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Dream Interpretation: go by bus

Dream Interpretation: go by bus

Night dreams are a mysterious thing. Do they have any meaning?

Definitely, yes. No wonder the interpretation of dreams involved astrologers, soothsayers and psychotherapists.

Sleep is a reflection of real thoughts, aspirations, experiences. During sleep, the brain rests, unloads from everything experienced during the day.

Therefore, dreams affect real life.

Dream Interpretation: go by bus

What if you dreamed that you were on a bus? What could such a banal plot mean?

Let’s try to understand with the help of dream books.

Point of view of psychotherapists

Public transport in dreams is a symbol of your social life, an indicator of relationships with others. Therefore it matters, under what circumstances the plot of the dream develops.

The most inaccurate interpretations are given in popular dream books, the meanings of dreams in which the soothsayers describe. Much more interesting to interpret dreams, based on the point of view of psychotherapists.

A trip on the bus from their point of view may mean the following.

  1. If you are traveling in an empty bus, it means that in real life you are alone and in dire need of communication with like-minded people. Or loneliness only threatens — perhaps you will soon lose friends. Be careful, do not let the fatal blunders in communicating with loved ones.
  2. If the bus is full, you are in a crush, you are uncomfortable, then in real life you experience social stress. There is a fuss about you, too many unnecessary people who need attention. This may be associated with work on which you have to constantly interact with a large number of clients. You need a rest — take a vacation and be alone with yourself.
  3. If you sit on the bus, pleasant music plays, you are relaxed and feel comfortable in a dream, and in real life everything is good and peaceful. You are surrounded by people who love and appreciate you. There are no problems in communicating and making new contacts. Such a dream is favorable.
  4. If the conductor comes to you, Hamit and requires payment peremptory tone, alert. In real life, surrounded by an unpleasant person with whom you are connected by certain obligations. Try to complete them as soon as possible and stop communicating. Otherwise, it will lead to bad consequences.
  5. If you are in a bus, you have given someone a seat., although you did not want this, most likely you are a gentle person who does not know how to draw boundaries. On you «go» all and sundry. Stop it — become harder. Put in place boors, do not swallow grievances, and defend your opinion. By adjusting to people, you do not earn yourself their good attitude, but allow you to treat yourself as a consumer.
  6. In the kingdom of Morpheus, you riding the bus in the company? Who with you? Environment — those people who are close to you in real life? This is a sign — they are faithful to you and always accompany you in all situations of life. If there are enemies and ill-wishers nearby, in life you hope to withdraw from them.

To interpret dreams from the point of view of psychology is quite simple. By analogy of «public transport — social life» can be interpreted all the circumstances of night vision.

But it may well be that a trip in a bus is a reflection of the desire to transfer to a private car, which you cannot get.

Popular interpretation of sleep with the bus

Dream Interpretation: go by bus

Predictors and astrologers interpret dreams a little differently. In their view, sleep events foreshadow the future.

We have collected the most popular interpretations.

  1. If the trip in the bus dreams of a young girl, This is a sign of future unpleasant events. Soon something in life will happen that upsets her. But trouble will end quickly.
  2. The same dream of a married lady foreshadows the imminent arrival of guests or unexpected, but pleasant efforts.
  3. Unfavorable value in sleep for married men. The trip in the bus foreshadows problems with work, failure in transactions. Or betrayal of his wife — likely betrayal, parting.
  4. If the dream is a dream boy, this is a good sign. In the near future a pleasant conversation awaits him. Perhaps it will turn out to make a useful acquaintance, which will greatly help in later life.
  5. If an accident happens, sleep has a bad meaning. Possible adverse events that affect the financial situation. Perhaps you will fall prey to fraudsters or lose your job through no fault of your own. Be carefull.
  6. Unmarried man a dream foreshadows future pleasant events. Soon his cherished wish associated with money will come true. It will be possible to conclude a bargain or the authorities will appreciate the prize.

Try to record the dream immediately after waking up, so as not to forget. Then you can take into account all the nuances for the most accurate interpretation.

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