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Dream dream Hasse

Dream dream Hasse

Hasse is the surname of a female medium who is famous for her knowledge in the field of dream interpretation. She composed her dream book before the revolution in Russia. However, fame came to her only in the post-revolutionary time, when unrest and misunderstanding of their future fate settled in the hearts of people.

Dream interpretation Miss Hasse is still popular. Its main feature in a huge array of heterogeneous information, which was used to create a dream book. For example, the dream Vanga only based on esoteric methods of interpretation, and the dream book of Freud — solely on scientific theories and research in the field of psychology. Miss Hasse united these two sides of the world and made the most interesting and reliable interpreter of dreams.

Thus, the esoteric works, psychological knowledge, and even folklore became the basis of the work of the dream book. In order to present the reader with the most plausible and objective interpreter, Hasse used only proven and authoritative sources in her work.

Dream interpretation Hasse has another feature. According to the author, not all dreams need to be interpreted, since not all of them are destined to come true. In her dream book, she teaches us to distinguish between a prophetic and a useful dream from an empty and unnecessary dream.

According to her, before proceeding to the interpretation of sleep, it is necessary to find out the number of the month and the phase of the moon. In addition, in the dream book there are useful recommendations for the correct interpretation of dreams. According to Hasse, a dream that repeats itself over several nights has a greater power and probability of coming true than a dream that a person saw only once.

Her conclusions are reduced to the fact that sleep has its effect only in a specific period of time, and it can come true only in a certain period.

For example, Hasse argues that daytime dreams have no effect on a person at all, and they can be completely ignored. Also, the author of the dream book indicates the exact time frame of the day at which sleep tends to come true or not. Based on the phases of the moon, Hasse leads the days in which dreams have a specific direction or shade. Judging by her table of lunar phases, dreams, regardless of their interpretation, can lead to trouble, luck, or personalization in real life.

Thus, using the interpretation of dreams according to the dream book of Hasse, it is necessary to be guided not only by their interpretation, but also by the date of the month, otherwise the picture and the essence of sleep will not be revealed enough.

Using the Hasse dream book, you can find out whether the dream will come true or is deceptive. Also this interpreter explains many reasons why a person had a dream. Miss Hasse was a detailed and very comfortable dream book, which is popular even in our time.

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