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Dream interpretation, what dreams do the flood: in the apartment, in the bathroom, the flood in the house in a dream

Water belongs to one of the basic natural elements, and symbolically personifies the sphere of feelings. However, when interpreting what the dream is about, other meanings can be seen.

The dream of Gustav Miller treats streams of water, sweeping away everything in its path, as problems with relatives and friends. The descended muddles in a dream foreshadows cataclysms in reality. Ahead of the pain of loss, if the water is cloudy.

Transparent streams dream before positive changes in fate.

According to the dream Wang flood — the personification of anxiety. Days will be filled with many experiences, and moments of joy will be very short.

Dream interpretation, what dreams do the flood: in the apartment, in the bathroom, the flood in the house in a dream

Dream of the white magician Yuri Longo suggests that if a flood dreamed of a flood, into which the sleeper fell, then the basest instincts took power. Watch the rampant elements from the side — a grand fateful event.

According to the dream of Maya plenty of water and a flood symbolize threats from the side. To eliminate the difficulties encountered, titanic efforts will be needed.

Family Dream treats the Flood adversely. Nayava plans will be destroyed.

According to Russian dream book rain and flood as a result of precipitation mean a rapid manifestation of feelings towards others. The source warns that out of control emotions can hurt, and lead to scandals.

The dream interpretation medium Hasse interprets the flood as a dangerous situation for property. Cash losses are likely.

Sigmund Freud for women associated the flood with pregnancy and childbirth. For men, the plot is a symbol of perverse sexual attraction to women in a piquant position.

Dreaming tarot contains a positive interpretation of the dream of the flood. Started projects are nearing the final.

Flood in the apartment is treated depending on the details of what he saw. It is important whose property, what was the water.

The trouble with the neighbor foreshadows that in reality a quarrel will happen to him.

The whole flood in a stranger The apartment has a positive interpretation. Good news will come.

The flood in his apartment when the water is dirty, it is a precursor of trouble. There will be scandals in the family. Transparent streams — to strong emotional shocks.

For those in love, flooding a cold water dwelling means not a very favorable stage of the relationship. Quarrels and misunderstandings can be followed by a final break.

Dream interpretation, what dreams do the flood: in the apartment, in the bathroom, the flood in the house in a dream

It is worth considering the room that the apartment fills. Accumulated resentment will cause quarrels if the flood in a dream touched the kitchen or dining room.

The flood in the bathroom means unscheduled spending. It is necessary to keep control over where money is spent.

Dirty streams indicate problems in the urogenital area.

The flood in the room, where the dreamer lives, reflects his inner state. There is no sense of security.

The flood in the toilet It is considered a prelude to financial achievement. It is also a symbol of a stable life span.

The flood in the House parents — an indication that you need to be more attentive to them. If they live separately, they are worth a visit.

A flood in a dream happened in a familiar person, so in reality he would need help because of problems that had piled on him.

When dream about a flood in the town, The interpretation of sleep extends to many people. Ahead of the economic or political crisis, which will affect the population.

On the strong confusion dreamer signals the flood on the street. The old moral guidelines are being questioned, and the new ones have not yet been established.

Difficulties foreshadows dreamed on road. Troubles can be avoided if in a dream the water does not touch the sleeper and his things.

The flood outside the window means a rapid change of circumstances, if a strong current has been imagined. Smooth surface — the prospect to change life.

Flood in a dream in the garden — an unpleasant sign. Efforts will be in vain, although they will bring valuable experience.

Dream interpretation, what dreams do the flood: in the apartment, in the bathroom, the flood in the house in a dream

If the dream is a flood unmarried girl, This is a hint that she does not have long to wait for romantic feelings. Soon will overtake a new love.

The flood woman married, if the water was clear, it means a whirlpool of passion. Turbid streams and mud warn of complications in the relationship. The plot urges a pregnant woman to listen to her own feelings.

For the slightest reason, do not hesitate to consult a doctor.

The flood single guy It means that the situation is beyond control. Can start an amorous adventure.

A promotion promises a flood married man. Also, such a dream can indicate to the representatives of the stronger sex to excessive alcoholic craze.

When searching for the answer to the question: “What is the dream of the flood”, you can read the unfavorable values. But if you listen to the prompts, you can reduce the influence of adverse factors.

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