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Dream interpretation, what a dream car: theft, purchase, drive a car in a dream

Understanding what the dream of the car, you have to remember all the details.

According to Miller’s dream book, when the car is dreaming, the state of affairs is reflected. The old car to the success of detractors and rivals.

New — to well-being.

Dream Vanga He prophesies that if a car dreams, it is necessary to prepare for trips in real life. Accident on the car or its breakdown — to trouble.

Disappearance is the collapse of plans.

According to the female dream book a lot of cars means a strong experience about the project started. Troubles will be rewarded.

If the car broke down in a dream, parting is ahead. A friend or a loved one will disappear from the social circle.

Freight’s Dream Interpretation suggests that the cars in the yard — to numerous sexual contacts. When a man dreams of a car with a flat tire — to misfire in the intimate sphere.

Need to contact the experts.

According to the dream book Thelomena, if in a dream a car was presented, it is a call for savings. No time to waste money.

Dream interpretation by V. Melnikova suggests that when the road by car winds along the serpentine, it is worth waiting for an invitation. Friends will call in a pleasant trip.

Modern dream book interprets car keys as getting an excellent chance.

By the language of interpretation of dreams the wheels lost during the ride from the car warn of a possible emergency in reality.

Ukrainian dream book prompts that it is necessary to try to remember the number of the car. This is especially true for students before exams and students during the session.

Dream interpretation, what a dream car: theft, purchase, drive a car in a dream

A dreamed car accident can cause negative emotions. However, the interpretation of the plot is not exclusively a gloomy prophecy.

Crash by car in an accident — call for caution in reality. Also, this dream can mean poor health.

Smash someone else’s car — a sign that life priorities are incorrectly placed. Too much time is spent sleeping sleeper career, ignoring the interests of native people.

Roll over by car — a dream associated with the personal sphere and the inability to act at the behest of your own heart. For lovers and family possible break with partners.

If you managed to get out of the injured car intact, a secret passion will turn your head.

Explosion cars — caution. Passion for doubtful and forbidden entertainment will not bring to the good.

If a is burning car in a dream, in reality there will be a period filled with difficulties. Being at this time in the cabin — a sudden illness, depression.

Clash machines means that an unpleasant situation will occur. As a result, the sleeper’s ambition will suffer.

Accident on the car — there will be a fun and carefree pastime. However, its effects will be unpleasant.

A special interpretation has dreamed about a car accident involving pedestrians. In this case, there are also various interpretations.

If you dream that hit by a car, do not need to be afraid. Nayavu will hear from distant relatives.

However, Sigmund Freud, this plot, as well as a dream in which shoot down a man by car, interprets as the upcoming sexual contact.

When a car is dreaming, when interpreting the plot, color is of particular importance. The most numerous interpretations relate to catchy color.

Red car a girl or a guy who lives with his parents, is a sign of readiness to create their own social unit. It’s time to leave the comfort of your home for love.

Red car married woman means the beginning of a romantic hobby. It depends only on the dreamer, to what the secret passion will lead.

Red car married man serves as a symbol of his sexual activity. A dream indicates too many contacts with different partners.

A similar interpretation if dreamed of a red car bachelor. The dreamer loves the attention of women, and is not ready for monogamy.

Dream interpretation, what a dream car: theft, purchase, drive a car in a dream

Understanding what the dream of the car, you should interpret all the details. The condition, color, size and model are important.

Good sign — new car in a dream. There will be success in everything.

Passenger cars cars are interpreted according to color. It is he who will tell the nature of the future.

White the machine reflects the anxiety of the sleeper. If the car is clean — everything will be resolved safely, the dirty will notify you that the wrong choice has been made.

Success promises black a machine. However, all forces will have to be mobilized.

The calm period foreshadows blue a machine. There may even be boredom from everyday affairs.

Yellow car is a good symbol. The dreamer is pleased with himself and life in general.

Well, if dreamed green a machine. This is a herald of success.

About troubles warns burning a machine. Difficulties will arise suddenly.

If a burnt down the machine belongs to the sleeper, there will be no way to avoid them. A foreign car, filled with flames, is treated more positively.

Difficulties will pass by.

When is the car dreaming without brakes, in reality, events occur at a frantic pace, and the dreamer seeks to be in time and everything. This is a warning that rest is needed.

Behavior will lead to problems if dreamed disassembled a machine.

A car accident is always a warning. Serious changes are coming.

If a businessman sees that inverted someone else’s machine, he will overcome the competition.

Call for vigilance — broken a machine. When solving issues, you should rely only on your own strength.

For entrepreneurs broken car signals a breakdown of plans. Sleeping at risk of becoming an object of scam and ridicule.

Falling apart the old the car foreshadows a loss in a dispute. Colleagues bypass work.

The fact that outsiders have a significant impact suggests the big car in a dream. This fact has a painful impression.

Cargo car promises trouble with the manual. In the near future, strictly follow the job description.

Dreamed expensive car — for good. Change will bring well-being.

Thirst for thrills symbolizes sports a machine.

Sinking the car foreshadows uncontrollable events.

Fully drowned car is a good dream. It will be possible to get rid of life ballast, however, at the cost of effort.

«Beware of deception,» reports dirty a machine. Fun with can dowry money dreamer.

For singles wedding car reflects the desire to find love. Family plot promises trouble.

To the attack of nostalgia dream of a former car. The past is still important.

The news of the state of emergency foreshadows fire department a machine. The news will greatly affect the mood.

It is necessary to support friends, that’s what dreams ambulance.

If dreamed police car, ahead meeting with an official. An official visit is possible.

To normalize health — washing a machine.

Dream interpretation, what a dream car: theft, purchase, drive a car in a dream

Go fast by car — to the rapid advancement in the business sphere.

Ride on your car — a reflection of this action in reality. Fall out of it — bad news.

Driving a car with a violation of traffic rules — unfair business practices. Unfair treatment of colleagues and relatives.

Riding a car in the opposite lane — beware of committing a mean act.

Go behind the wheel machines — rationally set goals. Sleeper can clearly plan life and control his plans.

Prestige car ride is good. All investments will bring decent results.

Ride by car without stopping and traffic jams — career development. To brake at the traffic light — to obstacles from officials.

The habit of obeying the wishes of others reflects the plot. to drive a passenger. The sleeper even likes to avoid responsibility.

Skillfully driving a car is a dream symbolizing outstanding organizational skills.

When in love with dreams that hijacked the car, a break is inevitable.

Hijacking your own car for the owner reflects a real concern.

If you dream that stole a car, but in reality it is not at all, it means regret. The reason is a missed chance.

For women, car theft is a betrayal of a loved one. Men — to material losses.

When dreaming a car, you need to consider what was happening.

Buy car — to a bargain for businessmen. Others expect a pleasant acquaintance. For an unmarried lady, buying a car is a special symbol.

A long-awaited offer may soon follow. An alternative interpretation from the plot to buy a car is an unjustified waste in reality.

The worsening of affairs will happen if you had a dream sell the car. Career problems ahead. Selling a car in a dream suggests that it’s time to change jobs.

At the same good prospects will not.

For a meeting with old friends dream wash the car.

To lose car — to surprise. Some event is shocking.

Had a dream look for car without result — dreams will not come true. A successful final in a dream foreshadows the successful completion of cases.

Do not start a new project — the interpretation of the plot to drown the car.

Caution — steal the car. It is worth thinking that a “walk over the heads” for the sake of achieving your own goal is not always justified.

Dreams of reciprocity means dreamed sex in the car.

Good to win the car. A joyful meeting with dear people will take place.

Run away from the car — to increased competition.

Get under the car — A difficult period is coming.

In reality, you need to be more vigilant if you dreamed scratch the car.

Such interpretations for what dreams of a car contain different sources. Read tips will help to harmonize life.

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