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Dream Interpretation, what dream watch: women, men, wrist watches in a dream

Household items are often part of the dream, and do not leave a noticeable impression. However, if some everyday objects are remembered after waking up, it is advisable to decipher the hints.

To understand what dreams are like, you will need to remember all the details of what you see.

Dream Interpretation, what dream watch: women, men, wrist watches in a dream

Dream Gustav Miller treats the clock as a symbol of successful business. If they have broken glass, in reality a reputation will suffer because of an unseemly act.

Losing a clock is a bad sign. Trouble will haunt a long time.

If they were stolen in a dream, then behind all adversity is a secret enemy who does nasty things and spread dirty rumors.

At the same time, I dreamed of many good hours — you can rejoice. There will be an active period in business, and making a profit.

When dreaming that someone gave a watch to someone, it’s worth being careful. Otherwise, an awkward situation will reflect adversely.

According to the dream Wang Antique clocks mean lessons from the past that it’s time to learn. The walk on the wall reflects a frivolous attitude to time, and spraying it over minor details.

The watch’s lack of a watch face is a warning about a serious threat. Loud ticking — inevitable trials are coming that will test character for strength.

Dream Esoteric Evgenia Tsvetkova suggests that the time on the clock indicates the date of an important event. This can be a hint in the format of the month and day.

According to the Muslim dream book watches as a gift with a bracelet mean a quick marriage for singles, or a purchase for families. To lose them and find in a dream — to mutual understanding.

It’s not worth it to waste money on reality, that’s what dreams the watch the sleeper buys in, according to old dream book. Reckless acquisitions will fail, and will not bring joy.

When dreaming of a watch, it is important to take into account the personality of the dreamer and the extent to which the appearance of this useful accessory is extraordinary for a sleeper. Pay close attention to the dreamed property is not worth it.

Smart watches a girl, especially in combination with a beautiful strap, are a positive sign. Romantic relationships will soon begin, and if they already exist, the dream predicts the creation of a happy harmonious family.

But watches decorated with rhinestones and shiny stones a woman married serve as a warning. The husband is preparing to change, but for now there is still time to prevent adultery.

Like a symbolic display of libido, that’s what the clock is about. a man according to Sigmund Freud. See a lot of serviceable dials — to increased sexual activity.

To give a dream to a familiar woman is a display of the dreamer’s attitude. Nayawa he wants to have sex with this lady.

Dream Interpretation, what dream watch: women, men, wrist watches in a dream

Wall mounted watches call not to rush when making important decisions. It is necessary to concentrate on the main goal, not being distracted by extraneous petty problems, carefully consider the options, and only after making a choice. The cuckoo walk is an excellent sign for family dreamers, promising harmony and love between households.

If you dream of a clock on the wall in your apartment, although in reality they are not, this is an indication of a worthless waste of time. «Kuranty» outside the building warns about incorrectly chosen life reference points. It’s time to reconsider the worldview, otherwise problems will come.

Disproportionately big watches are treated as related to the intimate sphere. In fact, it is necessary to make love with an amazing person, about whom they did not think earlier as a possible partner.

Finally it will be possible to achieve public recognition if you dreamed gold clock. This glory will be deserved.

For bachelors and unmarried women beautiful watches symbolize a love adventure. Family will enjoy happiness.

On the receipt of awaiting tempting offers signal donated clock. This represents the chance to change social status, and advance in your career.

To positive change dreams expensive clock. Will delight the growth of well-being and well-being.

Antique clocks, but in fair condition, are indicative. The time has come to draw important conclusions based on the experience of the past, to sum up the results of our own actions.

The tendency to systematization and orderliness show mechanical hours in a dream if the person observes rotation of gears and other contents. Health is beautiful, and the body functions smoothly.

Sometimes new ones watches, sparkling inlaid, indicate the need for vigilance. A familiar person will try to cheat, using the trust and sincere disposition of the sleeper.

Quarrel foreshadow electronic clock. The conflict can erupt both at home and in the circle of colleagues.

Good to see in a dream Pocket clock. Nayav work hard to earn the respect of others.

The implementation of business projects will take place clearly according to plan, in relationships with loved ones harmony reigns.

Alarm clock the watch marks an urgent matter. In the near future it is especially important for businessmen not to miss the opportunity to make a profitable deal.

The hourglass has a similar interpretation. If you do not hurry with the implementation of the conceived projects, time will flow away, taking with them profitable chances.

The dreamed sundial is a warning symbol. It is necessary to reconsider the unreal imaginations. Ideas are interesting and differ by their creative approach, but in the initial version they are difficult to put into practice.

Now they are based on too frivolous foundations.

However, all the above interpretations are valid if you dream of a watch in good condition. There will be losses, it will not be possible to realize the chance.

This is what appears broken hours in a dream. Most likely, the reason for the failure will be insuperable circumstances.

Serious warning if broken clock stopped. Health will require increased attention.

Also stopped watches can mean the final stage of a period. It is necessary to control the development of the smallest ailments so that they do not manage to firmly settle in the body.

When dreaming of a watch, the most common plot is the usual wrist version. Such a practical accessory deserves a separate detailed interpretation.

To the unexpected worries in the dream appear wrist female clock. Bachelor to see them in his hand — to the imminent marriage.

Wrist watches man’s watches in a dream ladies mean an eventful reality. The importance of some at once will be difficult to appreciate, but they will bring positive changes.

Gender-related wristwatches On the hand foreshadow many joyful troubles. Life will seethe.

Dream Interpretation, what dream watch: women, men, wrist watches in a dream

A good omen is considered to choose hours in a dream. In reality, after trial and error, the right road has finally been found, which will necessarily lead to success.

Buying watches in reality — the event is not too frequent, but joyful. The interpretation of sleep varies by purpose.

Buy watch in a dream in order to give someone — a warning. Tips and advice from loved ones deserve close attention.

Buying a watch of any type means for yourself that in reality you have to start a new business. It will be interesting and promising, and also will have an impact on the entire near term.

Giving watches for lonely dreamers is treated very favorably. Soon followed by a dizzying romance.

At the plot to lose Watches There are two interpretations that differ in globality. On the one hand, in reality the sleeper risks being late somewhere, and on the other hand — to miss the great opportunity for development.

To find The watch is an excellent symbol. Suddenly, everything will turn out, the endeavors are waiting for a magical success.

Accidentally break up hours in a dream means in reality to incur small material losses. Intentional destruction — to the purposeful and decisive elimination of certain circumstances and the rupture of relationships.

The reflection of the nature of the dreamer is the plot watch time on the clock. Thanks to the ability to plan work and leisure it turns out to do a lot of things.

Starting a watch mechanism or translating the arrows is an indication of impatience. Although the sleeper has a large amount of obligations to be fulfilled, excessive rush can damage and lead to the need to redo some of the work.

Having interpreted what the clock dreams about, it remains to listen to the recommendations of the dream books, and to correct the actions so that they bring the maximum benefit.

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