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Dream interpretation of Nostradamus — its features and content

Description of the Nostradamus dream book and the interpretation of dreams

It is believed that through dreams you can learn about the events of the future and get answers to important questions, but for this you need to be able to correctly interpret what they see. Thanks to the available esoteric literature, everyone can find out what this or that dream has dreamed of.

Among such publications the most interesting is the Nostradamus dream book, since The author used a special approach to deciphering the images he saw.

Dream interpretation of Nostradamus - its features and content

History of the author

The creator of the famous interpreter of dreams, Michel de Nostradam, was born into a Jewish family at the beginning of the 16th century. He claimed that his distant ancestors were healers at the royal court, which prompted him to become a doctor in the future.

However, at a young age, Nostradam was more interested in mathematics and art, and only during the plague epidemic did he decide to devote himself to medicine.

After receiving his doctorate, Michel began to travel around Europe, replacing his name with Nostradamus. He was absorbed in the idea of ​​fighting the plague, and he tried with all his might to find a way to end human suffering.

At that time, Michel suffered terrible losses — his wife and children died.

Dream Writing Idea

Even at a fairly young age, Nostradamus noticed that the visions that came to him in dreams began to come true over time. Moreover, the images were usually associative, not literal, and to find out the upcoming event they needed to be solved. Michel began to record his dreams and intended interpretation.

On the basis of his conclusions, he made many predictions that concerned not only him personally, but also the world as a whole.

Over time, Nostradamus decided to streamline his notes and release a book that would help people decipher their dreams. The publication contained a description of a large number of different characters, images and plots, as well as their significance in certain situations.

Dream interpretation of Nostradamus - its features and content

According to the visionary, in dreams you can see the events of the near or distant future. Moreover, the information sent to the universe may relate to distant generations destined to be born in the next centuries.

To more accurately interpret the dream, Nostradamus first analyzed the whole plot, and then individual images, since he considered them to be clarifying details.

Interpreter description

Michel divided the dream book into 2 parts: in the first part, interpretations of individual images are presented, and in the second, a set of various pictures and scenes mentioned in the previous chapter of the book are described. In addition, the second part of the publication contains information that helps determine the date of the accomplishment of dreams in real life.

Nostradamus created the dream book not only so that people would know what to expect in the future, but also how to properly use the information received. For example, the correct interpretation of the plot seen in a dream, which promises trouble, may suggest a way to prevent them.

In other words, Michel gave his followers a tool to prepare in advance for various events in life in order to get the most benefit from them and minimize negative consequences.

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