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Dream Interpretation: the dog bites the hand

Dream Interpretation: the dog bites the hand

The bite of the animal delivers a lot of trouble. A person should put injections against rabies, take prescribed medications, limit yourself in the diet. And what does the animal bite in a dream foreshadow — for good or distress?

Consider the value of different dream books about the bite of a dog’s hand.

Dream Interpretation: the dog bites the hand

General interpretation of dream books

The dog is a symbol of loyalty and devotion to the owner. However, the dog often acts as the enemy if he feels the adrenaline from the person.

A pet may also bite under certain circumstances.

A special case is the infection of a dog with the rabies virus: it bites everyone. Most dream interpreters consider the plot of a dog bite to be an unfavorable sign for a dreamer. In order to understand the meaning of sleep, you need to remember:

  • what dog was bitten — familiar or stray;
  • if there was severe pain when biting, whether there was blood;
  • for what part of the body the dog bit in the dream;
  • whether the dreamer survived the attack of the dog;
  • what size and color was the dog.

Blood symbolizes kinship, so the dream can warn about a quarrel with bloodlines. If the wound does not bleed, an insult will cause a stranger or a well-known person.

If the dog grabbed his finger, you are threatened by the person to whom you extended a hand of friendly help. Fear manifestations of ingratitude on his part, and in the worst case — big troubles.

  • bitten face — you feel shame;
  • bitten hand — to the big scandal;
  • bitten leg — to monetary losses;
  • bitten buttocks — to the ridiculous loss of a friend.

If in a dream dog unsuccessfully trying to bite, in reality, friends spread slander about you. However, these actions will not cause damage to your reputation.

If a dog bites as a joke while playing with you, such a dream foreshadows the help of a friend at the right moment.

If dog attacks in a dream, and you successfully fight off, — it spells success and gain in the struggle with circumstances. It will be difficult, but the dreamer will cope on his own with problems.

If a dog in a dream bit to death, This story is dangerous for the dreamer. You should be careful in life, perhaps change your place of residence.

Did the dog bite the foe? Dream foreshadows a brilliant victory over the circumstances.

Swindlers of enemies will not be able to harm the dreamer: he is under the protection of higher powers.

Dogs fight and bite each other — you will witness the conflict. The dog gnaws a toy — a warning about unreasonable actions. The dog attacked the cat — to trouble in his personal life.

The dog bites the guests — to a quarrel with friends.

Dream Interpretation: the dog bites the hand

Color and image of a dog

The interpretation of the bite of a dog according to dream books may vary according to the image of the dog:

  • If your dog bites, unforeseen cash expenses and conflicts with friends should be expected. If it is bitten by a stray dog, it is a sign of threat from secret enemies.
  • Little dog bite foreshadows petty efforts, which will deliver a small chagrin. The bite of a large dog foreshadows a strong disappointment in life.
  • See a mad dog — not good. Unforeseen circumstances await you, which will put before the fact of a difficult choice: to do the right thing or go over your heads for the sake of your goal. Also, a mad dog warns of unexpected troubles with your friend: it is better not to help him in this case.
  • Black Dog promises trouble with a friend: he turned out to be a werewolf in sheep’s clothing. You should also be careful with unfamiliar people, do not open the door to anyone and do not walk in the dark. It is worth asking about the well-being of loved ones. According to European ideas, the image of a black dog promises troubles and grief, and is also a harbinger of death.
  • Red dog dreams of intimate pleasures, and white heralds good events in life, joy and success.

Interpretation of dream books about dog bites

Dream Miller He sees in this story a close quarrel with his best friend, a loved one, or work colleagues. If the dog barks and bites, it warns of unpleasant news.

If the dog growls menacingly, expect backstage intrigues and gossip behind your back.

Dream Vanga warns of future trials. Ask for help from higher powers, so as not to suffer in the trouble.

  • Esoteric dream book considers this plot as a protracted conflict.
  • A Chinese dream book classifies this dream as a warning about an imminent quarrel with friends.
  • Gypsy dream book is predicting a quarrel in the family and an unexpected blow from someone from close relatives.

Family Dream advises to give close attention. Also, the dream book warns about the imminent disappointment of a loved one: he will be wrong.

Whatever the circumstances of life, try to keep emotions in check. There comes a period of testing: someone must go out of your life, showing the true face.

However, do not give up: a decent person will replace the unfaithful friend.

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