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Dream interpretation, what a lion dreams about: a woman, a man, a lion attacks in a dream

The royal representatives of the cat family evoke at the same time a feeling of fear and admiration for grace and greatness. When deciphering what the lion dreams about, different sources are also rather contradictory.

But if the ordinary domestic purrs are interpreters are usually considered in a somewhat negative aspect, then predators are honored with more supportive values.

Dream interpretation, what a lion dreams about: a woman, a man, a lion attacks in a dream

Dream Miller treats lions as an influence on the life of significant forces. A young animal means a business that will be profitable, but will require a significant investment of resources.

For women, the dream foreshadows a new fan.

There will be a meeting with a noble person, this is what the lion dreams about according to Gypsy dream book. The family of predators means happiness in the house in reality.

Lion attack means quarrel. The outcome of the conflict in reality will tell the plot of a dream: victory symbolizes that the dreamer will prevail.

Female dream book interprets the dreamed lions as a significant sleeping potential. If the animals were in a cage, it will be possible to overcome the enemies and achieve success in business.

The roaring lion of a man foreshadows the favor of fate. Successful development of affairs and flattering attention of the opposite sex.

The dream of a fight with a lion, which ended with the victory of the sleeper, means the revelation of the plans of detractors and their powerlessness to harm something. In the opposite case, the outcome of a real conflict will not be very favorable.

According to the Ukrainian dream book if lions dream, you will achieve all your goals. It is also a symbol of material well-being.

However, the lion who attacks people is in trouble. Hiding from an enraged predator — in reality there are powerful enemies.

Dream interpretation of the 21st century treats a calm and beautiful lion as a pleasant communication with an influential person. Thus, the image of a friend who has reached heights in society, but does not forget about people from his past, can be personified.

Lion bite is not the most pleasant plot. However, in the opinion of this source, it does not have a particularly negative value: a meeting with an annoying cavalier for women, rivals and envious men. If you had a dream of a lion attacking a loved one, the dream indicates a possible separation.

Killing a predator is not good. Sleeping alone destroys the achieved harmony in life. This is due to excessive despotism, inability to negotiate and self-confidence.

An animal imprisoned symbolizes the limited use of its own talents, oppression and humiliation.

Russian dream book suggests that the lion dreams as a reflection of the personal qualities of the sleeper. It is an inner strength, an awareness of one’s merits. But also the dream warns about the propensity of too much and often decide for others.

Extreme self-confidence can hurt.

According to Azar’s dream book, the lion that attacks a person symbolizes indifference. In real life, the sleeper passes by other people’s troubles, without giving support.

According to the dream book of Medea the regal of the feline squad personifies a powerful man.

To run away from the lion — to the conflict at work with the person above in the post, reprimand from the manager. Manual and gentle predator means powerful patronage.

Being with a lion in one cage and not getting lost is a great story. Nayavu faithful friends will always be there.

Beautiful strong lion unmarried girl means the appearance of a worthy fan. Relationship with him will bring a lot of joy.

When the lion dreams married woman, This is a warning that she should be very careful when dealing with the opposite sex. Even innocent flirting can lead to problems with the spouse.

A good omen, when a lion appears in a dream pregnant woman. She will have a baby who has a glorious future.

When a married girl often dreams of lions of adolescence or even more kittens, it means that the completion of the family is quite possible. If this event is not very desirable, it is worth taking precautions.

Dream interpretation, what a lion dreams about: a woman, a man, a lion attacks in a dream

It should be taken into account in which place the lion appeared in a dream. The correct interpretation of the seen also depends on it.

Dreamed lion in the House means strong family ties, surprisingly harmonious relationships and love, if he was friendly. An aggressive animal warns about excessive perseverance and even the tyranny of one of the close people.

It turns out to avoid all the set traps of detractors, that’s what the lion dreams about in the apartment. It will be made as if by chance and playfully.

This is a danger that has been avoided.

Luck is solely in your hands if the lion is cast in a cage. The conquest of the benefits of life depends only on bold and initiative actions, but at the same time sleep calls for avoiding dishonorable deeds.

Dreamed lion in zoo means a humiliating situation in reality. It will occur, most likely, because of an unseemly act.

a lion in the savannah — auspicious sign. There comes a great period of life.

When the lion dreams in grass There is no doubt that everything will turn out. Dreams of predators in the circus arena under the guidance of a trainer are a symbol of successful development of affairs.

It is important to remember what the lions were in a dream. Depending on the color, size and even the approximate age of the animal, the interpretation largely depends.

The black the lion points to the domineering and even selfish nature of the sleeper. It is also a warning that some external circumstances prevent from taking the position that the dreamer deserves.

The emergence of a powerful patron predicts white a lion. Thanks to his help, the future will be secured.

From the point of view of the interpretation of the plot as a reflection of the dreamer’s character, this is an indication that he is well aware of his strengths and talents, and is able to cope with pride.

Excellent character — dreamed gold a lion. This respect of others, harmonious relationships in the family, high position in society.

Friendly big lion means major achievements. Material wealth is strong, and there is little that can affect it.

Too little a lion, almost dwarf-sized, warns of the need to take a healthy look at the surrounding reality. Self-deception can hurt.

A tiny baby from the cat family symbolizes auspicious events. Young The lion foreshadows a promising project.

For its development, it will take time and effort, but the work invested will pay off a hundredfold.

Old a lion in a dream indicates that the time has come for a revision of values. Emaciated animal warns of the approach of difficult situations.

When a lion dreams in human language, it indicates an extraordinary event. Someone will provide so strong support that it will affect the future.

Indicates the anger of the leadership or a senior person furious a lion. It is advisable not to provoke discontent of those in power with imprudent actions.

Simply growling a lion without aggression foreshadows a major success. This will be a surprise even to the dreamer himself.

Meeting with a peculiar personality symbolizes nautical a lion. A person with outstanding character and strong moral principles will have a great impression.

Peacefully slumbering fabulous the lion is the king of all beasts, indicating that the sleeper is missing some opportunities. The dream suggests that you do not need to bury talent in the ground.

A wounded lion in a dream warns of danger. It is necessary to be careful in everything, especially in the field of relationships.

Dream interpretation, what a lion dreams about: a woman, a man, a lion attacks in a dream

Very favorable plot — feed lion. In life there will be situations that demonstrate the good will of fate.

Strong competition appears plot to iron lion. A woman such a vision portends the appearance of a rival.

Soon the reality will have to experience vivid feelings when dreamed hug lion. This reflects a strong emotional attachment.

To play with a lion in a dream for businessmen — a clash with a serious competitor. The rest of the dreamers should also be wary of the intensification of rivalry

A good omen — train lion. All life circumstances are kept under control.

Thanks to outstanding character traits you will be able to become a leader in a team.

About the bold desires tells the story of the dream, which happened hunt on the lion. If the big cat managed to catch alive and unharmed, it is a symbol of true friends.

Bad sign — to kill lion. Because of his own actions, the dreamer risks losing what he values.

If the king of beasts attacked, and the sleeper felt the pain of a bite or scratch, in reality you should be wary of powerful enemies.

When dream lions and lionesses, the plot encourages family dreamers to be more attentive to the second half. It is not necessary to conflict in detail.

Very favorably interpreted dreamed at the same time lions and lion cubs. This is a sign of prosperity and harmony.

Warning serve tigers and lions in a dream. It is advisable not to get involved in the disputes of other people, so as not to be in the role of a lightning conductor.

They may offer a questionable deal or project at first glance, this is what the lion dreams about together with the fox. However, as a result, everything will turn out well.

When interpreting the plot with a predator in a dream, it is important to pay attention to your own emotions. If you do not feel fear, even the most negative value will be more favorable.

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