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Dream Interpretation, what a tiger dreams: a woman, a man, a white tiger in a dream

Beautiful and dangerous felines attract the interest of their grace and unobtrusive demonstration of power. What is the dream tiger?

This predator in a dream can be a reflection of real impressions from visiting a circus, a zoo or a zoo. After all, these animals are not so easy to forget when they see up close even once.

At the same time, various dream books feature original interpretations of what the striped strip predators mean.

The dream of Gustav Miller interprets tigers, approaching or surrounding in a dream, as annoying troubles from enemies. In this case, ill-wishers are endowed with power.

Especially you should beware if you dream of attacking a tiger. This is a sign of a strong failure, from which it will be difficult to recover. The meaning of the dream changes to positive in the case of a successful repulse of the attack of a large striped cat, or even its killing.

It turns out to upset enemy plans. Barred predators in a cage is a good sign. There is a good stage ahead when ill-wishers will not be able to harm the sleeping person in any way.

The dreamed tiger skin is a very auspicious symbol. To participate in exquisite events and get refined pleasure from the surrounding beauty.

Dream Interpretation, what a tiger dreams: a woman, a man, a white tiger in a dream

Dreaming medium Hasse reports that the tiger in the dream is a symbol of the enemy. His machinations interfere in both personal and business.

Similar interpretation contains Ukrainian dream book. The tiger symbolizes dangerous detractors.

With these statements, the esoteric dream interpretation Evgenia Tsvetkova.

Gypsy the source reports that the tiger in a dream warns of trouble. The danger may come from old and new friends.

Dream Vanga interprets the tiger as the personification of not the most positive traits of the dreamer himself. Excessive aggressiveness and stubbornness make it difficult to achieve success.

In order for luck to turn its face, you will have to work on yourself and the ability to control emotions.

Tiger growl interprets the dream of Prince Zhou Gong. This is an auspicious sign.

At work they can offer a new, more significant, position.

According to the universal dream book, if a tiger has bitten, in reality it is worthwhile to consider a strategy of protection against the attacks of ill-wishers. The clash will happen very soon, and can turn into a serious conflict.

According to the dream book of Sigmund Freud tiger in a dream reflects the sexual activity of the sleeper. Due to easy excitability, enjoyment plays a central role in life, but in search of new bright impressions, readiness for dangerous experiments can lead very far.

The dreamed tiger with tiger cub reflects even carefully repressed sadistic tendencies.

The dreamed tiger girl symbolizes her strong surprise in the near future from meeting a celebrity or an important person. Dreaming watching a predator hiding in ambush is a warning.

Detractors are waiting for the right moment to strike a cunning blow.

When dream white tiger woman, the value of the dream becomes positive in the case of a peace-loving animal. Nayavu mighty patron will help in business.

But if the tiger attacks in a dream, it is a symbol of intense battles for success. You may have to experience despair due to failure.

Dreamed tiger married woman — a warning. She will face a negative attitude towards herself. Seeing the animal run away is a great symbol.

Reputation and position in society will be strengthened, and over the enemy will be able to win.

The birth of a strong and independent person is predicted by a tiger in a dream pregnant to the woman. Since childhood, the baby will amaze with its unusual character traits.

Will be able to reveal the plans of detractors — so interpreted by a man hunt the tiger. Such a plot says that victory will be brought not by force, but by wisdom and even cunning.

If a tiger in a cage a man has dreamed, the value of sleep is very favorable. Enemies and competitors will be powerless to harm, and there are no obstacles on the way to the goal.

Dream Interpretation, what a tiger dreams: a woman, a man, a white tiger in a dream

Special symbolism have animals atypical for their type of color.

Lot White tigers in a dream that show no signs of aggression are a good plot. In order to implement their own plans, there are all the possibilities.

About some unfinished business reminds a dream little white tiger. It’s time to take up his decision, otherwise the consequences will be unpredictable.

Friendly big white tiger in a dream means big luck. Ahead of a meeting with an influential person.

Dreamed attack the white tiger warns of the need to prepare to defend its own interests before the authorities. It is necessary to find weighty arguments in advance before the meeting.

Detractors will be confused if they dreamed of a white tiger in a cage. The dreamer will be able to get rid of unpleasant interference in his life.

Killing a white tiger in a dream means some frustration. Najava the sleeper will voluntarily give up his dream, and some discontent will arise from it.

Ahead of the meeting with a very powerful force, if you dreamed tigers and lions. Communicating with an influential person can be very beneficial or difficult — a detailed interpretation depends on the nuances of the dream.

Dreamed together tiger and bear — dream with cautionary meaning. Imprudent actions can make too influential enemies.

To cope with them later it will be very difficult, so the predators are urged not to show character.

If a tiger and panther appear at the same time, in reality conflicts may flare up. Such a plot is considered a caution.

Most likely, the subject matter will not concern the dreamer directly, and avoiding a quarrel is the best solution.

Dream Interpretation, what a tiger dreams: a woman, a man, a white tiger in a dream

When dream to iron tiger, in reality it will turn out to perfectly master your animal instincts. This change in character will be happy, and will lead to success.

Favorable sign — feed tiger in a dream. Thanks to the help of a serious person, all difficulties will remain in the past.

Run away from a tiger aggressively means stagnant career. The intrigues of the ill-wishers are stopping to move to the top.

If dreaming catch Tiger — in reality to be surprised. The reason will be an unexpected meeting with a very interesting person.

Good sign — to kill tiger in a dream. Luck will smile, and ill-wishers will be defeated.

If tiger in the apartment I dreamed of a man, he will have a strong rival. When the animal is evil, in reality there will be extremely unpleasant squabbles around the inheritance.

For woman tigers in the House herald a relationship with a wealthy man. A young girl, this plot is a symbol of marriage with a partner is much older.

To favorable events in reality dream tiger in a cage. Enemies will be disarmed, and will no longer be able to cause trouble.

Tiger in zoo appears as a warning about intrigue. To win the battle against the treacherous enemies, you have to call on all your ingenuity to help.

Tigers in the circus ring mean that the plan is not fully implemented. For entrepreneurs, a dream will indicate an error that can be avoided.

The calm predators who dreamed of the elements are a positive symbol. Tiger in the steppe or in the forest foreshadows a visit to the event, where there will be many influential people.

Attack a tiger in a dream represents trouble. The confrontation with the enemies will escalate.

The dream warns against falling into dangerous situations.

Caressing kind the tiger symbolizes an influential buddy. With friendly support and with the application of your own talents you will be able to achieve impressive career success.

If dreaming sleeping tiger, not everything goes as planned. Plans will be disrupted by a sudden event.

The warning is a dream the black tiger. The threat in reality will come from the deceivers who hid before that, who will finally reveal their true identity.

The dreamed tiger is always an unusual symbol that you should definitely pay attention to. After adjusting your own plans in accordance with the prompts of predators, many troubles can be avoided.

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