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Dream interpretation, what dreams of a dog: black, big, dogs in a dream to a woman

Among all the animals, dogs were the first among the domesticated. They are not without reason considered the best friends of man. For lovers of these various animals, as well as professional dog handlers, it is not uncommon to see your pets in a dream.

In this case, the answer to the question of what the dog dreams of, it is necessary to look for in the behavior of close people, but at the same time, many plots are interpreted equally not for everyone.

Dream interpretation, what dreams of a dog: black, big, dogs in a dream to a woman

Interpretation according to different dream-books concerning the dreamed dogs basically coincides, although there are quite substantial nuances and differences.

Russian dream book appreciates the dog as a symbol of strong friendship, courage and support. Perhaps the dreamer selflessly seeks help, and for this enjoys the deserved love of others.

Ukrainian the dream version also sees in the animal a sign of friendly relations. The obsequiously fawning dog, seen by a girl, means to her a quick offer to get married.

Old Slavic dream Veles treats the dream with the dog favorably, as pleasant surprises. Distant bark indicates receiving news.

Dream interpretation Nostradamus besides the joy of companionship, predicts a not very favorable period. Because of the willingness to sacrifice your interests, the material condition of the dreamer may deteriorate.

Dream Miller treats friendly caressing well-groomed dog, as the presence in life of faithful friends and a successful period of reality. If the dog is unreal skinny, soon the dreamer may feel unwell.

The dream interpretation of the Bulgarian soothsayer Wangi says that the dreamer who saw the dog, you can not seriously fear. Powerful friends support guaranteed.

Variants of dream books Taro, Azara are also unanimous in identifying a calm friendly dog ​​as a symbol of friends.

Medium Hasse treats what he saw as a meeting with a new useful person. To play with a dog in a dream, according to this dream book, means to participate in joyful activities in real life.

Magician Longo considers a story in which the dog is licking the dreamer’s hand. The unemployed can expect a profitable employment option, the rest should be prepared to move up the career ladder.

At the same time, absolutely all versions of dream books interpret aggression on the part of a person’s friend as a warning sign. The plot with the attack is treated as a serious warning.

The only dream book, interpreting even a friendly dog, as an unfavorable symbol — Muslim option. According to him, this pet personifies the enemy. But the dream has a good meaning in which it is possible to beat the pet.

This offensive, thanks to its own efforts, without a problem segment of real life.

In dreams bite dogs serves as a caution, and decoding depends on the details. If the dreamer allowed himself to be bitten, even without resisting, trouble would come true.

Attempting to defend oneself and fight an animal means that circumstances can change if one tries to make it. The bite in a dream reflects a possible weakness, which should be given attention in the near future.

If the dog is grabbing for foot — literally means: you should carefully watch where you are going.

Bite hand also carries a warning about the occurrence of magical interference in the life of the dreamer.

Seen in a dream the big the black dog foreshadows a serious conversation. An exception for the owners of giant divers, which their pets dream about and just as a reflection of thoughts about the tailed family members.

Evil a dog in a dream warns of the occurrence of waking adverse situations or wiles of detractors.

Well, when in a dream a dog that rushes, can do no harm. In this case, all the plans of the enemies are doomed to failure.

Angry dog on the chain means that forethought and caution will help avoid problems. It is bad if the Cerberus manages to break off and pounce on the sleeper.

Nayavu will have to enter into an open confrontation.

Nayawa, we should expect a dispute soon run away from the dog. In order to minimize the adverse effects of a quarrel, you will have to fully mobilize your own strength.

Thin, mutilated or the sick dog means the presence of not too sincere people in the environment. One of them is a foe.

Fleas on the pet belonging to the sleeper, warn that soon someone of close friends or relatives will cause irritation with their words or actions. Parasites, galloping on the fur of a foreign animal, mean the need to intervene in the affairs of others and unnecessary trouble.

Sad plot for any pet owner — death dogs also carries a warning value. Ahead of the problems with friends and quarrels.

If the owner dreams deceased the dog means he desperately misses it. At the same time, such a dream contains a sign of secret patronage.

Dreamed giving birth the dog promises that a period of joyful changes is coming. All plans will be brilliantly implemented, and efforts will bring excellent results.

Dream interpretation, what dreams of a dog: black, big, dogs in a dream to a woman

When the dream appears immediately lot dogs, peacefully minded, means, is coming cheerful evening in a friendly company. If behind the back or next to the dreamer there is a company of dogs, soon there will be a journey, or a business, but pleasant business trip.

A flock dogs, which meets with barking, means the likelihood of receiving information that one of the alleged friends spreads unflattering rumors about the dreamer.

Running towards pack dogs not paying attention to the sleeper, or welcoming tail waving animals are auspicious symbols. This is a joyful meeting with people who are close in their mindset and spiritually.

Fight Dogs in a dream warns that in reality it will be easy to quarrel with friends and relatives. Do not show your own aggressiveness.

Seen dog in blood predicts unpleasant news. A dirty animal symbolizes the danger of indisposition, and advises to pay attention to maintaining health.

Homeless dogs signal that someone from close friends is in a difficult situation. But if the dogs look clean and contented with their dog life, this is a positive symbol of many meetings.

Most often dream dogs a man just as a sign of the upcoming gatherings with friends.

If you dream cats and dogs, interpretation warns: in personal relationships there are some difficulties. This is probably due to the fact that they are traditionally considered enemies.

However, many pet lovers keep these animals together, and completely disagree with this interpretation as antagonists.

Loving puppies and dogs in a dream, lonely people predict the attainment of happiness. Family such a plot promises a pleasant joint leisure and pleasure from communication.

Quietly resting or sleeping mongrel with puppies promises a favorable course of life, without significant changes. When a woman dreaming of having a child dreams of a friendly dog ​​with puppies, in reality it speaks about the excellent chances of conceiving.

Warns of the danger that a friend betrays for the sake of his personal interests, a dream in which the mother-dog throws herself at the dreamer, without admitting to cubs.

Dreamed two dogs signal the overload of all body systems. You need a period of rest, meeting in an informal setting with friends, or at least a simple walk.

Seen in a dream wolves and dogs, fighting among themselves means that with reality and with friends they will resist the attacks of ill-wishers. It is necessary to prepare a lot of arguments, if such a dream plot dreamed on the eve of the upcoming meeting with possible partners or competitors.

For women, the overall orientation of the symbolism of sleep is preserved. If a dog dreams good, it is both a friend and a gentle romantic relationship.

Angry and aggressive animal — a sign to beware of jealousy lover and obstacles in business.

Dog which bites the hand, Means big trouble, deterioration health. However, one of the dream books says that if there was no blood on the wound site of an unmarried dreamer and there are no painful sensations, a rather worthy person whom she does not love wilt awake.

Dreamed white a dog is a dual sign for a woman. In a positive sense, it is good relations, tender feelings. On the negative side, the dream warns that someone is flattered and rubbed into trust.

This dream is also a request to show indulgence, to support those who are weaker and dependent on the dreamer.

Seen in a dream dead the dog speaks of parting, breaking friendships. It is necessary to consult a doctor in order not to start a situation with an exacerbation of chronic diseases.

If a unmarried a woman dreams that she feeds a pet, this is an auspicious sign. Ahead — good events in personal life.

For other dreamers, sleep promises an improvement in well-being.

Married a woman’s visit to a strange animal in the courtyard of a house or apartment predicts guests who are unexpected but pleasant. If you see your own pet, this is a wonderful pastime with your family.

For all dreamers, without exception, as a sign that an important decision has already been made internally on a long-suffering question, pregnant dog. Changes will benefit.

Large A dog to a woman foreshadows the appearance of a new one, or the strengthening of relations with a longtime fan. She will occupy his thoughts almost completely, and his intentions are the most serious.

A beautiful decorative dog breed, on the contrary, says that the boyfriend will be pleasant in communication, but frivolous and changeable.

If dreaming to iron dog, an emotional encounter will soon happen. She will bring real pleasure and joy.

The size of the animal in the dream indicates the scale of the upcoming events. The pattern is simple: the larger — the more they will be.

Large white the dog as a whole means a prosperous period. At the same time, such a color that does not correspond to the breed, warns against excessive openness.

Funny redhead the dog says that in reality a romantic adventure is soon possible. It is possible that a flash of passion will overtake very unexpectedly.

When dreams that bit a dog — someone wants to prevent the implementation of plans, and delivers unnecessary trouble. If it does not feel pain, it will be possible to find out the identity of the pest and neutralize it without problems.

Attack dogs of incredibly large stature on the other cautions about ruthless competition. Sleep teaches to defend their own interests.

A good character is the plot, which accounts for feed the dog. It is a mutual concern for family and friends.

Favorable sign is considered to kill the dog who aggressively attacked the dreamer. In the near future, all problems will be solved, and there will be a joyful party with like-minded people.

When dream murder dogs that didn’t do any damage are a very good symbol. There comes a serene period.

Huge a dog wagging its tail in a friendly manner, licking the hands and face of the dreamer is a very auspicious omen. The dreamer has powerful defenders who value his kindness and responsiveness.

Such a plot suggests that a wonderful character attracted great friends.

When dream writing the dog in the wrong place, in reality, one of his friends shocked by the act. His meanness, even in relation to others, can cause rejection and rupture of friendship. But if puddles make their own puppy from sleep, the value is to voluntarily take part of the duties of others.

It will not bring benefits in the form of material remuneration, in contrast to cleaning the “heaps”.

Dream interpretation, what dreams of a dog: black, big, dogs in a dream to a woman

When dream mad dog, it almost literally means a quarrel out of the blue with your most loyal friend. The reason may even be a bad joke.

Barking mongrel means getting news. The voice is far away — there will be news about someone who is long gone.

Barking the dog in a dream is very close — the news is on the threshold.

If a dog dreams talking in human language, in reality, an unexpected patronage of an unfamiliar person can turn into a friendship.

Dreamed dead the dog is talking about a tiff in the environment. We’ll have to sort things out with lovers.

When a girl dreams dead a dog, her plans for a heart friend never come true. For a man, such a dream warns that someone will spoil projects or is preparing a different trick.

Killed dog — difficulties with others. Removal can even lead to a complete rupture.

Injured the dog foreshadows a quarrel with close people. Sleep advises not to joke on sharp topics, so as not to offend inadvertently your surroundings.

The beaten animal warns that it is necessary to act carefully, and in relation to relatives it is necessary to show a little more gentleness.

If roars small a dog, in reality all obstacles will be easily surmountable. It is also a caution to take care.

Walk the dog on a leash — good sign. Material well-being and joyful meetings will come to life.

Aggressive the dog as a whole portends quarrels. The main significance of this frightening story is to warn about the need for restraint.

Otherwise, the outcome may even be enmity with former buddies.

If a dreaming many dogs different breeds, for example, at an exhibition, this means that the dreamer will soon have to speak to an audience.

Own animal means loyalty and a sign of friends.

Dreamed friendly shepherd — to interesting meetings. If she attacks — a symbol of the presence of detractors.

Dachshund means the onset of a happy period. It will be long.

Bright Labrador or Poodle, dreamed of a woman, means a meeting with a nice man. Collie predicts fun communication with the younger generation, and mischievous fun.

When dreams that bitten a dog in a dream, even if it is pure-blooded, is still a chance of quarrel in reality.

Beat a dog attacking a dreamer means to repel adversity. See how someone protects from the bites of a friend — getting support from friends.

For those who dream to bring the dog, in reality, should prepare for the visit of the guests. Pick up a pooch — kindness will be rewarded.

For a married woman purchase Dogs mean misunderstanding with a loved one. Disputes will arise mainly due to domestic trifles.

Fun play with a dog is a good symbol of a beautiful relationship. If the dreamer has children, it means that he is an excellent parent to them.

Do not get too upset when dreaming to lose a dog in a dream. This is just a reflection of internal uncertainty in their actions.

You just have to analyze everything to understand the essence of what is happening.

Seen mites on a dog in a dream — a sign that a friend needs support. Perhaps you need to point out to him the need to do health.

If dreaming wash the dog, then, will have to help fellow soldiers. However, at no cost.

Serves as a warning knocked down by car dog. Nayawa worth checking the conditions of all offers. From stocks in stores to business contracts.

Be attentive to new acquaintances — this is what a headless dog dreams about. Someone who is not too good can ruin the dreamer’s reputation.

Great sign — save the dog in a dream. All pitfalls can be avoided.

Health to all, and good dreams!

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