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Dream Interpretation, what ants dream of a woman, ants in large numbers in a dream

Among all the crawling insects, it is the ant that is considered the benchmark of hard work and teamwork. At the same time, they can be not only useful forest dwellers.

Some species annoy gardeners and gardeners, and are unwanted guests in the houses. Therefore, it is necessary to interpret what ants dream about, depending on the details of what they see in a dream.

Dream Interpretation, what ants dream of a woman, ants in large numbers in a dream

The dream of Gustav Miller treats the creeping insects as small troubles all new day after awakening. The dreamer will be very sensitive to trivial matters, but the real reason for the annoyance is the carefully repressed dissatisfaction with his life.

According to the dream Wang Ants in a dream, diligently dragging twigs to their house, foreshadow success for the whole year due to the diligence of the dreamer. However, to destroy an anthill is a bad sign.

Due to the negligence of nature, the ecological situation in the world will seriously deteriorate.

Esoteric option Interpretations say that in reality it will have to bother much about the house if ants dreamed at night. The worries will completely turn into the next day in the cycle of affairs, and in order to succeed, you will have to work like a tireless insect.

According to the dream book of Sigmund Freud crawling toilers symbolize men lack of confidence in their sexual power. For women, the plot is also a reflection of their numerous, but groundless, complexes in the intimate sphere.

The newest interpreter predicts that if ants have dreamed, an unpleasant, though not too dangerous, disease can prevail in reality. Possible deterioration of the skin, dermatological problems.

Sleep warns that after spontaneous intercourse there is a high risk of detecting a venereal sore.

Gypsy dream book treats insects crawling along the dreamer as someone’s claims on his property. A more sinister symbol, if the ants in a dream are not occupied with anything.

The dreamer faces bankruptcy. Working children are an auspicious sign.

In business, success is expected, all new ideas will be successful, and those already begun will bring unexpectedly large profits.

According to Veles’ dream book the meaning of these plots is almost identical. Ants engaged in business predict good luck, and loafers warn against serious miscalculations.

In addition, the Old Slavic source adds that crush ants with a foot in a dream to a very unpleasant event in reality.

English dream book interprets dreamed running insects as a move. The new place of residence will be more urban.

This may be a metropolis or a center of large industry.

American option foreshadows collective work. A dream is also defined as a change for the better through considerable effort.

The symbol foreshadowing a lot of minor matters is lot ants in a dream. Although they are inherently trivial, but urgent, and their implementation will take much more time than it seems at first glance.

When dream anthill with ants in large numbers, it is a warning of a strong overload. Too much work had to be done lately, and now a rest is required. Perhaps it is time to change, at least for a short time, occupation.

This will help recuperate and gain inspiration.

Warn about the wrong line of dreams kill ants. This is a signal that mistakes are made.

The dreamer should analyze his own actions, so as not to destroy the well-being achieved with difficulty.

We need to think about maintaining health, if the plot was cast, in which it was necessary there is ants in a dream. Perhaps the subconscious mind of such an extraordinary dream hints at the need to take care of yourself, drink vitamins, put yourself in order and update your image.

If dreams, that ants bite, in reality there will be trouble and a slight deterioration in health. Numerous worries will require attention, and will prevent you from enjoying life.

It is considered to be that the bite site reflects the discomfort of this particular part of the body.

The symbol of urgent small matters will be the ants crawling on the body. They must be solved immediately, without delay.

However, depending on the details of the dream, its value changes.

Crawling ants on the legs mean the ability of the sleeper to competently manage their finances. He always has a clear plan of action, and lack of money will not take them by surprise. Insects on hands mean respect for others.

If you dream of ants on the body in large numbers, the sleeping person has achieved public recognition.

But if ants are dreaming in hair, it is a sign of alien influence. Someone from outsiders in the social circle seeks to impose their own point of view on all important aspects of life.

An insect crawling into the ear or nose indicates a health hazard situation. It should be more careful and cautious.

Dream Interpretation, what ants dream of a woman, ants in large numbers in a dream

Big the ant in the dream of a woman still free from the bonds of marriage foreshadows a worthy bridegroom. For a family lady, a large insect symbolizes a grandiose work for the benefit of relatives.

But if lot Ants dream about a woman, in front, though troublesome, but fun pastime. This may be a celebration, or an unexpected visit of guests.

When dreams that ants bite a woman, in reality, simply does not allow her to rest a string of small worries and troubles. The dream warns of the need to think about yourself.

Ants in hair women reflect the thoughts and behaviors imposed on her. Advice from the outside is good, but it is advisable to make a decision on your own.

Only in this way the dreamer will achieve happiness.

Correct interpretation of a dream depends largely on what ants dreamed about. What matters is the appearance of insects, their color and size.

Small The ants warn that only through hard work can the planned results be achieved. We will have to act together with colleagues and like-minded people. However, if small ants crawl on the sleeper, and sometimes bite, you should not share your own ideas too much.

Successful business thoughts may well assign the envious person in the team.

But if you dream big ants, this is an auspicious sign. Relatives will provide support at any time, and will help in any situation.

When dreamed huge ants, but peace-loving or neutral to the sleeper, then in reality you can safely take up the realization of even the most ambitious plans. A successful outcome of the case is guaranteed thanks to a rigorous elaboration of details and attention to detail.

By the merry feast and the subsequent hangover often dream red ants. Also, insects of this color portend deterioration of vitality due to fatigue.

It is necessary to rest and relax, but at the same time it is very desirable to control the measure of drunk.

Malicious redhead the ants signal that they have to work on completely new projects. The activity will be simply exhausting, and the results are very vague and understandable only after a considerable time.

Black Ants in a dream foreshadow a meeting with not too pleasant sleeping people. Nayavu will have to experience a feeling of annoyance.

If you dreamed of ants with wings or flying, it is worth all the next day to beware of unpleasant situations. Hazards will occur in familiar places.

Dream Interpretation, what ants dream of a woman, ants in large numbers in a dream

Homemade Ants in a dream symbolize the numerous domestic problems to be solved. However, the reason can be pleasant: moving or expanding the living space.

When dreams that ants crawl in the apartment, constantly arriving through the threshold, to avoid a large purchase is almost impossible. It will be quite successful if insects are not aggressive.

Otherwise, it is worthwhile to carefully examine the product before purchase.

To significant events in family life dreams lot ants in the house. In addition to moving, the addition of a family or a change in someone’s social status is likely.

By discomfort ants dream in bed. Scheduled things will not go as planned.

Strong warning about the deterioration of health are insects, crawling on products. Immunity is currently reduced.

It is necessary to take care of health, and not to risk them in vain.

To poison ants of any species is an unfavorable symbol. Ahead of waiting for financial turmoil.

Depending on who else had a dream together with crawling workaholic, a dream can get its own interpretation.

Cockroaches and ants in a dream means the achievement of considerable wealth after the application of tremendous efforts. The dreamer builds happiness with his own hands.

Spiders and ants, dreamed at the same time, indicate that the works of the sleeper will soon be rewarded. This is a symbol of income earned.

Maggots and ants serve as a warning about the need to be careful with what they say to the sleeping person. Believing slanderous rumors, you can ruin the relationship with a decent man, and even acquire a powerful enemy.

Insects toilers in a dream generally do not carry negative values. Rather, these are warning dreams, and the alert signals of the subconscious mind must be heeded. Then everything in life will be more relaxed.

Good dreams and beautiful reality.

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