, the dream reflects a longing for the pet. In addition, the interpretation of sleep provides for other interpretations.

Annoying factors disappear from the environment if a dead cat dreamed alive. Bad events come to an end.

That finally it will be possible to say goodbye forever to the unpleasant acquaintance foreshadows dead cat in a dream. This is a sign of triumph over competitors in business and personal life.

Death the cat belonging to the sleeper warns of financial problems. It should be wary of proposals to invest in dubious projects.

When dreamed missing A cat is a symbol of feelings for a lost pet. If he is in a dream, he has returned home, in reality it is likely to hear about someone far away.

To search for an animal and, as a result, to find it is the luck of all the planned projects.

Dream interpretation, what dreams of cat: black, red, cats in a dream of a woman

When dreamed evil cat, you should be on your guard. Possible machinations of ill-wishers.

Mad the cat symbolizes that their sophisticated blows aimed at the sleeper will be very heavy. It is advisable to enlist the support of like-minded people in order to overcome unpleasant situations.

Attack Cat symbolizes the inevitable loss. Can affect not only the financial sector, but also reputation.

Also aggressive cat means envious. With their attacks, ill-wishers will try to complicate the life of the sleeper.

The more favorable character is sick cat. This story of a dream promises the recovery of the sick and the strengthening of the position in society.

Wounded A cat means that an unpleasant streak in life is coming to an end. Will be able to overcome all obstacles.

However, if the cat dreams in blood, In reality, one of the relatives will be hit by detractors. A close person will need help.

Dying cat means difficulties in the business sphere. There will be no serious problems, and they just need to be taken for granted.

Dreamed dead the cat is a wonderful sign. All troubles are resolved almost without the participation of the dreamer.

A wet animal means a waking situation, as a result of which the sleeper will experience strong negative emotions and anger.

Shabby The cat symbolizes unrealized plans. Someone has prevented their implementation, and now regrets it.

Dirty the cat is a sign of impending trouble. It will be very difficult to avoid them.

Flea The cat warns of unpleasant gossip, defaming reputation. Family dreams, the dream also predicts a deterioration in relationships due to the slander of evil tongues.

Dreamed home The cat often warns about the unreliability of the second half. There may be a serious quarrel over jealousy.

Affectionate The cat symbolizes the insincere person in the environment. However, if the purring animal gladly lapps the milk, it is necessary to get acquainted with a pleasant interlocutor.

Business rivals are getting stronger. So interpreted fluffy cat dreaming entrepreneur.

Meeting with an important and significant person means striped cat. His influence will be even greater than it seemed at the very beginning of the acquaintance.

Too nice a cat in a dream means an unpleasant situation. Because of the gullibility of the sleeper, they will try to make the guilty enemies guilty of disrupting the project.

Fat A cat is interpreted as an increase in the authority of detractors. It is becoming more difficult to resist their tricks every day, although they do not seem to pose any particular danger.

Fatty cat calls to show perseverance in the fight. Only then will it be possible to win, after all, to underestimate the power of enemies is a serious tactical miscalculation.

Aggressive cats and cats are treated negatively. If they are in a dream peacefully in the attic, so internal contradictions and conflicts of the sleeper are displayed.

Dreamed at the same time cats and kittens foreshadow minor troubles. The reasons will be the actions of hypocritical people surrounded.

The colorful company surrounding the sleeper is personified cats and dogs in a dream. It is worth looking at people and not trusting everyone.

Have a negative meaning cats and mice. However, the best thing you can do in reality is not to interfere in other people’s fights, so as not to suffer.

Blue A cat is a great sign. An old dream is close to fruition.

However saturated blue the cat warns that the enemy has conceived an extraordinary evil. The yellow animal symbolizes the envious, and the green cat tells the lady that her new lover will not be very adept at bringing pleasure.

Own flying the cat speaks of being cut off from reality. Alien purring in flight means controversial situations.

About dissatisfaction with personal life signals speaking cat. To find happiness, you have to reconsider the priorities in the relationship.

When a cat is dreaming, it is advisable to increase vigilance, and to be more careful when communicating with others.

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