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Dream interpretation, what dream of an elephant: a woman, a man, a big elephant in a dream

Huge representatives of the animal world, despite their huge size, cause almost all positive feelings. However, if you want to know what the elephant dreams about, you need to take into account both your own emotions and the details.

Dream interpretation, what dream of an elephant: a woman, a man, a big elephant in a dream

Dream Miller treats the dreaming elephant as a gain of a favorable reputation, strengthening of material well-being. Entrepreneurs started the business will bring a steady income.

Interpretation of the esoteric on the dream book Evgenia Tsvetkova also positive. When an elephant is dreaming, in reality a deserved reward for work will be a promotion.

According to the modern dream book elephant in a dream symbolizes a large purchase. It can be an apartment, house, car, and the acquisition will be profitable.

Dream Vanga interprets a huge animal as a reflection of the inner essence of the dreamer. Elephant personifies a high level of intelligence. The sleeper has no problems with the imagination and the realization of creative ideas.

The running flock foreshadows a meeting with an important person surrounded by a retinue.

According to the magician’s dream book Yuri Longo the elephant is treated as a favorable perspective. There is no reason for unrest over business.

Running away from a ferocious animal is a symbolic desire to free oneself from the dictates of an influential person.

English dream book claims that when an elephant dreams, it will turn out to become a member of a privileged society. It is also a symbol of good health.

Dream interpretation of the 21st century interprets the dreaming elephant as a recognition of the high mental abilities of the sleeper by high-level acquaintances. See the giant in your room or work office — a warning.

Nayavu will have to face temporary hindrances and restrictions on freedom of action. Drinking fruit and feeding the giant is a great sign regarding career.

The work will delight, and the new tempting offer will not take long to wait.

Interpretation of what the dream elephant means a woman, depends on social status. A married lady can rejoice — nothing threatens her union.

A lonely dream with a giant predicts a meeting with a knowledgeable wise man who will become a good friend and adviser.

By the birth of a baby with good health, there is an elephant pregnant. Also, a dream indicates that most likely it will be a boy.

Little elephant a girl signals an imminent change in the personal sphere. Acquaintance in the near future may lead to a wedding.

Dream elephants a man foreshadow family well-being. For businessmen, such a huge visitor on the eve of the transaction foreshadows huge profits.

Surprise to be — that’s what the elephant dreams about to kid. The reason will be the noble deed of a friend.

Dream interpretation, what dream of an elephant: a woman, a man, a big elephant in a dream

If an elephant is dreaming, the correct deciphering of the plot depends on how it looked. It takes into account the size, color of the skin, where it was located, and even the state of health.

Alive the elephant is a positive symbol. Nayawa will help friendly advice and support.

Very favorable when in a dream big the elephant quietly walked in the wild. In real life, good events will follow.

but huge an elephant in cramped conditions means difficulties associated with time trouble. Even having thoroughly rebuilt the schedule, it will be difficult to cope with the barrage of problems that have piled on.

Even little an elephant in a dream is considered a good sign. Bosses praise, or even financially encourage for the work done.

In most sources white the elephant is interpreted as a promotion. Michel Nostradamus treated the albino elephant in a special way.

A dreamer dreamer decides on unnecessary expenses for the acquisition of useless things.

Well, if you dreamed pink elephant. In reality, it will finally be possible to meet with dear people who have been separated for a long time.

On the preference of light, but not always honest, ways to achieve their goal predicts the black elephant. Also, such an animal symbolizes the loss of credibility.

Caution warn the dead elephants. A risky project can bring continuous losses, and it is better to refuse to participate in matters that cause even the slightest doubt.

To the sad events in reality appears in a dream dying elephant. The wounded colossus warns against committing spontaneous acts.

Falling elephant from the bridge suggests that soon need help a good man. Previously, his support helped the sleeper, and the time has come to return the moral debt.

To adverse changes appears furious elephant in a dream. First of all, this is a reflection of the difficult financial situation.

Elephants and elephants, walking freely in their native element is a wonderful sign. Surrounded by extremely decent people, always ready to help in word and deed.

Rushing somewhere herd elephants is a warning symbol. Because of excessive ambition and self-confidence, there is a risk of letting down an important person.

By the fabulous profits appear elephants in water, if it was clean and transparent. We’ll have to deal with the machinations of competitors, if the reservoir looked dirty.

If the elephant’s dream is not alive, but artificial, then the plot is treated especially. At the same time, it is worth remembering what a reduced copy of a giant looked like.

Statuette an elephant with a raised trunk means prosperity in the near future. If it is omitted, small problems will arise.

Lonely figurine an elephant means news. A porcelain, gypsum or faience herd foreshadows the addition to the family.

Dream interpretation, what dream of an elephant: a woman, a man, a big elephant in a dream

Excellent plot — feed an elephant. Ahead material well-being and excellent personal relationships.

To planning new projects — to iron elephant, but the exact interpretation of the dream depends on the reaction of the animal. If he accepts affection favorably, in reality they will develop without a hitch.

When an elephant is angry or angry, it means that there are serious flaws in the idea.

The desire for leadership signals the plot, which had to train an elephant. If the giant submits easily, it will be possible to win the respect of the collective.

Riding an elephant — one of the most favorable characters. It is especially good if the sleeper does not experience fright in the nighttime sleep.

Ride on an elephant — a sign of absolute happiness. Events at work and pastime with friends and loved ones will also delight.

Riding on an elephant on luxurious pillows is a sign of a high position. All projects will bring good luck and profit.

If it happened run away from an elephant in a dream, you need to seriously consider whether the life is righteous. Understand yourself help authoritative for a sleeping person.

As a manifestation of internal aggressiveness, African elephant safari dreams. In this case, the dreamer often does not even notice how his behavior and phrases sting others. To offend giants in a dream is a cautionary plot.

Because of the actions of the sleeper risks tarnish reputation. It is advisable to exercise caution.

Shattered plans — this is what the elephant dreams, which the sleeper killed.

The appearance of giant animals in a dream is treated in most cases favorably, and thanks to the warnings you will be able to bring stability and happiness to life.

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