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Dream Interpretation Lofa: features of the interpretation of dreams

Description and key values ​​of the Lofa dream book

What are dreams — a warning from the universe about important events that are about to happen or just a series of images from our thoughts and experienced events that line up in the storyline? I never betrayed the value of my dreams until I began to notice a repetition of the same pictures. Deciding to find out their meaning, I once stumbled upon the Lofa dream book, which had a unique approach to the interpretation of dreams.

In this article I will tell what is the peculiarity of this publication and give examples of decoding night visions.

Dream Interpretation Lofa: features of the interpretation of dreams

The history of the creation of the dream book

David Loff — American psychotherapist, famous for his theory of dreams, on the basis of which more than one interpreter was created. Most of his life he devoted to the study of psychology, and was able to achieve great success in this area. In addition, David is a member of the research board at the faculty of medicine at George Washington University.

Although Loff is a scientist, he believes in the existence of God, moreover, he holds the position of senior pastor in the Baptist church.

Due to the fact that David harmoniously combines worldly and spiritual hypostasis, he managed to learn the deep truth of the existence of humanity and learn to recognize the signs that are sent to us in dreams. Thus, a theory was born that said that higher powers, through dreams, convey to people the information necessary for making decisions in life or warning against mistakes.

With the correct decoding of what he saw in the nightly dreams, you can learn about upcoming events, and how to act in a particular situation.

Based on his assumptions, David wrote the interpreter of dreams, which soon gained popularity not only in America, but in the whole world. His theory paid off and was recognized by millions of people.

Many admirers of Lofa claim that thanks to his publications, they learned to “read” the signs of fate sent to them in their dreams, thanks to which colossal changes for the better began to occur in their lives.

According to the psychologist, each person decides his own destiny, but at the same time, higher powers help in making right decisions and save from troubles. Presenting a difficult choice, thoughts and emotions can confuse a person, and he will take the wrong step. The subconscious mind, in turn, never makes a mistake, and tries to tell a person the right way through dreams.

Unfortunately, these are not always straight-line plots, and often associative, therefore, it is difficult to understand their meaning.

Loff argues that every dream always has a specific sequence relating to the 2 themes:

  1. Natural life processes — birth, study, marriage, etc.
  2. The spiritual and psychological component — intrapersonal conflicts, self-doubt and self-reliance, neuroses, and so on.

In order to find harmony in oneself, it is necessary to combine both themes correctly. Only in this case, a person will find happiness and be able to achieve success in life.

That’s what David is trying to teach people, through his dream books. He does not just tell them how to properly interpret their dreams, but helps them “hear” their subconscious and follow it.

Dream Interpretation Lofa: features of the interpretation of dreams

What is the feature of the dream book?

The dream interpretation of Lofa is completely different from similar publications, since It does not give an exact description of each character, but helps to understand the plot as a whole. And he uses an individual approach, because states that the same dream, seen by different people, can not have the same value.

Much depends on the life situation of the person in which he resides, his character and psychological characteristics. This approach helps to get to the heart of the problem and find the best solution to it directly for the individual.

Before writing the dream book, David studied the psychology of sleep for a long time, conducted various studies, made experiments and compared facts. His main task was to convey to people the true meanings of their dreams. He teaches readers to independently analyze dreamed plots and draw an analogy with their real life.

Only by finding similarities can one understand the true meaning of the information sent by higher powers.

In other words, David Lofa’s dream book can be called a guide through his own thoughts. It helps to find exactly those moments that should be paid attention first. It can be various fears, worries and doubts, getting rid of which will help to “soberly” look at life, make rational decisions and achieve goals.

A person will overcome the fear of failure and gain self-confidence.

If the dream books of visionaries such as Nostradamus and Vanga are aimed at understanding the future, then the Lofa collection is exclusively psychoanalytic, allowing us to understand and solve the individual’s current problems that prevent him from developing and fully living. That is why the publication of the American psychologist has gained such tremendous popularity.

Dream Interpretation Lofa: features of the interpretation of dreams

Types of dreams and examples of their interpretation

To better understand the meaning of dreams and determine which object was the most important, Loff divided them into types, and for clarity, gave examples of interpretations.

  1. Archetypical dreams. Any important changes in a person’s life are reflected in his dreams — often they become disturbing. For example, if a teenager is experiencing a transitional period and needs support, then he may dream of various dangerous situations associated with him and his family. This may be a fire in the house or a family capture by terrorists. As a rule, such dreams end safely.
  2. Compensatory dreams. Current or experienced situations are not rarely re-played in dreams, and their outcome is usually more successful, in contrast to real life. Such plots may indicate that a person hopes for the best outcome of the situation in which he is at the moment. It is important to look closely at the details, perhaps the subconscious mind is trying to point out the mistakes that have been made that need to be corrected in order to improve your situation. If the dreamed-up situation is already in the past, then most likely the person is tormented by the conscience that he did something wrong, or did not use all the chances.
  3. Repeating dreams. When a person repeatedly sees the same plot at night, most likely the higher forces are trying to warn him about something important that should happen to him soon. Such dreams are called prophetic, but to find out what exactly they foreshadow, you need to pay attention to the details. In addition, it is important to take into account your own feelings that prevailed at that time. For example, fear, anxiety, or anxiety indicate negative events, and joy, happiness, and tranquility foreshadow something good.
  4. Traumatic dreams. Plots in which the dreamer or one of his relatives are injured usually point to psychological problems. Perhaps the person has recently experienced a strong emotional shock, with which he can not cope.
  5. Dreams that solve moral problems. When a person gets on the wrong path or starts to misbehave, the subconscious mind tries to point it out and push for correction. It can do anything: lies, theft, unhealthy lifestyle, debauchery, etc. In such dreams, the details are important, because it is in them that the meaning of what needs to be changed in oneself and in relation to the world around is hidden.

David Loff argues that each person can not only improve their lives, but also gain true happiness if they follow the signs sent in their dreams by higher powers. In his publications he explains in an easy way how to correctly interpret his dreams, so anyone who wishes can learn this.

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