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Dream interpretation, what dreams elevator: go, get stuck, fall in an elevator in a dream

Understanding what dreams of an elevator, first of all you need to remember all the nuances of what you see. What is important is the condition of the cabin and the size, direction and even the presence or absence of satellites.

Dream Miller interprets the rise as enrichment and a breakthrough in his career. Descent is a symbol of failure.

According to the dream Wang The value of the direction of movement is similar. Also, the Bulgarian prophetess interprets the plot when dreaming of an elevator with passengers stuck inside. Helping them from the inside — close people will be in danger, and support will be needed.

Himself sleeping inside — it is worth being cautious.

Dream interpretation, what dreams elevator: go, get stuck, fall in an elevator in a dream

Esoteric dream book deciphers falling in the elevator as the personification of problems with morality. If the cabin is swayed to the sides, routine efforts do not allow to engage in self-knowledge and to rise above the bustle.

According to the dream of Simeon Prozorov elevator shaft — a call for caution. Detractors are preparing a catch in which it will be easy to please because of impulsivity.

The dream interpretation medium Hasse also suggests that if you dream of an elevator, you should beware of all sorts of difficulties.

According to Sigmund Freud The elevator doors are a direct reflection of the female genital organ. For dreamers, the dream predicts secret intimate pleasures, but if the elevator is broken, the secret will soon be revealed.

For men, an elevator car indicates lovingness.

When is the elevator dreaming? a woman, and the plot does not cause negative emotions, interpretation promises increased interest from men.

Elevator a girl, getting married, foreshadows a very uneven family life, with a sharp change of good periods not the most optimistic. If a young lady rolls around in a dream in the cabin with other people, she can be a victim of harassment in reality.

Be careful of potentially dangerous situations.

Meeting with girls predicts elevator a guy. Communication will give a lot of pleasant experiences.

Elevator a man symbolizes his passion for diversity in sexual relationships. Although there is nothing bad in it, such activity and the desire to try all poses can embarrass a woman very much.

Dream interpretation, what dreams elevator: go, get stuck, fall in an elevator in a dream

Virtually all sources in interpreting the vision in which the elevator dreams, pay attention to the direction of motion. Even the general meaning is the same.

Take the elevator up — to the successful resolution of problems. True, need help from the side.

If a ride high in elevator — to achieve heights in life. The dream symbolizes great fortune.

When it was possible to ride the elevator in a dream in company with a loved one, changes will occur in the relationship. Positive when moving up.

Negative — with a decrease.

Ride on the elevator up and down — a warning. There comes a period in life when joys and sorrows alternate.

To go down in the elevator — to trouble. Problems at work are likely: demotion or even dismissal.

Relations with others are far from ideal.

Wait for the arrival of the cabin — the dreamer lack of initiative. Interpreting what dreams enter in the elevator, it is desirable to recall the situation inside it.

Dirty warns the dreamer about the imminent danger, the wrong direction of life.

Stand in the elevator — the plot, warning of the proximity of trouble. Overcoming adversity will be difficult.

To decipher, what a dream get stuck in the elevator, it is necessary to take into account whether it happened in the company or not. If the sleeper finds himself in a difficult situation alone, this plot foreshadows stagnation in the business sphere. Being in a stranded cabin with other passengers is a deadlock in personal relationships.

New acquaintances may disappoint, and long-time friends, too, will present not the most pleasant surprise.

Dreaming with the plot fall in the elevator lurks from trouble. It is necessary to be careful of dirty tricks from mechanisms.

Dream interpretation, what dreams elevator: go, get stuck, fall in an elevator in a dream

When dreaming of an elevator, you should also decipher all the details of its appearance.

New elevator in a dream symbolizes a change in public status. If he rose, then undoubtedly in a positive way.

but falling elevator with me, be it the most modern, it means life adversity.

Dreamed acting old retro elevator, signaling affection for your own past. The inability to influence these changes leads to needless sadness.

In the same time broken an elevator that lacks gender warns of a serious threat to the dreamer’s life. No time to act carelessly!

A non-working lift is treated more favorably. Only the planned affairs will fail.

Spacious big elevator predicts the development of skills. The growth of their own skills will be accompanied by a rise in wages and the respect of colleagues.

So little an elevator that is hard to breathe — pushing for activity. In existing circumstances, business projects closely, and it is time to develop.

Glass elevator in a dream warns that in the near future it is easy to spoil the reputation. It is necessary to be careful of imprudent, and the more so — mean actions.

Crowded elevator is a double sign. First, he predicts the need to work hard in a team to achieve success.

Secondly, it is a hint that you need to diversify your personal life and not be afraid of unusual dates.

Having interpreted what the elevator dreams about, you should not be afraid of negative values. Due diligence can avoid many troubles.

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