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Dream interpretation, what dreams dream of washing floors: a girl, a man, washing floors in a house in a dream

Ordinary affairs, such as wet cleaning, are often part of the dream, and often these characters do not even pay attention. A share of sanity is present.

If a grand cleaning took place the day before, and the floors had to be washed in a residential area or an institution, the plot is simply a reflection of reality. In most cases, especially if the dream has dreamed from Thursday to Friday, it is advisable to ask what dream of washing the floors.

Popular sources attribute to this story a variety of interpretations, from positive to sharply negative. For correct interpretation it is necessary to take into account the smallest nuances of what he saw.

Dream interpretation, what dreams dream of washing floors: a girl, a man, washing floors in a house in a dream

The dream of Gustav Miller warns that after having dreamed of washing floors it is worthwhile to beware of vile deeds from envious people. The famous interpreter advises to avoid participation in doubtful events and adventures, to be the most prudent person in the near future.

According to the Bulgarian prophetess Wangi to wash floors in a dream — a symbol of success. However, it is achieved only by people who are able to step over their own pride and take note of the comments of their superiors.

If you dream that the mother-in-law washes the floors, this is a good omen. Nayava relative will provide invaluable assistance in solving pressing problems.

Thinks so modern interpreter dreams

When a neighbor washes the floor in a dream, in reality she is a source of gossip. Kryvolotolki can damage relationships with others.

If the deceased person washes the floor in a dream, this unusual plot has a positive interpretation. Someone who has disappointed in the past will again prove that he is trustworthy.

Sigmund Freud suggests that washing floors in a dream means tiredness from boring everyday communication with a partner. It is desirable to deal with this problem, and then personal life will again be filled with harmony.

Islamic source treats mopping as successful resolution of difficult situations.

Dream Medea sees in this story a symbol of spiritual purification.

According to the dream book, Denise Lynn such a dream reflects the character of the dreamer himself. He is a merciful and compassionate person, always ready to help.

Dreaming maya foreshadows a stable period after having dreamed of washing floors, if they were in good condition. Cracks, bumps and the like mean complications in relationships with people who are older or higher in the hierarchy.

Esoteric Evgeny Tsvetkov interprets the story with a mopping of floors especially negatively for the sick. Healthy people should also beware of worsening health and being attentive to the symptoms of emerging ailments.

Dream interpretation, what dreams dream of washing floors: a girl, a man, washing floors in a house in a dream

Not a good sign if you had a chance to wash the floor. a girl, which is going to get married. Family life may not be as rosy as it expects.

Childbirth will be swift, that’s what dreams to wash the floor pregnant. It is worth checking whether everything is prepared for the appearance of the baby.

If you dream of washing the floor married woman, In reality, she feels tired from the routine of family life. The dream relationship with the spouse needs to be updated.

To receive unexpected help dreams to wash the floor a man. Support from the side will be very timely.

The importance in the interpretation of the dream is given to the place where the wet cleaning was carried out.

If you dreamed of washing the floors in my house, soon there will be changes in life. It was possible to carry out wet cleaning in the kitchen — to pleasant romantic events.

Single dreamers can get acquainted with a worthy person, and family ones can experience a “second wind” in a relationship. Washing the floors under the bed in your own apartment is a good sign.

Ahead of a fascinating journey or working trip, which will be very successful. To wash the floor from the blood means a quick date with relatives. If you suddenly slipped in a dream, pay attention to the relationship with loved ones.

Someone of them was holding a grudge, and in order to prevent discord, it is worth understanding the current situation.

Wash the floors in a strange house — a sign that a person nearby needs support. Assistance will have a positive effect on the future.

When in a dream it was possible to wash the floors in the apartment dead older relatives, the plot signals a tense situation in the family. Only the patience and endurance of the dreamer can eliminate the crisis.

Wash the floors in the entrance — A dream of many meanings indicating changes in the home. Probably, repair or renovation of the situation is ahead, and even relocation is possible.

The bosses appreciate diligence, that’s what dreams of washing floors at work warm and clean water. Nayava you can count on salary increase or premium.

If the water was cold, the career growth will stop.

Unfavorable story — wash the floors in the hospital. Nayavu followed by a series of minor troubles.

But wash the floors at school — a good sign. With effort, you can achieve significant success.

If you dreamed of washing the floors in the shop, troubles and worries can not be avoided. Household will require increased attention.

It is necessary to be careful if you dream to wash the floors in the church. There may be dangerous situations, and vigilance will help to avoid adverse effects.

Dream interpretation, what dreams dream of washing floors: a girl, a man, washing floors in a house in a dream

It is advisable to accept a business or romantic proposal, which will arrive shortly, if you dreamed of washing the floors. mop. The result will certainly please. If the mop broke during cleaning — the plot is also favorable.

Dangers will pass by.

Clean the floor by hands — The plot with a dual interpretation. On the one hand, it is the successful overcoming of life obstacles.

On the other hand, attempts to restore the reputation damaged earlier.

If you dream of washing the floor a rag, it is a signal that mistakes are made on the path of life.

To accurately understand what dreams of washing floors, be sure to take into account all the details of what he saw. Soapy water with foam and bubbles spells the collapse of the planned plans.

Wash the floors clear water — signal to receive good news. Women dirty water warns about impartial gossip behind their backs.

Men plot warns about the machinations of the envious.

Wash dirty gender is a cautionary plot. Nayava trouble arise completely unexpectedly.

It is better for businessmen to double-check the conditions of the deal.

To empty troubles dream wash clean floor. Due to overstrain, malaise may occur.

But wash wooden gender is a good omen. Ahead of change for the better.

It is worth remembering the shade, and even better — the exact color of the floor, which happened to be washed. Light coating — to safely evolving situations. Dark tones of the floor, which you have to wash in a dream, indicate that the sleeper is engaged in an unloved matter, or is wasting his talents in trifles.

Green color — to favorable influence from the outside, black color — to insult and disappointment in a familiar person, white spells pleasant events, and red — a love affair.

Had to wash cold floor — a difficult decision to be taken. The problem that occupies the mind of a waking sleeper brings great concern, so it’s time to end it.

If you dream of washing floors, details are crucial when interpreting. Only they will indicate the correct hint.

Good dreams and prosperity!

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