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Dream interpretation, what dream of betrayal: a boyfriend, a husband, a wife, a girl, own treason in a dream

Dreams are often a reflection of subconscious fears and fears, so it is quite natural that sometimes the question arises as to what dreams of betrayal. Interpretation according to different sources deciphers this unpleasant plot is not always applied to the sphere of personal relationships.

However, there is an opposite point of view. To reliably understand the meaning of what you see, you need to remember all the details.

First of all — who decided on adultery, and the circumstances of the incident.

Dream interpretation, what dream of betrayal: a boyfriend, a husband, a wife, a girl, own treason in a dream

The dream of Gustav Miller especially treats when dreaming own treason. According to his opinion, in reality the dreamer really has such an intention.

In the source of the Bulgarian soothsayer Wangi adultery dreamer means the actual destruction of relationships. Seen the betrayal of a husband or wife means that in reality there will be a humiliating situation.

Dream interpretation Hasse also shares the interpretation of the identity of the traitor. The source predicts that his own infidelity reflects anxiety in reality, an increase in the level of anxiety.

Changing a partner means resolving a difficult situation. The dream, although emotionally unpleasant, promises that, in reality, sorrow and grief end.

Old Slavic dream Veles calls for caution. Seen treason means the likelihood of fire.

According to dream Medea adultery means betrayal, and not only in his personal life, but also in the workplace. To commit treason, then waking into a difficult situation. Resist the temptation in a dream — auspicious sign.

The sleeper is waiting for success and success in business.

Interpretation erotic dream book foreshadows after a betrayal of a loved one with someone from friends, a catastrophic failure in affairs. Dreams, to the realization of which, it would seem, were a stone’s throw away, will remain just plans. About a passionate desire for thrills says dreamed own treason.

However, in reality, an attempt to get them can lead to trouble.

According to the esoteric Evgenia Tsvetkova treason in a dream characterizes the personality of the sleeper. This person is not strong enough character, and often grazing even in the face of minor difficulties. Avoiding adultery in a dream is a good symbol.

To see how forbidden pleasures are done by acquaintances who are not spouses, according to this source, signals the danger of ignition in the home.

Dream Dream Magus Yuri Longo interprets the incrimination of partner’s infidelity as a reflection of the real fear of treason on the part of a loved one. Entering into a non-marital relationship in dreams is a warning that such thoughts come to life, but their realization can lead to a complete collapse in family relationships.

Infidelity spouse in a dream is a type of manifestation of the real excitement of the dreamer about this. Some sources believe that dreamed up loved one men, on the contrary, mean the exit of relationships to a qualitatively different level.

Harmony reigns in family life.

However cheating husband with a friend — an alarming sign indicating a constant comparison of yourself with this lady. Tacit rivalry, if you do not control your own emotions, can be very tiring. Do not chase the ideal, and try to master everything.

Better develop your own talents.

As a symbol of fatigue, ready to go into depression, the dream of her husband cheating on him the former. There is no reason for suspicion, but behind the bustle of routine household chores, the joy of living together has disappeared from the relationship.

It is worth forgetting at least for a couple of days about the obligations, and to devote time to communicating with your beloved.

If the dream became known betrayal of her husband with another woman from himself, but the dream did not observe the adulteur itself, the interpretation of sleep is special. The spouse really lacks tenderness and attention from the second half, and, although it has not yet reached a real infidelity, it is worth trying to improve the family microclimate.

Dream interpretation, what dream of betrayal: a boyfriend, a husband, a wife, a girl, own treason in a dream

If you are dreaming about cheating loved one unmarried girl, this story warns her against hasty actions. It is worth watching the object of your passion, and try to sensibly evaluate his actions, not allowing himself to be deceived by sweet-voiced speeches.

Dreamed guy with a friend is a hint of the subconscious that there really is sympathy between them. In order not to be in a foolish position, one should not be too seduced by one’s relations with one’s loved one or with a friend.

Treason the former the guy in the dream hints that the past still has power over the sleeping girl. Memories of the breakup of relations are still painful, but the dream signals that very soon the fate will present a pleasant surprise in the form of a new meeting.

It is advisable to finally part with the echoes of past feelings, so as not to miss the opportunity to become happy.

Also, for the correct interpretation of the dream, one should pay attention to the fact with whom the betrayal dreamed young man. If he was being polite with his younger sister, the waking dream had already felt the cooling in the senses. The reason, however, is in itself.

The guy changed in a dream with his older sister — sleeping very afraid of the appearance of a rival. The dream warns that insecurity in one’s own charm can play a bad role in the development of romantic relationships.

Representatives of the stronger sex rarely look in the dream books, considering such information at best as idle talk, at worst — heresy. However, after a dream that demonstrates the unfaithfulness of a spouse, even the most brutal macho may seek solace in deciphering an unpleasant storyline.

However, you can calm down a bit: the betrayal of a wife to a husband in a dream reflects not only the state of family relationships. Such a dream is a warning about intrigue at work and secretive detractors. To see adultery spouses in a dream with a stranger is an alarming signal.

The dreamer pays too little attention to the family. Indifference can lead to complete discord.

About the lack of attention of the opposite sex signals betrayal wife with a friend in a dream. This dream is not related to the real loyalty of the spouse.

If you are dreaming about cheating spouses with the dreamer’s sibling, it reflects the inner state, some confusion in the events and the need to streamline life. It is advisable to hurry, and urgently understand your own priorities, so that you no longer rush in different directions.

You may have to completely change your lifestyle, but it will bring harmony and happiness.

Dream interpretation, what dream of betrayal: a boyfriend, a husband, a wife, a girl, own treason in a dream

For unmarried couples, the plot is treated with infidelity a little differently. Treason girl to my boyfriend reflects the sleeper’s subconscious jealousy. He himself realizes that there are no special reasons for this, but in a dream proprietary instincts turn out to be stronger.

It is advisable not to suffer from doubts, to give the beloved more attention, to speak frankly, and to dispel your suspicions.

Dreamed guy with another boys have the opposite meaning of the dream. The girl’s loyalty is beyond doubt, but sleep indicates a precarious state of affairs in business for entrepreneurs or instability in work affairs.

Generally, if you had a betrayal girlfriend, They will both be in a rather difficult situation. The beloved does not betray her feelings, but another deception is possible on her part, sometimes for good.

However, the dream of infidelity sometimes has a more straightforward meaning. About the cooling of the relationship signals the betrayal of the girl with a friend.

This can be avoided only by making efforts to preserve the senses.

The fact of the adultery of a beloved girlfriend with a stranger, who is closely watched by a sleeper, has another meaning. This dream characterizes his authority, the desire to control everything and dominate relationships.

If a dream with such a plot brings even painful pleasure, the sleeper has an unfulfilled desire for sexual experiments.

The overall interpretation of the plot, which happened see your betrayal in a dream — deception of a loved one in reality. However, there are nuances of interpretation.

If adultery was committed as revenge, there will soon be brilliant successes in his personal life. Feeling shame or remorse in a dream is a warning sign.

Soon will have to make a decision on significant changes.

Betrayal with a friend warns that the spouse has ceased to be treated with the same tenderness.

Adyulter with a non-existent lover (lover) means family discord and quarrels. Random treason with a stranger in a dream signals a lack of spiritual warmth.

Infidelity with a man of his gender means problems that have occurred solely through the fault of the sleeper. As a career success, the dream of treason with the boss is interpreted, but a love affair in a dream with a colleague signifies a working disagreement.

About ailments says a dream of treason with a business partner.

If dreaming recognition of treason, it warns of internal conflict between duties and desires. The dream suggests that perhaps it is time to take a chance and drastically change the image of being.

It must be remembered that if you change a dream, it very often does not reflect the partner’s infidelity in reality. However, such a dream is a sign to think about the actions committed, to show emotional sensitivity and tenderness towards your loved ones.

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