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Dream Interpretation, what dream stairs: up, down, go down the stairs in a dream

Understanding what dreams the stairs, you need to take into account the material from which it was made, the direction of movement on it and other details.

Dream Interpretation, what dream stairs: up, down, go down the stairs in a dream

Dream Miller treats climbing stairs as a success due to hard work and energy. Fall from it — losses for businessmen, a bad crop for gardeners and farmers.

Dream Vanga Movement down the stairs is considered a very unfavorable symbol of failure and failure. Lifting is a triumph through considerable effort.

According to the white mage’s dream book Longo, if a ladder dreams of a woman from whom her child is falling, in reality a baby needs attention and parental participation in business as never before. It is important to show interest, surround with care and tenderness.

Dream interpretation of Sigmund Freud considers the ladder to be a rather easily and transparently interpreted symbol. She personifies the very life of the sleeper and what lies ahead.

Running up the stairs is a great success, because of which not the best traits of character — arrogance and vanity can appear. When storming career heights and reaching peaks, it is important to remember loved ones who contribute to success.

Descent — a reflection of excessive demands on others. Falling down the stairs is a sign that the relationship will no longer bring satisfaction.

The plot foreshadows disappointment in a loved one.

According to the dream book of Evgeny Tsvetkov the ladder is also treated depending on where the movement took place. Lifting symbolizes well-being.

When a girl walks up the stairs, she can soon get married successfully. If you had a chance to go down in a dream, it means that the sleeper has a feeling of black envy.

Because of rash acts, you can lose a lot.

When dreaming stairs up, it means improving things. Nayavu will be able to achieve career heights.

The symbol of decline is the staircase. way down. However, there is a chance to stabilize the situation.

Wooden a ladder in a dream signals the probability of making a mistake. If it was of good quality and elegantly decorated with carvings, a fruitful period begins.

Broken ladder — warning sign. Scheduled projects are unlikely to materialize.

The ladder warns about a difficult situation without railings, the situation will be shaky, and you will need to be careful in business. Missing steps indicate life deadlock.

Getting out of it will not be easy.

Screw ladder means that at the moment it will be difficult to achieve success. The implementation of the plans may be delayed for months and even years.

Ahead of a grueling job, if dreamed in a dream iron stairs. If it is made of gold, a happy event will happen.

Soon the cherished dream will come true, this is what the stairs dream of. into the sky. Even the slightest desire will be fulfilled.

Dream Interpretation, what dream stairs: up, down, go down the stairs in a dream

High ladder means happy accidents. Chances are that they will be promoted at work.

White stairs in a dream foreshadows a favorable period. In love, she points out that the marriage will be happy, and you can safely appoint your wedding day.

Cool ladder means a period when you can only dream of rest. It would not want to relax, things will not allow fun.

Rope ladder — a symbol of risky enterprise. Stone indicates dependence on a certain person and the prevailing circumstances. The ladder of ice is treated as stagnation in the business sphere.

It will last quite a long time.

When dream staircase and stairs in good condition, this is an indication that in order to achieve the goal it is necessary to work hard. However, the results will be impressive.

Dirt, debris or broken steps mean unforeseen difficulties.

Climbing the stairs is a symbol of success. The sleeper is awaited by the promotion in the business sphere, which will occur due to perseverance and hard work.

Go up the stairs, but not to reach his goal in a dream — a warning. If you continue to be lazy, the prospective period will end, and as a result only frustration will remain.

With difficulties climb up the stairs in a dream, and feel dizzy — to luck and achieve career heights. However, such a plot also warns of being tested for success, and encourages after taking a leadership position not to become a selfish despot.

Stumbling while climbing is an obstacle to the fulfillment of desires.

Easy run up the stairs it means the white stripe is coming. All difficulties will remain in the past.

If you are dreaming of a ladder along which the sleeper repeatedly goes up and down, this is a reflection of doubts and experiences. A misunderstanding may appear in a married couple or between lovers.

Dream Interpretation, what dream stairs: up, down, go down the stairs in a dream

When dreamed the fall from the stairs — in reality you will have to be careful not to suffer from thoughtless actions. Although there will be a situation in which it will be easy to lose your head from temptations of various kinds, it is advisable to remain prudent and to calculate the consequences. An alternative interpretation of the plot, in which it was possible to fall from the stairs in a dream, is interpreted as disappointment in a loved one.

The reason may be sexual dissatisfaction, and to avoid a break, a frank conversation is necessary.

Run down on the stairs, escaping from prosecution, and to have time to slip away — a favorable sign. Thanks to ingenuity it will turn out to get out of the confused situation.

Soon to face the troubles at work due to the actions of detractors and competitors, if you dreamed go down the stairs. Family well-being threatened by envious.

The sleeper spends his life in classes that are not enjoyable, that’s what dreams of a staircase where steps are recalculated when walking. It is important to change priorities and fulfill your true purpose in order to find harmony and happiness.

Even if a not entirely favorable interpretation was read in the dream book, it is necessary to remember that almost everything can be changed for the better.

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