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Dream interpretation, what dreams a knife: broken, big, cut with a knife in a dream

Every day, in the process of domestic troubles, knives fall into the hands to facilitate the daily routine. At the same time, under certain circumstances, they are a formidable weapon.

In different sources, when interpreting what the knife dreams about, the duality of symbolism also remains.

Dream Miller treats knives and forks as exacerbation of the situation in reality. Quarrels and conflicts are possible.

Broken blade — shattered plans.

According to the dream Wang a knife in a dream symbolizes deception by loved ones. Get a sharp object as a gift — to trouble.

See how he falls to the floor — to the visit of guests.

Dreaming Veles treats the knife as svara and trouble. The dreamedy fight with a knife and as a result a wound means a grievance in reality.

According to the gypsy source, if you dream of a knife, you should beware of lies in reality. Violence predicts received a thrust.

Modern dream book interprets the throwing of knives as bad deeds. About them it will become known, and the reputation will worsen.

Dream interpretation, what dreams a knife: broken, big, cut with a knife in a dream

By female the dream version of a knife in a dream symbolizes betrayal and the machinations of enemies. The attack of criminals means a change in the personal sphere.

The dreamer is attacking someone — a sign to work on improving the character.

Dream interpretation of Sigmund Freud suggests that when a knife on a table dreams, the sleeper feels timid before dating. This prevents the development of harmonious relationships.

To buy a knife is a thirst to dominate in a pair.

Seen the man with a knife is a safe symbol. It will be possible to unravel the lie told by ill-wishers.

If in a dream a peasant with a knife follows on his heels, there is a difficult period ahead with numerous problems. To overcome the obstacles will help a stranger to this point people.

If dreamed, as guy fights with a knife with another, but when contemplating a scuffle there were no negative feelings, this is a good sign. To participate in a fun event.

Dreamed unfamiliar person with a knife that does not threaten the sleeper, is also treated positively. In the personal sphere of life there will be changes for the better.

Aggressive maniac with a knife can be a memory of viewed thrillers, if on the eve of leisure was devoted to the frightening cinema genre. On the other hand, the plot symbolizes inner experiences and problems, the solution of which is intentionally delayed.

Dreamed killer with a knife calls to sort out your own feelings and obsessive ideas. Dream suggests that it is time to bring to the logical completion of the initiated projects.

In the near future, it is advisable not to make expensive purchases — this is what dreams a knife in the hands of relatives and friends, and they are busy cooking. Financial costs instead of the joy and benefits of things will bring disappointment.

The knife in the dreamer’s hand displays his negative attitude towards others. The dream suggests that not everyone deserves contempt, and calls for a reconsideration of views.

Victory over detractors means dreamed knives in the hands of men. Help in the fight will have an influential person.

Familiarity with the fair sex symbolize the knives in their hands women. Subsequently, the lady will be close minded.

About the coming emotional turmoil predicts dreamed knife attack. It will be the result of a suddenly discovered deception.

Feel in a dream stab — a warning. In the close circle there are insincere people disguised as friends.

It is necessary to be afraid of dishonest actions from competitors if dream a knife in the back. It is also a sign that enemies are ready to strike.

Dream interpretation, what dreams a knife: broken, big, cut with a knife in a dream

Experiences due to love relationships symbolizes the dreamed knife in heart. Sleep suggests that it is desirable to seek support from the right people.

For a woman, a knife in a chest in a dream calls to pay attention to the state of health. Perhaps the hidden development of any disease processes.

It is necessary to make a difficult choice if you dreamed a knife in the throat. The decision is very important, practically — fateful.

An interesting interpretation has a stab in the stomach. This is a sign that we should appreciate those who are close by and not waste time on silly quarrels.

Close people in danger — that’s what dreams blood knife. One source even points to the possibility of a magical negative impact.

Longing for the past symbolizes the dream wound a knife. Also, this plot indicates emotional loneliness and the absence of a person with whom you can communicate heart to heart.

Well, if the sleeper happened to cause someone cuts a knife. Ahead of the joy associated with the financial sector.

The story has a double meaning in which you are being killed a knife. First, it is longevity and good health.

Secondly, lack of willpower to counter negative circumstances.

Make a dream killing a man knife, which in reality is the enemy, a positive sign. In reality, he is powerless to harm.

A reflection of the experiences before the future is the dream with the plot. knife a man unfamiliar It is also an indication that it is time to develop potential abilities.

Then the goal will be achieved as soon as possible.

The forthcoming aggravation of confrontation with ill-wishers is symbolized by the dreaded threat of a knife. Another value of this plot warns of possible blackmail.

Bad sign — cut raw meat a knife. Too light-minded attitude to money can lead to significant problems.

A happy coincidence symbolizes to cut bread a knife. When interpreting the plot, it is worth remembering which slices were obtained.

If even — the dreamer is able to reason sensibly and act as expediently as possible. Curved pieces warn that not enough work is applied to achieve the goals.

About the unpleasant work in reality signals the plot, which happened whet knife in a dream. Special benefits from it will not, but to avoid the upcoming classes is impossible. Sharpening many knives is a bad omen.

This symbolizes the problems of relatives and annoying losses.

Had a dream to find the knife is ahead of a meeting with a two-faced person. External friendliness hides anger and jealousy, and communication will bring trouble.

Thirst for power displays the plot of a dream buy knives. It is also a successful business.

Hide knives — to experience real remorse. The reason will be unworthy deeds committed earlier.

Cut yourself a knife in a dream when cooking — a warning sign. In order not to quarrel with loved ones, it is necessary to restrain their pride and show leniency to the peculiarities of others.

It is also a symbolic display of burdensome obligations.

No time to show your own temperament and character, if you dreamed throw knife. In the near future, any quarrel can almost instantly turn into a serious conflict.

The loss of a knife in a dream indicates the need to think through their decisions and actions.

Dream interpretation, what dreams a knife: broken, big, cut with a knife in a dream

Understanding what dreams a knife, you should consider how it looks. The amount is also important.

Nice new knife means a present. However, it is necessary to beware of a dirty trick — the gift is not disinterested.

Antique means a threat to reputation.

Adverse character — dreamed broken knife. Plans will be thwarted.

The financial situation will worsen.

Big a knife in a dream means a hypocrite in a close environment, with which we must say goodbye If you look closely, a two-faced person will be easy to recognize.

To lies and deception in the dream appears little knife. Pencil and folding foreshadow malaise in the near future.

Dreamed kitchen the knife symbolizes misunderstanding in the family circle. Disagreements on domestic issues can lead to quarrels.

Often dining room knife means complications due to finances and property. So disputes over inheritance are reflected.

To anxiety — acute knife. It is also a symbol of trouble.

If you dream of a dull knife — in reality the dreamer is very worried about the members of his family.

Dreamed of a lot of knives bad sign. There are quarrels about Nayawa.

Rusty knife — to problems in the personal sphere. In love foretells parting.

Dreamed knives and actions with them predict, in most cases, danger. Using the knowledge of the troubles can reduce the negative effects.

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