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Dream interpretation, what dreams of a parrot: a wavy, large, a parrot in a dream to a woman

Cute feathered pets and exotic inhabitants of tropical latitudes amaze with variety. Perhaps that is why the range of interpretations of what the parrot dreams about is quite wide.

Dream Miller interprets the talking bird as empty talk and gossip. The dream of a young girl suggests that the gentleman condemns her manners.

Dream Vanga does not see in parrots in a dream especially bad or good value. However, this neutral plot warns against verbiage.

Dream interpretation, what dreams of a parrot: a wavy, large, a parrot in a dream to a woman

Family dream book a lot of parrots, dreamed in the branches of a tree, mean a fun pastime. However, pleasures can shake the budget.

Russian dream book suggests that a parrot is dreaming as a symbol of a stupid person. In the environment is idle talk.

The dream interpretation medium Hasse interprets the parrot’s egg as hypocritical friends. They cheat the sleeper.

Female dream book suggests that when a dreaming parrot is talking, empty conversations and gossip are coming. To teach the bird to repeat phrases — to trouble in the personal sphere.

According to the modern dream book, If the parrot bites, the situation at work is far from ideal. The team is busy with gossip.

Friendly man parrots mean a romantic adventure. No complications are foreseen in the affairs.

Two parrots of different colors indicate the easy temperament of the sleeper. He or she knows how to negotiate with anyone.

If you dreamed of a parrot and a cat, a quarrel would occur. The bulk of the blame will lie on the sleeper.

Budgerigar a girl is a promise of a quick and very successful marriage. However, the chattering cute bird warns incessantly that we should not give evil tongues a reason to discuss ourselves.

If you dreamed of a parrot a woman married is a wonderful sign. The relationship with the spouse becomes stronger.

When a parrot dreams of a very tiny one, or the nestling, which the dreamer holds in her hands, the plot heralds pregnancy.

Depending on how the parrot dreams, the interpretation takes on different meanings. Attention must be paid to the size and color of the plumage.

Big a parrot in a dream, having a long elegant tail, symbolizes a love adventure. Although it is unlikely to end in marriage, but it will leave very pleasant memories.

Little ones parrots personify infantile people who impose their society and the solution of problems to the sleeping one. The dream reminds that kindness must have boundaries, otherwise it will be used shamelessly.

But touching chicks the parrot is an excellent symbol. These are pleasant surprises, a good turn in the relationship.

For pet lovers, parrots wavy are a reflection of pet care. For those who are asleep, this is advice to pay attention to a person who always promises a lot.

It is time to notice that loud words almost never confirm actions.

Dreamed parrot macaw, sitting in a cage, has a not too pleasant interpretation. A close person will try to cheat.

If you dreamed of a parrot cockatoo, in reality someone will offer to participate in a certain project. It is necessary to carefully examine all the conditions, and be sure to find a catch.

For lovers and family dreamers parrots lovebirds — a great omen. In the relationship reigns complete harmony.

Dream interpretation, what dreams of a parrot: a wavy, large, a parrot in a dream to a woman

Nice color a parrot in a dream means a desire to restore a relationship with an important person in reality. The gap once occurred through the fault of the dreamer, but it is time to realize the mistakes.

On the impressionable and dreamy nature of the sleeper suggest multicolored the parrots. However, excessive gullibility can lead to the fact that you have to be disappointed in people.

Good luck is considered white parrot. Sociability and sincere interest in the interlocutor will help in resolving various situations.

Black plumage in birds means problems, violet — wisdom.

Green the parrot foreshadows a change for the better. In achieving the goals weighted decisions will help.

Yellow the parrot is interpreted in two ways. In negative terms, this is a lie from relatives.

In positive — financial well-being.

Passionate romance in reality predicts red a parrot in a dream. Family people in the whirlpool of feelings are important not to lose their heads, so that a spontaneous passion will not lead to treason.

Pink Parrot also means romance. Singles can find happiness.

Support that was not expected means blue parrot. New projects will be successful.

To a long journey dream story, which is present blue parrot. If the bird is friendly, the path will be pleasant.

Orange bright the parrot calls for activity. Nayavu is the right time to implement pans.

Nice parrot — a sign of great news. There is much to be surprised.

Speaking a parrot is not the most positive symbol. There are rumors and gossip around the sleeper.

Alien dying a parrot in a dream is interpreted positively. It turns out to get rid of all the superfluous and stupid.

Its long dead A parrot may appear as a symbol of sadness over it. It is also a warning that a family member may feel unwell.

A dying, dead parrot means a deterioration in relationships with friends and family. At work, there may be unexpected problems.

It is necessary to treat the solution of questions with fiction, that’s what the parrot dreams about in the House. If the bird walks on the table, there is much to talk.

Parrot in a cage interpreted as a restriction of the will of the sleeper and dependence on external events. At the same time, it is believed that some annoying person will disappear from the near circle of communication.

Parrot, out of the cage, means trouble. There will be changes.

Auspicious sign — parrot in hand. In the business and personal sphere, stability reigns.

Dreamed parrot on the head — it’s time to take the initiative. A long-conceived idea is asking for implementation.

When the parrot sits on the shoulder sleeping, recently happened to face deception. Someone else’s bird is in trouble.

If the parrot in a dream sat on his hand, in reality he will have to fulfill these promises.

Dream interpretation, what dreams of a parrot: a wavy, large, a parrot in a dream to a woman

For woman catch parrot — a new novel. Men plot promises good luck.

To catch Parrot hands in a dream means a little to get involved in dreams in reality. Everything will turn out with an effort.

Keep parrot — a longtime desire to come true. However, the pleasure will be less than expected.

Get together buy a parrot in a dream — a warning. Do not be upset when you have to learn about gossip about yourself.

Buy the parrot — the sleeper provokes detractors by his behavior. Sometimes it is worth thinking before doing something eccentric.

To find a parrot — troubles in reality. However, they will bring more joy than fatigue.

Feed parrot — trying to please a man who hides his true character. Girls such a plot warns against hasty marriage.

Gossip — talking with a parrot in a dream. Harsh rumors can make life difficult.

This is what a parrot dreams about in various forms and actions with it. The main thing this spectacular bird calls for is to think about the consequences of actions and words.

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