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Dream interpretation, what dream of lightning: ball, without thunder, lightning in the sky in a dream

Natural phenomena, accompanied by vivid manifestations of powerful elements, make a strong impression on people, and are often an inherent entourage of dreams. Usually, the main feeling is rather alarming, but when you try to find out what the lightning dream about, you can read both warning and soothing interpretations.

Dream interpretation, what dream of lightning: ball, without thunder, lightning in the sky in a dream

Dream Miller treats lightning as a short period of happiness, followed by recession and grief. The outbreak in the black sky warns that parents need to pay heightened attention to their descendants, to entrepreneurs — to control their business more carefully, and everybody, without exception, needs to be careful.

Dream Vanga considers lightning a harbinger of misfortunes and misfortunes. They will come suddenly, and sleep serves as a warning.

If a fire from a lightning was dreamed of, a house or a tree caught fire, the cruelty of heaven would fall upon the wicked and sinners. The dreamer will become a witness to this, and may suffer if he does not repent beforehand.

Family Dream reports: when a dream of lightning in the sky, unexpected news will come. A blow to the sleeper personifies the slander and gossip of others, defaming the honest name.

According to the universal dream book, if lightning struck the ground, the message would bring confusion. There will be an urgent need to adjust life priorities.

Dream Grishin tells what the plot means in which lightning strikes the water. Nayava sleeping will shed empty tears.

According to the Muslim dream book lightning strike in itself is interpreted depending on the environment. If the sky was in the clouds, it is well-being and good news.

A flurry in a cloudless sky warns that deserved retribution will follow for all transgressions.

Gypsy dream book treats lightning as joy and fun when she shines away. However, the outbreaks nearby are a bad sign, which means that you can be in a “state house”, dirty rumors behind your back, and even expulsion from your native places.

If lightning struck the house or the sleeper, it is a very sad prophecy. The plot warns of a serious danger, often — deadly.

The sleeper will open in himself hidden talents and inclinations towards the extraordinary, this is what dream about lightning and fire esoteric dream book. To master the gift, it will take time, and at first it will deliver trouble.

Modern source suggests that fear of lightning — to the unwillingness to face the truth and attempts to ignore problems. The plot warns that it is time to deal with difficulties, because by themselves they will not disappear.

If you had a chance to hide from lightning in a dream in a completely unfamiliar place — to drastic changes in real life. It may happen to leave the previous place of work, and get a new one, or even drastically change the type of activity. But do not worry — it will benefit.

Photographing the rampant of the elements — a reflection of the propensity to take risks and adventures.

Dream interpretation of Sigmund Freud treats lightning, as always, from the standpoint of the unconscious. In his opinion, the flash symbolizes a bright passion. The dream suggests that a chance encounter with a pleasant person will happen soon.

Relationships will develop rapidly, and very soon it will be possible to enter into close contact.

Dream interpretation, what dream of lightning: ball, without thunder, lightning in the sky in a dream

Lightning a woman treated with regard to marital status. Lonely is a sign that informs that a passion will soon appear in life.

A married dream indicates that attention should be paid to household members.

When dream of lightning pregnant, this is the personification of the woman’s experiences. Bright emotions are fully justified, but there is no special reason to worry.

Lightning a girl foreshadows that she will soon get an offer to marry. A flash in the sky for lovers means a happy development of relationships.

Lightning a guy may symbolize that his courtship will be reciprocated. The dreamer skillfully seduces his pretty person.

Lightning a man spell serious changes. Their nature will be negative if she hit himself or his property.

In this case, the reality will have to conflict.

Ball Lightning warns that the course of a measured life will be strongly influenced by an event from the side. Because of this, the usual way will change a lot.

Zipped lightning in the house, causing severe destruction, is interpreted as fruitless attempts to establish family relationships. It’s just that at the moment there is no time to negotiate — emotions are overwhelmed.

The fireball is quietly flying around the apartment — to the great surprise of reality.

Lightning no thunder means that because of the information received, you will have to significantly change your plans. At the same time, it is worthwhile to act not impulsively, but thinking about the consequences of the steps.

Strong lightning represents the shocking truth. It will most likely touch someone from the inner circle.

Sleeping too careless, that’s what dreams of lightning, beating into the ground. Such a vision warns that negligence and lightheadedness can lead to trouble.

Bright lightning in a dream means the momentary happiness. Behind the period of happy prosperity come the gray days.

To the unexpected in all areas of dreams beautiful lightning. There will be no time to be bored!

Dream interpretation, what dream of lightning: ball, without thunder, lightning in the sky in a dream

When dreaming lightning, most often it is accompanied by other natural phenomena. Depending on this interpretation gets clarification.

Thunder and lightning symbolize sudden and highly resonant events. Changes will affect not only the dreamer, but many other people.

If it makes noise thunderstorm with lightning away, This is a sign that while you can safely enjoy the equipped life. Special joy will happen to experience in the circle of relatives and friends. With fear to watch the rampant elements out of the window — in reality become an eyewitness to a major conflict.

It would not be desirable, it is better not to interfere.

A call for caution is considered to be dreamed at the same time. rain and lightning with thunderstorms. However, if the dreamer strolls with pleasure in bad weather, in reality he knows how to perfectly adapt to any situation.

Thunderclouds and lightning in a dream means events that will push for decisive action to change their own destiny. But if the flash cuts through a completely clear sky, on which there is not a cloud, the surprises will simply stun and unbalance for a while.

The riot of the elements does not apply to rare scenes of dreams, and often do not even need to figure out what dream of lightning. Sleep can be caused by impressions of what he saw in reality, and yet it is desirable, as most sources recommend, to increase vigilance, and to act more cautiously.

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