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Dream book, what dreams of rabbits: a woman, a man, a white rabbit in a dream

Rabbits are mammals that cause sympathy for most people with their good looks. There is also a strong opinion about their incredible loving and fruitfulness. Not for nothing is a schematic image of an eared animal head adorning the cover of a magazine famous for its spicy content.

However, a rabbit in a dream is a more complex symbol. To understand why the rabbit dreams, you need to remember all the details of the dream.

Dream book, what dreams of rabbits: a woman, a man, a white rabbit in a dream

Dream Miller treats eared animals as the occurrence of a favorable period. The level of income will be quite satisfied.

White animals promise reciprocity in love and a blessed marriage.

Seeing rabbits, big and small, frolic and gallop, a great omen. Children will bring sincere joy to the soul of the dreamer.

Dream Vanga favorably interprets the meaning of the plot in which the rabbit dreams. In her opinion, this is a long life together loving people, filled with happiness.

Gypsy dream book treats eared animals as an increase in financial well-being. Very well, if they jump in a cage or aviary — the income will be simply phenomenal.

A black rabbit in a dream signals about the risk for equity, the white one promises to get a inheritance soon.

Family dream book if you dream of rabbits and bunnies, there is a profit ahead. The only crawl symbolizes complexes in front of the opposite sex.

Female dream book interprets dreamed rabbits as a subconscious willingness to continue the race. If a man in a dream observes how his acquaintance lady strokes or cares for an animal, then his desire to engage in intimate contact with her is reflected.

Ukrainian dream book treats rabbits as a demonstration of their own weaknesses. To kill an animal is to experience deception.

To eat a dish of rabbit meat is fun and joy ahead.

Dream Esoteric Evgenia Tsvetkova prompts that bunnies dream for a reason. So personified two-faced friends.

Dreaming medium Hasse reflects a similar point of view. According to this source, if rabbits often dream, someone from the inner circle will cause intentional harm.

To buy an animal is financial well-being.

Biblical dream of azar interprets krolley as a quick improvement in money matters.

French the source pays attention to the color of the animal. The white rabbit is dreaming of luck, the black one foreshadows sadness because of the negative attitude towards the sleeper from those around him.

To kill a crawl is a failure in business. There is a dish with his meat — a great feeling.

According to Freud’s dream book in the form of a rabbit, the experience of a sleeper is shown symbolically for the faithfulness of a partner. Suspicions are groundless, but the constant irritation of the second half can lead to serious spats.

Also, a rabbit in a dream gives shy reality to new friends of the opposite sex.

Runaway rabbits a girl predict little difficulty. In the near future in the relationship will be cooled.

Uncertainty in own charm symbolizes dreamed rabbit unmarried woman. To become happy in your personal life you should get rid of the complexes.

The meaning of a dream changes with an increase in the number of furry animals.

Numerous rabbits lonely woman — auspicious sign. Soon, significant progress will occur in the relationship with the opposite sex.

If the dream bunny married a woman is the personification of her happy family union. Also, dreams of replenishment can be happy — the desired will be fulfilled in the near future.

Well, when funny and active rabbits pregnant woman dreams. She will easily give birth to a wonderful baby, and will easily recuperate after this solemn event.

However, if the animals in the dream looked ill, or even more so, they dreamed of lifeless carcasses, it is advisable to undergo an unscheduled examination by a doctor who monitors the pregnancy.

Of particular importance are animals of bright colors. Rabbit white color, most sources treats favorably.

Positive changes ahead.

The calling character is a dream big White Rabbit. It is time to analyze life priorities, and begin to implement their most audacious plans.

It may also be a sign of secret passion.

A very positive symbol is when lot white rabbits dream at the same time. This is the personification of the achieved harmony between personal and business life, family pleasures.

Dream book, what dreams of rabbits: a woman, a man, a white rabbit in a dream

Sweet little the white rabbit in a dream symbolizes readiness for the birth and upbringing of children. The dream reflects the heightened emotionality of the sleeper.

If a man sees how a white rabbit is on hands his friend, and she gently strokes the fur of the animal, this reflects her attitude. This lady will bring a lot of tricks to attract the attention of the sleeper and seduce, and the sleeper doesn’t mind taking the conversation to a new level.

When fluffy The white rabbit is in the embrace of the dreamer; it is a great symbol for the sphere of personal relationships. For married and married such a plot means harmony, peace, joy with family.

Dreamed rabbits or rabbits on the hunt they symbolize the dreamer’s desire to dominate others in everything. In real life, such a dream can mean an attack on a deliberately weak opponent.

As submission to force — rabbits in a cage dreams of a man. Releasing the animals — in reality will have to show care.

Dream book, what dreams of rabbits: a woman, a man, a white rabbit in a dream

Much depends on what kind of fluffy dreams are. The personality of the sleeper is also taken into account.

An excellent sign for a woman when she dreams of a rabbit alive and funny. This is family happiness.

Men dreaming of the unwillingness to take responsibility.

A good symbol is big rabbit. This is stability and harmony.

Jumping rabbit Gray symbolizes profit. The beast of a huge size predicts success after the application of works.

About bad waking warns the black a rabbit in a dream. In the financial sphere, losses are possible, a painful blow to conceit.

Redhead The rabbit is a symbol foreshadowing good events. There will be changes for the better. However, this will happen if the sleeper does not trust only the first impression.

This is especially true of personal relationships. Being in love with a bright personality can make it difficult to notice unpleasant personality traits.

Ushastik red color urges not to rush.

When do rabbits dream little ones colored, this household daily chores. It is also a reflection of some infantilism of the sleeper, unwillingness to make decisions.

On the way to the goal, there will be many small matters that will have to be solved, overcoming someone’s resistance.

Joyful events foreshadows many multicolored rabbits natural shades. This may be a family and business celebration. If the fur in animals is not of a typical color: pink, green, blue, the dream contains a warning.

By his own naivety or gullibility, there is a great danger of committing on the filing of another person an unseemly act, which later will have to regret for a long time.

Bad when the dead rabbits dream. There are many obstacles on the way to a dream, and overcoming them will take a lot of energy.

Dreaming dreaming of becoming parents prompts to undergo additional medical examination.

Dead a rabbit in a dream reflects a major financial loss. Even a wounded animal is interpreted negatively.

Ahead of a strong disappointment because of frustration in a person.

If dreamed catch Rabbit, and well, you can rejoice. Family life will be happy.

Chasing little rabbits is a symbolic reflection of the cares of the younger generation.

A warning is the story in which happened to iron a rabbit in a dream (except for an albino). This is a hoax from a close friend who has been given great confidence.

Twofold interpreted feed rabbits. On the one hand, this is an increase in financial well-being.

On the other — the imminent marriage of lonely dreamers.

Bad sign — to kill a rabbit. Ahead of the loss and lies.

Skinning — the situation faces serious losses, and it will be very difficult to find a way out. But breeding crawls is a symbol of happiness.

In general, when dreaming of a rabbit or several of these animals, you can not wait for dirty tricks from fate. However, the warning is worth considering.

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