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Dream interpretation, what dream cemetery: a cemetery and graves, a cemetery in a dream to a woman

Nayawa graveyard causes sad thoughts, bitter regrets that some people have already had to leave forever. It would seem that it is impossible to expect favorable decryption from a dream with a view of cemeteries.

However, it is possible to interpret the dream of a cemetery in different ways, depending on the plot.

Dream interpretation, what dream cemetery: a cemetery and graves, a cemetery in a dream to a woman

Before finding out what it means to see the graveyard according to the interpretation of various dream books, it is worthwhile to understand whether the plot of the dream was not connected with recent real experiences. If literally the day before we had to visit the churchyard for one reason or another, or the trip was only planned in connection with any events, the dream does not really matter.

One of the most popular dream books from Miller predicts that a neat and well-kept cemetery means information about the recovery of a person whose disease was considered incurable. If it looks abandoned — a dream is interpreted as the fact that the dreamer will outlive everyone he loves.

Russian the people’s dream book interprets the dreamy graveyard as a symbol of failure, a step back in business. The situation, which seemed to be advantageous, will be interpreted not in favor of the dreamer.

Such a plot has a consonant meaning and in Italy. The cemetery is considered to be a sign of regression of the situation, and also sometimes interpreted as a trip to the countryside.

English dream book rather straightforwardly foreshadows losses, and indicates that the dreamer is in the grip of sad memories. At the same time, the dreamed cemetery foreshadows that internally he is ready to move on.

According to the Ukrainian dream book a dream with a churchyard is a successful symbol — there will be a good period in life. It is noteworthy that the plot in which the girl in love tries to leave the cemetery as soon as possible is of sad importance — in reality she will soon be abandoned by the bridegroom.

Old Slavic dream Veles predicts a dreamer watching a well-kept cemetery, good health and long years of life. In the case of a crushed churchyard in front of an incredibly sad event.

Dream Vanga treats the dreamed cemetery as a warning: soon after work they will have to take up a very responsible assignment. Successful career will depend on successful implementation, so the dream predicts that we should try our best.

According to the interpretation Tarot such a dream means the approach of danger. We must mobilize all the forces and meet them with dignity.

An interesting interpretation suggests esoteric dream book. The dreamed cemetery symbolizes the vain efforts in a case in which the dreamer is powerless to change anything.

The graveyard treats most pleasantly American dream book. There is a period of rest, peace, life will be devoid of shocks and significant events.

But perhaps the most original explanation gives Sigmund Freud. According to his theory, the cemetery in dreams symbolizes the feminine principle.

For a man, a walk in the churchyard means his excessive lust and inability to restrain his erotic aspirations.

Dual meaning has a plot in which dreams graves of relatives. Nayawa should expect an update (marriage, birth of a baby), or soon to hear from familiar people in the past. Own grave — a symbol of the fact that soon life will make a sharp turn.

Reading inscriptions on monuments means that you have to do routine tasks in reality. Also during these worries, meetings with people who will become friends can occur.

Small cemetery and monuments in a dream disproportionately large — a warning sign. A love story can end very sadly — a broken heart, if you ignore all the inconsistencies in the words and behavior of the second half.

Nayava to face the mean act — that’s what it means fresh grave at the cemetery in a dream. To avoid disappointment, you shouldn’t trust everyone unconditionally, and it’s advisable that you don’t share your personal details in the near future.

See empty grave at the cemetery, is not considered the most favorable plot. Soon you can get the sad news.

The dug-out site of the last shelter is a warning of possible deterioration of health and is a signal to pay special attention to it.

If dreamed pit to the cemetery, which the dreamer himself digs, means on the verge of a series of troubles. To overcome them, you have to really try.

When dream crosses in the graveyard, it reflects what the dreamer considers himself offended. The dream gives an indication: doing good deeds, do not wait for gratitude, they must go from the heart and be truly gratuitous.

Massive stone crosses mean that no one can harm the dreamer in reality. Someone very powerful secretly protects.

If the crosses are squinted, or lie on the graves, sleep pushes to establish and restore good relations with relatives.

Dream interpretation, what dream cemetery: a cemetery and graves, a cemetery in a dream to a woman

The representatives of the fair sex are especially emotionally worried about dreams, but the interpretation of the plot with the graveyard is absolutely not fatal.

If the cemetery dreams pregnant woman, just great! She can be absolutely calm — the upcoming birth will be perfect both for her and for the child.

In the case when the graveyard dreamed and dead, sleep symbolism suggests dissatisfaction with personal life. In this case, change the situation dreamer under force.

She is ready to become happy, but does not dare to take the initial step towards change for the better.

In love a girl to dream about a graveyard — a sign to look at the object of the senses. Perhaps he is not the one she needs.

Coffins and a graveyard in a dream indicate the need to revise its value system. The dreamer is probably not doing the kind of work she would like, and it’s time to develop in the desired direction.

Generally walk cemetery means the need for financial or moral support from outside. Nayawa may be in a situation where material costs are required, or simply the approval of loved ones. Also, a walk in the cemetery alone is a sign of unfulfilled promises.

The dreamer needs to remember if there are any unpaid debts. For a couple, a walk around the graveyard is a precursor of separation, even parting forever.

Quickly go in a cemetery in a dream — a signal that it is necessary to immediately put things in order at work. Anything that has been put on hold may prove an unforgivable omission.

At the same time it is necessary to check if the household has any problems.

If a married woman or married man dreamed road to the cemetery very dark, it is a symbol of inharmonious relations with a partner. Without a frank conversation can not do, otherwise a rift is possible.

Dream interpretation, what dream cemetery: a cemetery and graves, a cemetery in a dream to a woman

Deciphering the dream also takes into account the appearance of the graveyard.

Old The cemetery is an unfavorable sign of the coming decline in business for businessmen. Profit will be minimal.

For others abandoned The cemetery symbolizes gradual separation from all those close to you.

To correctly interpret what dreams night cemetery, it will be necessary to take into account the emotional state of the dreamers. For people who are in love, such a plot predicts that the wedding between them will never be completed.

The rest of the dream predicts troublesome activities without a special result.

In the case when there is sleet on the cemetery, there will be worries about leaving somewhere far away. Fire in a cemetery in a dream means a fateful change.

They will affect both the workplace and family relationships.

Seeing the cemetery is dark and gloomy, with broken gravestones and fallen crosses with monuments — symbolizes the collapse of all illusions, disbelief in one’s own strength. It is good if the dreamer sees the sun behind the cemetery fence, in which case there will very soon be a chance to change everything in a favorable direction.

Screaming about danger plot — sleep at the cemetery. Nayavu should urgently pay attention to the state of health.

To properly understand what the cleaning at the cemetery in a dream means you need to remember the details. The interpretation depends on the role the dreamer played. Get out in the cemetery as his employee — strong emotional experiences.

You can not limp!

Voluntarily clean the grave — Ahead of change.

An unexpected replenishment of the family piggy bank promises a dream in which it happened collect candy at the cemetery. On the contrary, picking up money, especially in the form of coins, is an unpleasant sign of subsequent material losses.

Search for mushrooms in the churchyard, and take with them the found — in reality there will be family quarrels. But picking flowers — dreams of auspicious changes.

Sad events ahead if it takes a long time look for the grave at the cemetery in a dream. Possible sad news about the departure from the life of a familiar person, piled up with snowball problems.

If in a dream it is necessary dig a grave at the cemetery — in reality there will be a difficult period of opposition to the enemies. Funds that have to apply, can not be limited to honest ways.

Crying while standing in the cemetery is a symbol of what will soon be able to mentally cleanse and achieve inner peace and harmony.

Regardless of what the dream plot with the cemetery has, it is necessary to know that not all dreams are prophetic. It is also important to believe that everything is in the hands of the dreamer, and to take into account the day of the week dream.

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