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Dream interpretation, what dream of a crocodile: a woman, a man, crocodiles in a dream in the water

Ancient animals belonging to the order of reptiles, unconsciously cause fear. The question arises, why does the crocodile dream, because after such a dream the mood can hardly be called especially joyful. However, the symbolism of sleep should be considered as a warning, not intimidating.

About the exact meaning of the dream will tell details and various sources.

Dream interpretation, what dream of a crocodile: a woman, a man, crocodiles in a dream in the water

The interpretation of different dream books is basically the same: the reptile is considered a warning.

Gustav Miller treats as a symbol of betrayal of imaginary friends and activation of enemies in reality, if a crocodile dreams. It should be careful with the words, and not to share their plans.

A good sign, meaning a stubborn struggle with the circumstances, the interpreter considers a walk on the backs of reptiles.

According to the dream Wang a crocodile in a dream means threats from outside. In the environment there are ill-wishers ready to commit meanness.

Russian dream book treats the ancient reptile as a hypocritical deceitful person nearby.

If you are dreaming of a crocodile in a house, in reality you will have to swear big with someone from the near circle. Also, this dream may foreshadow the appearance of a rowdy.

Reptiles in the apartment means danger not only for the sleeper, but also for the household. There may be ridiculous injuries or accidents.

Snakes and crocodiles, both dreaming at the same time, reinforce the negative context. Enemies are united for the dirty trick, and you will need to show an incredible hardness of character to overcome them.

Ukrainian dream book also deciphers a terrible predator as a sign of the approaching danger in reality. If he pursues a sleeper, serious complications will soon arise in life.

When a crocodile bites in a dream, quarrels with a man who seemed to be a friend cannot be avoided.

According to the dream-book of the 21st century, If you dream of a crocodile that is trying to bite, is not too terrible omen. But in reality, reproaches and ridicule from others are likely to follow. But successfully escape from the reptile on the ground — a positive sign.

The situation will actually improve.

Interpretation of Aesop’s Dream Book treats a crocodile bite as a quarrel with a man who disguised himself as a friend for a very long time. It is necessary to conclude that it is necessary to choose proxies more carefully.

Dream Medea interprets the dreamed dream as a characterization of the dreamer’s personality. The plot speaks of his stubbornness and inability to compromise.

According to the gypsy dream book A crocodile in a dream means all sorts of blows and troubles from evil people. Until now, they had been hiding their true intentions, but soon they would have to sense their perfidy.

Perhaps the only exception among all sources is the dream esoteric Evgenia Tsvetkova. The crocodile, in his opinion, means a rich boyfriend.

As a signal not to give in to provocations of ill-wishers, a crocodile dreams a girl. In the near future, someone will try to take advantage of the kindness of the dreamer, and if one fails to refuse, help will come out sideways to her.

When crocodiles dream of a woman pregnant, in reality, she is too concerned about the upcoming birth. Because of this, it is difficult for her to adequately assess the environment, incontinence and nervousness can lead to the appearance of quarrels.

The dream calls to calm down, because the birth of a child is a natural process. Expect a wonderful event without irritation, in harmony and comfort.

Dream interpretation, what dream of a crocodile: a woman, a man, crocodiles in a dream in the water

If you dreamed about a crocodile a guy, must be interpreted as a warning. The friends with whom he spends time are not at all as disposed towards him as they demonstrate.

Crocodile in a dream boy also symbolizes insincere friends. It is worth taking a closer look at them. The dream is an unfavorable sign of a preparing trap.

It is worth being on the lookout, otherwise an insulting trick will take by surprise.

When reptiles are in their native element, they are especially dangerous. This extends to night visions. The seen crocodile in a dream, which is almost completely hidden in the water, and only its small eyes are noticeable, it is an unequivocal call to be more attentive in reality.

Ignoring the threatening actions of enemies can lead to offensive failure. For entrepreneurs, this plot promises a loss, a loss in the competition, due to the fact that at first glance they underestimated their rivals.

Threatening symbol — to see in a dream lot crocodiles in the water. Too many detractors decided to make the sleeper difficult.

If crocodiles dream in a river, busy with eating caught prey, in reality you will have to be an eyewitness to the vile deed of someone of your friends. The dream predicts that the reckless display of courage at the moment is not the right decision.

Assistance should be rendered with an eye on your own safety. Only in this case will it be possible to defend justice, and not suffer from ruthless enemies.

Dreamed that the reptiles were fighting among themselves and clicking their mouths, it means to be a witness to a terrible scandal. Dreamers may try to draw into a quarrel, but this is not worth it.

Both sides are not worthy of protection.

When a crocodile is grown-up or large, the feelings of a sleeper cannot be called pleasant. However, tiny reptiles may even cause affection, but the interpretation of the plot is most often identical to its large relatives.

Little crocodile on the shore means a person hypocritical and mean. He managed to get into the close circle of the dreamer, and will soon demonstrate his deceit. If there are a lot of fanged babies, the dreamer will have to justify himself in imperfect acts.

The source of the slanderous information will be the trusted person. To hold a little crocodile in their hands is a warning symbol.

Due to the openness of character and a certain naivety, it is possible to draw closer to a new acquaintance who has a vile and insidious nature.

Unforgettable adventures with a fair amount of risk and extreme sensations should be expected if you dreamed of a small crocodile in the circus. To reduce the danger to a minimum, it is necessary to treat the organization of entertainment very responsibly.

Dream interpretation, what dream of a crocodile: a woman, a man, crocodiles in a dream in the water

If the dream is a crocodile, which the dreamer catches while hunting, the plot has a positive value in case of successful completion of the safari. The dream promises victory over treacherous ill-wishers.

Similarly interpreted to kill crocodile Nayawa after difficult clashes will be able to get the best of competitors and enemies.

To remove the skin from a dead crocodile in a dream means to find out in reality what someone was trying hard to hide. True, although it will not be too pleasant, it will make the motives and actions of those around them much more understandable. Eating cooked crocodile meat is an auspicious sign.

Nayavu will be able to achieve complete power over the ill-wishers.

When dream run away from the crocodile, it reflects the actual situation of confrontation with enemies. The dream translates favorably in the event of a successful completion.

Otherwise, it is worth strengthening measures to counter the intrigues of enemies.

Feed a crocodile in a dream is a plot, indicating a temporary lull of ill-wishers. It is advisable not to relax too much, the truce period will be very short.

Playing in a dream with a crocodile is a warning. Stepping over his own moral principles, the sleeper risks becoming like people whom he always despised for treachery, meanness and greed.

To buy a dangerous dream creepy is a warning symbol. The sleeper needs to think about whether he is too ready for many actions, for the sake of short-term profit or instant enjoyment.

Later, not only remorse of conscience, but also more serious consequences may be payback.

When dream big crocodile, you need to remember the details of sleep. Peacefully slumbering, talks about the temporary calm of enemies.

It is worth using a breather for a thorough study of the tactics of dealing with him, if aggressive huge crocodile in a dream.

If dreaming alive a crocodile swimming in a muddy reservoir, this is a reflection of the alarming state of a waking sleeper. Too many worries and problems that need to be resolved are slipping on the spot because of the intrigues of ill-wishers.

Seen dead a crocodile in a dream means that after a lot of snares, the pest will suddenly change its attitude. The reasons for such a sharp turn from hatred to sympathy will remain unknown to the sleeper.

When the crocodile dreams kind, the dream foreshadows a short-term improvement in relationships. There is no need to flatter, because the enemies have more than once demonstrated cunning.

Soon, ill-wishers will once again take on the old with enhanced zeal.

When dream alligator, the dream foreshadows the female sex difficulties in communicating with the opposite sex. This may be an overly stubborn and cruel admirer, or simply a self-serving suitor.

In any case, dreamed green the crocodile calls for caution and reasonable distrust. So it will be possible to avoid major troubles.

However, if a crocodile dreams of an unusual white color, this is a favorable sign. Soon enemies will be neutralized, and fate will show favor.

Intuitively reptiles cause a feeling of rejection, but dreams involving them must be considered as a warning. Then no intrigues of enemies will not be caught off guard.

Good dreams and easy victories over detractors.

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