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Dream interpretation, what dreams of carrots: fresh, large, carrots in the garden in a dream

Habitual foods often appear in dreams, and it is important to remember that it makes no sense to look for an answer, why do carrots dream, if in reality you had to plant, harvest or cook something from this bright root crop before.

Dream interpretation, what dreams of carrots: fresh, large, carrots in the garden in a dream

The dream of Gustav Miller treats the carrot as a symbol of health and strong financial position. For a young girl, she means that a marriage proposal will soon arrive, and you should not refuse the applicant.

Dream Vanga takes into account the quality of the carrot in the dream. Smooth, clean — to prosperity.

Corrupted or crooked — a warning about upcoming problems, for which you have to apply ingenuity and diligence.

According to the dream book Thelomena carrots and beets mean a fun pastime and a happy future. Ahead of the feast or participation in celebrations.

Modern source states that when carrots and cabbages are dreamed at the same time, an improvement in material difficulties can be expected. The health of the sleeper will improve.

According to Sigmund Freud Corn and carrot — pronounced phallic symbols. Digging up root vegetables means choosing a partner carefully, buying — paying too much attention to sex to the detriment of feelings. For women, a boiled carrot warns that passion has disappeared from a relationship with a lover.

It’s not too late, you have to try to bring back old feelings.

Ukrainian dream book treats carrots as a sign of meaningless spending. Probably a shy situation.

According to the dream of the medium Hasse Carrot foreshadows good luck in the business field. Ahead of making a profit.

Fine when dreaming lots of carrots. In the dream of a dreamer and close people everything will go smoothly, and the state of health will be wonderful.

Smooth fresh carrots in a dream — a positive sign. Profit ahead.

Fulfillment of desires foreshadows the big carrot. However, the dream calls for the fact that instead of going with the flow, you should be active in business.

Too large carrots, which does not happen in real life, warns against excessive vanity. It is important to remember that ambition must be based on actions, not words.

Dream interpretation, what dreams of carrots: fresh, large, carrots in the garden in a dream

To successful life circumstances appears in a dream clean carrot. Dirty root crops warn that in reality it is likely to become a victim of deception.

Signing of contracts and contracts is desirable to be postponed for a detailed study of all points and notes.

The symbol of the problems is rotten carrot. Family people should beware of treason.

Unexpected obstacles symbolizes boiled carrot in a dream. It is also necessary to strengthen official zeal, otherwise the slightest mistake will lead to reprimand from the authorities.

About fear of active life position reports small carrot. The sleeper wants to stay away from important events and tries to shift his duties to other people, and this can lead to problems.

Grated carrot — to the income. True, they will not be too significant.

A positive sign is considered a carrot to a woman. Circumstances will favor in all areas.

Married woman carrot symbolizes harmony in the relationship with the spouses. Likely replenishment.

Lonely a woman who dreamed of an orange root crop foreshadows that soon a decent person will offer to get married. Family life will be secured.

To favorable delivery dreams carrot pregnant to the woman. Also, a dream foreshadows the birth of a boy.

If dreaming carrot girl, she will marry early. Marriage will be very happy.

Carrots mean success in business. Also, the root vegetable promises a harmonious relationship for family dreamers, and a lonely person — a meeting with a charming woman.

Patients dreamed carrots — an excellent prediction. Soon health will return to normal.

When Carrot Dreams on the bed, waking perspectives will open up. Works will be appreciated.

Carrot on the ground warns that the authority at work in the near future may falter. It is necessary to follow your deeds and words.

Good sign — carrots in the hand. Difficult task will be solved thanks to disinterested help from outside.

If a carrot dream in bag, to work on a complex project. The final will be favorable.

One of the few warning dreams — roots, scattered on the floor in the apartment. Likely quarrel between spouses or lovers.

Dream interpretation, what dreams of carrots: fresh, large, carrots in the garden in a dream

Buy carrots — to the help of a powerful person. You may receive unexpected profits, for example, winning the lottery.

If dreamed plant carrots, then in reality it is necessary to urgently take up the matter, which was postponed for a long time. The most opportune moment has come for it to bring the most bang for your buck.

It turns out to succeed if you dreamed dig carrot. This will happen through diligence and hard work.

The symbol of a valuable find is the dream story, in which to tear carrot. Initiated ideas will be held exactly as planned.

Great sign — collect carrot. In the business and love sphere, everything is just wonderful, besides there is probably a recruiting in the family.

Married ladies clean carrots in a dream — to the appearance of a rival. Men plot predicts an acute shortage of time at work.

Cut carrot — a warning about impulse purchases in reality. However, the dream indicates a lasting welfare, so spending does not hit the wallet a lot.

Rub the carrot — to the deterioration of the financial situation.

When the dream happened there is carrot, and it is juicy and sweet, there is a joyful period of harmony in life ahead. Poor root vegetables — to a violation of plans and grief.

Having deciphered what a carrot is dreaming about, you can confirm the loyalty of your own plans and chosen lifestyle, or foresee a change in the planned cases in order to avoid problems.

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