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Dream interpretation Tsvetkova

Dream interpretation Tsvetkova

The author of the dream book is a writer, artist and palmist Yevgeny Tsvetkov. Unlike the Nostradamus dream book and Miller’s dream book, his interpretation of the dream is relevant in the modern world, since Tsvetkov is our contemporary. The compiler of the dream book, in addition to writing, was engaged in the study of the exact sciences.

He graduated from the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics, worked at the Israeli Institute, as well as at universities in New York.

In addition to his numerous works on history, art and the occult sciences, Tsvetkov made a great contribution to the development of modern geophysics. The study of climate change and work in meteorological research centers served as an impetus for Tsvetkov to study astrology and palmistry and human secrets of the subconscious. His dream book is an original guide for those who want to learn more about themselves and their capabilities.

The author describes an interesting theory on the use of dreams in real life.

The uniqueness of his dream book is that it contains the interpretation of dreams, which affects all spheres of human life. In addition, the dream book was created on the basis of associations that are unique to the people of the Slavs. This feature makes the dream book more understandable and close to understanding Russian people.

But the main feature of Tsvetkov’s dream book is to fully disclose the essence and purpose of sleep, as well as how to manage them. Tsvetkov believes that a person can use everything that happens in a dream for his own purposes. In his opinion, dreams can be controlled and make its outcome the way we want it. His theory of correcting dreams formed the basis of his work.

Thus, the dream book not only teaches us to understand our dreams correctly, but also to try to change them according to our wishes.

With the ability to control dreams, a person, according to Tsvetkov, will be able to predict the coming events and prevent unwanted incidents. Dream interpretation learns to order dreams. That is, Yevgeny Tsvetkov in plain text says that a person can form any kind of dream. Tsvetkov focuses on the most vivid and common dreams.

In his opinion, it is this group of dreams that can most accurately predict future events.

Dream interpretation was compiled on the basis of the works of famous psychologists and occultists, and Tsvetkov used his own methods of dream interpretation in writing a dream book. The structure of the interpreter of Tsvetkov’s dreams is very peculiar. If in the dream book, Wanga is a collection of words defining specific phenomena, things or events, strictly in alphabetical order, then in this dream book everything is different.

All words designating dreams are combined into certain associative groups. This allows the reader to more fully disclose the interpretation of his dream.

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