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Dream interpretation, what dreams of a bull: black, with horns, a bull in a dream to a woman

According to different dream books, the interpretation of what the bull dreams about is significantly different. Opposite values ​​are sometimes attributed to this symbol, and this is not surprising.

Indeed, in reality, bulls reflect vitality and stubbornness, and at the same time are dangerous animals.

The dream of Gustav Miller interprets a fat bull in the pasture as a sign of great success. A well-groomed animal, drinking clean water, means luck in your personal sphere.

According to the dream Wang The head of a bull foreshadows complex and hard work. Also, a dream indicates the decisive and purposeful nature of the sleeper.

Dream interpretation, what dreams of a bull: black, with horns, a bull in a dream to a woman

Herd of bulls prompts that active actions are justified in the near future. If the animals behaved aggressively, in reality someone admires the independent strong character of the dreamer.

Dream Medea says he will have to answer for the deeds if the evil bull has dreamed up in a dream. It is advisable to think through actions before they are committed.

The dreamed bull to a man signals that he is prone to rudeness during sexual intercourse.

According to Freud’s dream book mating bulls and cows symbolize lack of satisfaction with intimate relationships. The plot indicates the need to solve this problem.

Gypsy source interprets the herd of cows and bulls, which the dog looks after, as good changes in fate. They will touch the personal and business side of life.

Dream interpretation of the 21st century indicates that to kill a bull in a dream, it means in reality to become a famous and wealthy person. An animal, quietly standing in a pen or stall, foreshadows family well-being.

Lowing warns of danger.

Modern dream book interprets fresh bull meat as a deterioration of health. When dreaming a bull on a leash, women can get an offer to marry or a gift from a spouse.

Men will make a good bargain or get a material reward.

A dark-colored animal may personify adverse events if the bull was aggressive. Calm — means positive changes in affairs.

Peace loving big a black bull in a dream foreshadows that it will be possible to take a leadership position in the environment. A miniature dark animal means a change in outlook.

Angry black bull woman with horns warns about the appearance of an unpleasant and obsessive fan. Cavalier will annoy manifestations of their sexual interest.

A calm animal symbolizes that trouble will be easy to handle.

At all attack a black bull in a dream is a warning to all. Ahead, fate has prepared tests.

Dreamed black bull on bullfight, who was defeated by the sleeper, is a very good sign. It will be possible to overcome all the problems, and the troubles will turn into success.

Dream interpretation, what dreams of a bull: black, with horns, a bull in a dream to a woman

The white friendly goby foreshadows the ladies of childbearing age with an increased chance of conception in the near future. Those who wish to experience motherhood are advised to use the chance.

Pregnant a woman who has a dream of a bull tells the floor of a baby. Most likely the birth of a boy.

A quick financial improvement promises married a woman is a bull in a dream in case he was well-fed and phlegmatic. A bad animal means material difficulties and the need to control spending.

Bull lonely woman is a good sign. Nayavu a long-standing fan confesses his feelings and even offers to get married.

If the dream is a bull a girl, her fiance will be solid and secured. Aggressive beast indicates someone’s claims to intimate relationships with the dreamer.

When calmly grazing herd bulls dreamed of a woman, you can rejoice. Nayavu will achieve a high social position and implement ideas.

A reflection of the internal complexes is the plot in which the woman had to run away from a bull in a dream. The lady in vain shy of her appearance and social status.

Dead animal means depressed mood and sadness.

When a bull in a dream behaves aggressively, the interpretation often contains a warning. At the same time, it is an indicator of the level of internal power.

If a bull with horns attacks a woman in a dream, she will have to face a strong passion. It is possible to meet with an influential person, and subsequently the meeting will have a crucial importance.

For men attack a bull in a dream means a good physical form. Sleep predicts that at the moment the energy is on the rise.

With a sense of fear run away from the bull — it means waking competition will intensify. We’ll have to try hard to win a good place at work or in the business environment.

When people ask why they dream that a bull chasing me, It is worth considering another plot value. This displays numerous gossip about the sleeper. If the dream felt terrible — you can suddenly fall ill with reality.

Depending on what suit the bulls were running after you in a dream, there are nuances. Red animals — to working difficulties. If a bull is dreamed of a white suit, running among the herd — to sadness.

Motley animals foreshadow participation in a major event.

Dream interpretation, what dreams of a bull: black, with horns, a bull in a dream to a woman

In an attempt to figure out what the bull dreams for, one cannot do without a detailed analysis of his appearance. Character, color and other differences are important.

Dreamed good-natured bull with horns — good sign. The team will achieve a leading position.

Bad if you had a bull without horns. This is disharmony in intimate relationships.

Violence against the dreamer is also possible.

Good sign when furious The bull in a dream is in the arena. So a significant superiority over rivals and detractors is projected.

Evil the bull symbolizes danger. To avoid risk, you need to show increased caution.

As a warning serves dreamed mad bull. When quarrels, it is desirable to own emotions, not to get personal, so as not to aggravate the conflict.

Also butting the bull symbolizes the curse on the sleeper. Ill-wishers are ready to present each act in a bad light.

Tiny attack the bull foreshadows minor problems. Thanks to perseverance, it will be possible to extract a great benefit from their decision.

Good symbolism contains dreamed white bull chewing green grass in pasture. Ahead of favorable events. If he dreamed of a lake or a clear river, there will be a significant event.

White bull with horns means strong leadership qualities inherent in the sleeper. This moment is perfect for the implementation of plans.

Red the bull urges to think about being too proud of yourself. Dreaming suggests that selfishness can destroy good relationships.

The symbol of bright emotions is redhead bull. These are joyful events, and for girls an animal of this color means a quick marriage.

Peace loving big a bull in a dream represents self-confidence. There are good reasons for this sensation.

Huge The bull testifies that the success and recognition of others will be achieved soon. The cause will be stubborn selfless labor.

Dreamed little bullhead means that the sleeper is too modest. Excessive shyness can hurt business.

When a bull is dreaming, it is advisable to take into account all the nuances. The meaning of a dream will tell you about the perilous dangers and chances offered by fate.

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