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Dream interpretation, what dream worms are: white, live, worms in a dream of a woman

See parasites — unpleasant event and disgusting sight. However, when worms dreamed, the meaning of what they saw could mean many events, including quite favorable ones. It all depends on the personality of the sleeper and details.

So why dream worms?

Dream interpretation, what dream worms are: white, live, worms in a dream of a woman

Dream Miller treats the parasites as malicious intrigues of ill-wishers. Fighting obstacles caused by their fault takes a lot of vitality.

When dreaming worms getting out of the body, and their destruction, there will be a great luck. Will be able to overcome all enemy machinations.

The dream interpretation of the Bulgarian soothsayer Wangi suggests that worms in a dream symbolize the evil intentions of enemies. If you managed not to touch the parasites in a dream, you will avoid danger.

Destroy the worms — on the vine to destroy plans against themselves and defeat detractors.

According to the dream-book of the 21st century, if you dream of worms in large quantities, in reality you should be more careful in the circle of friends. Not everyone around them has benevolent and pure thoughts about the sleeper, and some even think of dirty tricks. Dreamed long thin roundworms symbolize attacks in the direction of the dreamer and accusations of committing unworthy deeds.

Also, this forced communication with unpleasant people. The result may be a breakdown and negative emotions.

According to Madame’s Dream Book Hasse when dreaming worms in the mouth, empty chatter is awaited. The source warns that gossip is not a worthy pastime. Parasites found in food or drink mean hidden foes.

Disgusting worms crawling out of the ground or asphalt warn about the conduct of a frivolous lifestyle.

According to Sigmund Freud’s Dream Book parasites worms mean impotence and sexual failure. The famous psychiatrist indicates that the plot with the successful expulsion of worms is a favorable symbol.

The dreamer will be able to regain confidence and normalize the intimate sphere of life.

Dream lofe treats the dream worms as sad experiences. In this story reflects the negative mood of the sleeper and attacks on him from enemies.

Biblical dream of azar interprets parasites favorably, as a forerunner of joyful events. Getting rid of them is a pleasant chat with friends.

Old Russian the source treats the dream parasites as worsening of well-being. It is necessary to take preventive measures.

Gypsy the dream version interprets the worms in a dream as open conflict with enemies. This is a symbol of the fact that the true intentions and attitudes of the people around them will finally be known.

According to the esoteric dream book Evgenia Tsvetkova parasites and helminth eggs foreshadow new opportunities. This may be an acquaintance with extraordinary people who will subsequently have a significant impact on the life of the sleeper.

The dreamed parasites reflect the base instincts and the mundane desires of the dreamer. For single people, white alive worms can mean new acquaintances.

It is also a symbol of small difficulties, which will soon be successfully resolved.

White tape long Worms in a dream predict gossip. They will bring unpleasant moments.

Numerous worms worms, intertwined in a ball, symbolize false life beliefs. Round types of parasites mean changes in life concerning the working sphere.

Alive Worms to the woman symbolize the persistent and unpleasant suitor. Kill the parasites — try to get rid of annoying attention.

Worms pregnant A woman is a reflection of her concerns about the health of the baby. After such a dream, it is advisable to visit a doctor observing the development process.

Worms in a dream mothers symbolize the care of households. Thoughts about well-being take a lot of time and make it difficult to enjoy your own interests.

As a sign of disappointment in existing fans dream of worms a girl. Their persistence and greediness frighten the sleeping.

Dream interpretation, what dream worms are: white, live, worms in a dream of a woman

Dead worms in feces foreshadow that the difficult life period is finally coming to an end. Everything will improve in the coming weeks.

When dream about worms with shit, you can not get upset and do not be afraid. For plots with the participation of parasites, this is one of the most favorable plots.

Stirring worms in a dream in the faeces mean making a profit. If in reality there was an indisposition, it will recede, and the unpleasant situation will be resolved in favor of the sleeper.

Pleasant surprises foreshadow whites worms in shit. To the surprise of the dreamer, after such a plot, joyful events and material surprises from acquaintances or superiors will arise.

To see oneself attacked by parasites means to feel the intrigues of ill-wishers awake. If you had worms The child has, it is necessary to figure out whose baby suffers from unpleasant worms.

Own child with parasites symbolizes the anxiety of a sleeper for his family. Also, a disgusting dream plot may portend diseases of the upper respiratory tract in a baby.

It is necessary to devote time to increased care and the prevention of indisposition. If worms affect another’s child, in reality there will be delays in the implementation of plans.

Special difficulties will not arise, but minor problems will cause an unpleasant delay in achieving the goal.

When dream about worms in adult, familiar sleeping, in reality there will be a deterioration in the relationship. There may be an annoying misunderstanding and resentment due to the intervention of third parties.

Seeing parasites with relatives means they have to face trouble. The help of the sleeper will be required.

Worms from parents suggest that the sleeper too abuses their care. It’s time to make decisions.

A good sign are the dreaming worms. at the cat. All obstacles, built by the enemies, can be easily overcome.

Trying to cure worms in a dream at the dog — a sign of the manifestation of friendly relations. This is the need to support in difficult circumstances.

A good sign is considered the dead worms. The financial situation will be strengthened in the near future.

The fact that a person pays too much attention to mundane problems is indicated by alive worms in a dream. Overly active crawling parasites foreshadow a wicked conversation.

Unusual red worms symbolize that in the near future will be able to achieve a significant position in society. Such worms also predict career heights.

To small joyful events appear small worms in a dream. This will happen if they did not give the sleeper inconvenience and negative feelings.

Dreamed very much lot worms — a symbolic display of experiences. The problem that takes all the thoughts of a sleeper takes too much space in his life. A tangle of pale parasites foreshadows deterioration of health.

But multicolored worms predict fun in a circle of friends. Nayavu will have a chance to relax perfectly.

It should be remembered that the worms in a dream appear as a warning. Listening to the advice of a dream, you can reduce the negative effects of unpleasant situations.