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Dream interpretation, what dream of a kiss: a guy, a girl, a kiss on the lips in a dream

When trying to understand what dreams of a kiss, it is desirable to remember everything, even the smallest details. Indeed, the manifestation of feelings in the world of dreams can mean different events depending on the nuances.

Dream Miller treats a married kiss in a dream as a harmony in the family. Kissing with the enemy means improving relationships.

However, if the sleeper was taken aback while kissing, it is worth being on your guard. Hypocritical friends can cause trouble.

According to the dream Wang, when kissing dreams, it’s worth preparing for changes in your personal life. For a young girl, passionate kissing means complex emotional experiences because of her lover.

Dream interpretation, what dream of a kiss: a guy, a girl, a kiss on the lips in a dream

Ukrainian dream book treats kisses as troubles. Lying with a person of the same gender is a warning.

Acquaintance can bring problems if you immediately trust a new person.

Ahead of a significant deterioration in health — this is what dreams of a kiss with the deceased. It is advisable to take preventive measures so that if you do not at least avoid the disease, then you can do without complications.

Dream Medea as well as a serious illness interprets the dream of a dead person on the lips. Kissing with a famous person — respect at work and among friends.

French dream book considers a kiss in a dream, taking into account the initiator. If it was a dreamer — a smile of fortune.

Someone else is kissing — an unexpected, but pleasant event.

According to Veles’ dream book, if you dream of kissing in love or family people, you should take a closer look at the second half. Possible treason.

Female dream book interprets the kiss of a child very favorably. The family reigns peace and tranquility.

Freight’s Dream Interpretation treats a kiss in a dream as a display of an intimate contact. However, the deeper and more frankly I had a chance to kiss, the more disharmony in sex.

Kind of a kiss with a guy who likes can be interpreted as a projection of real feelings. At the same time, if in a dream this demonstration of personal sympathy took place in a dark room, the dreamer should take care of his reputation.

A dream kiss warns about the possible secrecy of his beloved or even deception on his part. with my boyfriend. If this happened in the cathedral, an offer to get married may soon follow.

But before consent is to learn about the chosen one better.

Also kiss with a loved man interpreted as an increase in revenue. Moreover, they will be obtained in a manner unusual for a sleeper.

Gentle kiss with husband — positive symbol. You can not worry about the relationship.

Harmony and balance reign in them.

Kiss with lover, relations with which are not formalized, may be a warning symbol. Soon some cooling of the senses is possible.

To avoid it, it is necessary to analyze the actions and emotions that cause a negative reaction.

Kiss with another man does no honor in reality. The meaning of a dream with such a plot warns against licentious behavior and slander about others.

About a romantic temptation in reality warns a dreamed kiss boyfriend girlfriend. However, you should not succumb to temptation: love passions will very quickly turn into unpleasant disappointment.

Pleasant events in reality promises a kiss with a friend in a dream. However, if the sleeping person is experiencing something more for the guy, it may be a visual reflection of her romantic dream.

The kiss is interpreted in two ways with classmate. On the one hand, this is the help of friends in a difficult situation.

On the other hand, there is a warning against harsh statements at someone’s address.

About kissing discomfort when communicating signals a kiss with the boss. To achieve success in the professional field, you must defeat your own complexes and confidently demonstrate skills and abilities.

General kiss with a friend foreshadows that passionate amorous adventures may whirl awake at any moment while awake. However, it is unlikely that the person from the dream will become a partner.

Dream interpretation, what dream of a kiss: a guy, a girl, a kiss on the lips in a dream

If a kiss occurred in a dream with a man, relations with which are already completed, it is worth paying attention to your feelings. Probably, subconsciously, a woman is not ready to believe in the final break.

The past still holds in its power — that is what a kiss means. with ex-husband. It is desirable to realize that it is time to live in the present.

Kiss with ex-boyfriend It means not only the remaining affection for the once handsome man. Because of the problems that the dreamer has not solved in the past, there is not enough attention for those who are with her at the present time.

Kiss in a dream takes on a slightly different meaning. with a stranger, or the person with whom such a manifestation of feelings in reality is unlikely likely.

If you dream of kissing a man of old age and even more so — an old man, the dreamer should be careful. The plot warns about the deterioration of health due to the neglect of common sense.

Kiss with a boy warns about the possibility of getting into an awkward situation. Above the sleeping long will make fun if she will commit rash acts.

A kiss with a stranger in a dream and pleasant emotions upon waking up are a good sign. Possible find.

A dream in which I remember the kiss with my girlfriend, promises joyful events. Life will present amazing surprises.

For the dreamer female kiss with a friend when meeting in a dream is a good sign. Ahead is a fun period filled with everyday happy little things.

A memory of past feelings is a dream kiss with ex-girlfriend. Emotionally, the dreamer is not ready to put an end.

Kiss with classmate in a dream should alert. There are problems in communicating with others.

A warning is a kiss. with a colleague in a dream. It is because of the actions of this person that the dreamer will find himself in an unpleasant situation.

If dreaming kiss with a familiar girl, circumstances will suddenly change soon. Fortunately, the nature of change will be favorable.

Dreamed kiss with an unfamiliar girl is a caution. Nayawa someone will try to deceive or seduce.

Interpreting kiss With a woman in a dream it is necessary to take into account its appearance and age. If an adult dreamer passionately loses a very young person, in reality he is ready to make a dishonest deal for profit.

Kissing a beauty is financial well-being, but if a lady is disgusting, it’s probably a worsening state of health.

A good symbol is a kiss. with my wife. Family life in the near future will bring only pleasure and happiness.

A reflection of friendly feelings is a dream kiss. with sister. Ahead of the event, which will bring pleasure.

It is clear that the dream On the lips interpreted very differently depending on who was a partner or partner. But no less frequently in the dream do the lips touch other parts of the body. A kiss in the dream to the head reflects the need for tenderness and care.

The sleeper needs support, and it’s not shameful to ask for help from your loved ones.

Kiss on your cheek interpreted depending on the initiator. A joyful meeting will take place very soon, if the dreamer does it.

One of my acquaintances kissed on the cheek — a symbol of unfulfilled obligations to this person.

If dreaming kiss in the neck, this is a hint. It should be more resolute when communicating with the opposite sex.

Kissing the eyes — in reality to get into a romantic atmosphere. It is a symbol of tenderness and care.

A good kiss is a dream head-on. All started cases will end in the most favorable way.

Dream interpretation, what dream of a kiss: a guy, a girl, a kiss on the lips in a dream

About too much pride signals a kiss in hand, and in order to attract sympathy to oneself, it is advisable to become kinder to others. Also, this plot warns businessmen about the need to avoid making dubious transactions.

Passionate kiss in a dream calls for a rational view of people and circumstances. Excessive emotionality can damage objectivity and eventually lead to frustration.

Dreamed kiss hickey warns of some complication in the relationship. There is a conflict between loving people.

After all long a kiss in a dream predicts the appearance of an arrogant opponent or rival. However, it is desirable to take control of emotions, and not to make scandals.

The partner is loyal, but quibbles can make a difference.

Some detachment from reality means French kiss in a dream. Constant soaring in the clouds can harm.

We need to think more real — that’s what a kiss with tongue. It can also be a symbol of a fleeting affair.

Dreamed the first a kiss in a dream signals a longing for the past. This is a reflection of the dreamer’s light melancholy.

Romantic adventure waking means gentle kiss in a dream. This is a sign that the representatives of the opposite sex will show increased attention in the near future.

Violent unpleasant kiss symbolizes the habit of giving up the initiative and obeying someone else’s will. Sleep suggests that sometimes it is good and defend your own opinion.

The romantic nature of the dreamer is reflected in the plot of the dream, where he gives or receives air kiss. It is also a sign of unpreparedness for a serious relationship.

Kiss in a dream is an ambiguous symbol. It is rather difficult to interpret it, recalling many details of the dream.

Therefore, we sincerely wish to kiss more wakingly, and not in dreams.

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