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Dream Interpretation: wash your feet with soap?

What does sleep mean: wash your feet with soap?

Every day various plots come to us in dreams. Some of them we take for granted, and some bring surprise and misunderstanding.

Tonight was washing feet? Need to know what sleep means: wash your feet with soap?

Dream Interpretation: wash your feet with soap?

If you wash your feet in a dream, then remember that fate is trying to tell you something and protect, clean from problems and troubles. More precisely decipher will help the details of the vision, indicating the right direction.

Sleep details

  • We washed our feet? First interpretation: wait for problems. To solve the difficulties that have arisen is worth it immediately, so that troubles do not fall on you even more. Life presents an instructive lesson to the dreamer. The second prediction: you should also be wary of meeting with enemies. They are overgrown with plans against you. Soap says that you can cope with all the problems. Third: someone is going to visit you or visit you.
  • Wash your feet in a pelvis or bowl with soap.. Think about it, because you are seized by greed and thirst for victory. To leave yourself and your «I», give up the temptation. There is a risk to get a losing streak if you chase easy money by dishonest means. Soap symbolizes your judgment, you can get rid of the obsession.
  • Wash feet in a river or other body of water.. Pay attention to the water. If a the water was clear and transparent then expect to meet with luck. Muddy, foul-smelling water promises trouble and sad consequences. If a the water was cold, then your health is at stake. Soap symbolizes getting rid of trouble and illness.
  • We washed the feet with soap in a puddle? Sleep is a reflection of your immaturity and irresponsibility. The dream calls to stop, think and make an adult decision.
  • If in a dream I had to wash my feet under the tap, then it’s time to get away from the routine. Stress can absorb you, so take a breather and enjoy yourself.
  • We washed beautiful legs? It will be an easy and successful trip.
    Dream Interpretation: wash your feet with soap?
  • Someone was washing your feet, then rubbed with cream and oils. Sleep promises a prosperous life, success and happiness.
  • If you wash someone’s feet, then the resulting situation will force you to admit guilt and repent. It is necessary for you and the one who holds a grudge against you.
  • Wash the man’s feet. Wait an hour to meet with a new man who will be the perfect man for you. You should not completely surrender to the feelings, because the image of the ideal will soon fade. You will be able to overcome sadness and frustration.
  • If someone washed your feet and it caused negative emotions, something can hurt you, but the enemy himself can make a difference in your direction.
  • Wash your feet with new soap. Wait for news or updates in life. Do not discourage ideas from friends or relatives who wish to help you.

Dream interpretation

Dreaming phoebe

Wash your feet with soap dream to escape from failures. New stage in life will bring relief.

Dream interpretation of Catherine the Great

Saw your feet washed? You will soon get to the party, after the evening they will not speak well about you.

You can defend your honest name.

Home Dream

Soap in the vision symbolizes deliverance from anxiety, bad emotions and feelings of guilt. If the emotions were positive, then everything will be good.

Negative feelings from the vision and process of washing the feet predict bad consequences.

Dream Interpretation: wash your feet with soap?

Magic dream book

Lathering feet? Most likely, choose the wrong path. Besides

In addition, you will be engaged in clarifying the useless case.

Old dream book

Washed feet? Wait for joy and good luck in your home.

Do not scare away happiness.

East Dream

If in a dream there was an emphasis on how you soaped your feet, then the newly tied friendship will go to your advantage. For unmarried women, sleep predicts a comfortable life.

Moon dream

Wash your feet with soap dreams before traveling.

Small Veles dream

Wash your feet means illness, but then instant healing. Home troubles will be quickly resolved, and the road will be easy and fast.

Family Dream

Wait for human gossip, if you wash your feet. Those who used soap, Gossip will not interfere.

Ninth interpreter

Wash yourself — to boredom. Trouble or illness.

Soap — a symbol of getting rid of problems.

Dream interpretation of the 21st century

Waiting for you to travel if you saw how to use soap while washing your feet.

Dream Miller

Wash feet with soap. Enemies and ill-wishers will flatter your plans and deeds, but you can fight them back.

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