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Dream book, what dreams of fish: a woman, a man, a live fish in a dream

Why dream of a fish in a dream, people have long known, and talked about the imminent conception of the baby. And both at the dreamer, and at acquaintances or relatives. Surprisingly, this interpretation really coincides with many.

And yet, the range of decoding scenes in which there are inhabitants of lakes, rivers and seas, is much wider.

Dream book, what dreams of fish: a woman, a man, a live fish in a dream

Interpretation of different dream books will help to see how a multifaceted symbol is a fish in a dream.

Dream Miller decodes the appearance of living fish as a smile of fortune. Conceived will be executed with minimal effort.

Russian dream book on the contrary, he predicts the dreamer to participate in a certain project, which will require significant investment of time and money. If the dreamer catches a fishing rod, waking him just like with real fishing, you should keep quiet, that is, do not talk about your plans.

Ukrainian dream book interprets the appearance of aquatic inhabitants as weather deterioration, heavy rainfall. Listlessly floating fish means that ill-wishers have appeared near the dreamer.

They are trying to prevent him.

One of the interpretations Nostradamus also predicts rain (snow on the season). In other cases, the fish warns of difficulties in the work.

Rotten warns of rumors. But when 3 dreamed (no more, no less), you can expect happy days.

Gypsies unscramble the dream as a scandal and squabbles in reality.

Interpretation Wangi different originality. According to the Bulgarian seer, a caught catch means that the enemies cannot harm the dreamer.

However, the fish is smooth, without scales, means unwell.

Founder of psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud interpreted what he saw in the dream of fry as sperm, larger fish as offspring. According to its decoding, the dreamer is in search of sensual pleasures.

However, if the fish dream often, the Austrian psychiatrist recommended to stop thinking about material problems at least during the process of mating.

Dream Dream Meneghetti encourages the dreamer to be more relaxed and free. A call to stop holding back instinctive impulses in order to find inner harmony.

According to Tsvetkov’s dream book beautiful fish in clear water means the beginning of a happy period, luck and success. Even a rotten fish, according to the esoteric interpretation, predicts unexpected enrichment (inheritance, sudden premium).

According to ancient slavic Veles’ dream book with the advent of fish in a dream, material well-being will come to life. For a lady in a piquant position, sleep means that she is carrying a daughter.

Almost all dream books allocate interpretation separately for men and for women. Especially noticeable is the difference of interpretations in the plot of dreams with this sign.

The main plot, predicting that the fish dream of pregnancy, and not to anything else, is a successful catch. In a dream fish with your hands woman, and take the catch in hand — predicts increased chances of conceiving in the very near future (within one cycle).

If the dream is fresh fish pregnant woman, then the birth will be very successful. Dead, or the birth of fish instead of a child — a signal urgently, but without panic, go to the gynecologist.

The fact is that if a woman dreams of an inanimate fish, this organism gives clues about upcoming problems. Their negative impact on the baby and mother can still be eliminated.

It is worth using the chance to bear and give birth to a healthy child.

In other cases, it is necessary additionally for the correct interpretation to take into account the remaining details of sleep. If a woman is dissatisfied with the size of the catch, and therefore lets him go, then her life claims are too ambitious and her dreams are too ambitious.

Dream, which happened fishing with a fishing rod to the woman, promises that in reality there will be a lot of gentlemen around her. This is similar to the interpretation of Freud — fishing rods as a phallic symbol.

It remains only to choose a suitable partner to enjoy the proximity.

Live caught fish in the cage or in the bucket — a good marriage. The spouse will be rich, worthy and loving.

If dreaming alive fish, dream come true awaits gift. Its size depends on the size of the fish.

In general, a fish for a woman in a dream is a positive sign. If the dreamer covers the dinner table and puts fish dishes on it, then in real life she cares too much and takes care of others.

Sometimes you can, and you need to be rational egoism.

Seen in a dream roast Fish predicts a happy romantic passion. Cavalier will be passionate, and fully meet all expectations.

Salty Fish woman foreshadows unexpected meeting. Acquaintance can change life, or fill with new shades, including jealousy.

Girl dreamed fish can signal entry into the heyday. She will have a fan, who in the future may become a spouse.

However, at the same time, the dream warns of the need to guard against loss of reputation.

Not very favorable sign — seen in a dream dead a fish. Ahead will follow a series of tests. We’ll have to put up with our teeth.

Soon everything is normal. To keep a dead fish in your hands is a sign of ill health.

See immediately lot fish swimming in clear water means profit will follow soon. It may appear as if by itself (return of the old debt, winning the lottery, other gifts from fortune).

Dream book, what dreams of fish: a woman, a man, a live fish in a dream

In general, for men, the appearance of this symbol in a dream is connected with the financial sphere, business. A positive or negative change in the state of affairs will depend on the entourage and details of sleep. A man to see a fish in a dream floating in a clean river means soon to profit from the planned business.

Even if the project seemed impracticable, its result will be very pleased. Muddy water is a warning to avoid participation in dubious scams. Even if the profit will be at first, prosperity will be short.

Larger losses will follow. To dream lot Fish foreshadows pleasant events, prosperity business, pleasure from communication.

The interpretation of dreams for the stronger sex depends largely on whether the man is a fan fishing. Sometimes dreams just reflect vivid impressions from real life, and you can put a dream book to the side.

In this case, fishing in a dream does not mean anything, especially when there was a successful trip to the reservoir the day before.

In other cases, fishing in a dream is treated depending on the catch: its quantity and composition. For a man to catch A dream fish means a fortunate coincidence.

Catch fish in the hole, and pull out the trophy specimen, a very positive symbol. The most cherished wishes will come true.

The original interpretation has a plot in which the dreamer tries fish with your hands. He will get angry envious, waiting for the slightest mistake to discredit the sleeper in front of the leadership.

However, if the dreamer managed to catch the trophy, and he firmly holds it in his hands, the victory over the enemies, secret and obvious, will be truly grandiose.

For a businessman to catch on the bait large pike means the appearance of a reliable business partner of the opposite sex. Lack of catch means that certain concerns of a man about his own sexual activity are most often groundless, but you can visit an andrologist for complacency.

Young a guy dreamed fish promises gradual progress towards success. Promotion through the career ladder will be gradual, but serious shocks are not expected.

It is interesting to decipher a dream in which a man relishes deliciously cooked fish. This means that in reality he manifests himself as an egoist in sexual relations with women.

Sleep advises — sometimes it is necessary not only to take, but also to give tenderness.

It is seen that for all, without exception, live fish in a dream has a favorable symbolism. This is an increase in both family members and finances.

A more detailed transcript gives the definition of its variety.

Big mustache catfish means a pleasant event in reality. It can mean a high-ranking man who provides sleeping or sleeping protection.

Pike may predict the birth of the heiress. If the toothy attacks — in reality there may be a slight indisposition.

Live silver taranka foreshadows men a brilliant success. A young girl may soon marry a rich man.

Carp means making a fairly modest profit. For a woman in the position karasiki, as well as tench and perch, predict the birth of a tomboy.

Fry for dreamers of both sexes, they foreshadow care for babies, not necessarily their own. You may have to mess around with the children of relatives.

Shoals of young fry personify cheerful entertainment with the baby. Communication will bring mutual joy.

Motley fish of fantastic color, located in a natural reservoir, signal that in reality someone is preparing to deceive the dreamer. It is critical to consider all the proposals of both business and personal nature.

Dreamed fish and caviar, as well as noble salmon — especially positive signs. In any planned business will be good, and the benefit will surpass the wildest predictions.

Large an individual almost always means luck. Large fish is a significant work achievement, and as a result of this, income growth.

Incredible awesome fish, dreamed of swimming in the water, predicts rapid changes in life. They will be sudden, but they will happen for the better.

Small fish (but not fry) warns of disappointment. Perhaps the failure of some business plans.

It is necessary to plunge into a whirlpool of troubles.

Red fish of noble varieties (salmon, chum, trout) means that favorable events will occur soon. Relations with households, friends and business partners are simply excellent. Mutual understanding and sincere relationship reigns.

It’s not at all such a joyous meaning in a dream with fish covered in bright red scales. The subconscious signals the occurrence of an inflammatory process in the body.

The positive significance of this dream is that timely contacting a medical institution will not allow the disease to develop into a chronic form.

White fish, both in variety and color, is a symbol of a pleasant, bright, waking period. It will be characterized by material prosperity.

Successfully start new business, meet.

The black fish seen in a dream warns that in a love relationship comes the cooling of the senses on the part of a partner or partner. It is worth analyzing the reasons for this unpleasant process.

Live, An active and beautiful looking fish is a symbol of success and good health.

Fresh the fish foreshadows a gift that the dreamer will receive quite unexpectedly.

Raw it has a dual meaning. Seeing her is for family happiness, but there is a disease that awaits it in reality.

Frozen fish is a clear sign that spouses or lovers are moving away from each other. In order to preserve feelings, one must pay attention directly to the intimate side of living together.

Dead a fish in a dream means that in reality the dreamer has a period of minimal vital energy. The breakdown is associated with overstrain rather in the emotional sphere.

You need to balance yourself. A dead fish in a dream is a particularly unpleasant sign if it has to be touched.

Throwing away — means to eliminate the problems that have arisen due to someone else’s fault.

Rotten, the foul-smelling carcass warns someone to gossip. The slanderer keeps track of every step, and even out of innocent actions is able to create disreputable rumor.

At all rotten fish means disappointment, and spoiled with worms she points out that the person from the environment will be unpleasantly surprised. Open very unpleasant, repulsive features of his nature.

If dreamed aquarium fish, floating in a clean and elegant aquarium, there comes a period of new achievements. This may be a new position at work, or even a new home. Dirty aquarium warns — at home is not all cloudless.

We must pay attention to the affairs of domestic. A dream signals that someone close to you needs help.

Character that translates flying fish in a dream, it is the pursuit of what seems unattainable. Implicitly ripening the desire to change their place of residence, or work that starts to hurt.

If dreamed a fish Headless, but of good quality, the dreamer is too passionate about making money, and forgot about the need to be human.

Separately seen in a dream fish head— a great sign. Soon, in reality, there will be either a delightful acquaintance with an interesting person, or the conclusion of a lucrative contract with a bona fide business partner.

Raw pieces fish in a dream foreshadow a deterioration in health. In order not to get sick, you should take this hint from a dream seriously and take health promotion measures.

Dream book, what dreams of fish: a woman, a man, a live fish in a dream

To interpret a dream, you should pay attention to where it was noticed. Fish in aquarium they inform the dreamer that intervention will be required soon, although he had been trying to maintain neutrality before that and not get involved in anything.

This position becomes irrelevant. Dead fish in an aquarium in a dream means the collapse of the brightest hopes.

The most favorable is the dream in which the fish is in clear water. These are fast gifts from destiny, happy mutual love.

Dirty water, turbidity from the bottom — around the dreamer in reality not very favorable conditions, gossip and idle talk.

Transparent pond with fish means that the dreamer will soon make a profit.

Floating in a river fish foretells important changes in life. Favorable they will, or not, help decipher the details of sleep (the transparency of the water, the variety and the type of its inhabitants).

If dreaming fish in the sea, it means a lot of excitement in reality. The reason for the alarm is a hectic personal life.

When dream of a fish in networks, It is worth preparing for serious trials. But if the dreamer himself caught a good catch with a net or nonsense, the dream value is positive.

Najawa awaits reward for hard work.

The story of the dream deserves a special interpretation. buy fish in the store or on the market. It is interpreted as follows: fresh fish is acquired — a disease due to non-compliance with the rules of hygiene or the common cold.

Dry — symbolizes a boring family life, but quiet happiness lasts longer.

If you have to sell fish in a dream, in reality, the plot means weakening of the position in front of the enemies. We’ll have to ask for help, as our own strength has been squandered.

A dream in which the dreamer falls swim with fish — The changes will be very dramatic. Symbol of entry into the new stage of life.

Generally catching fish in a dream reflects the desire to realize hidden desires. This may be a business idea, and sexual attraction to someone from others.

The plot of the dream with the main action — Cook Fish means that all the cases will be brought to a logical and, importantly, a positive ending. The only exception is the smoking of fish, it is a symbol of loss of self-confidence.

When dream cut carcass, in reality, will have to share either the profit with business partners, or enter into conflict with relatives because of the inheritance.

Bowel Fish and find spawn — big luck. Removing the insides — the desire to reach the truth by any means.

Clean off scales: for men, excessive egocentrism. For a woman — short-term relationships, men do not stay close.

To chop fish in a dream — claims to partners. Quarrel over financial issues.

Salt fish — a sign of frustrated plans. Conceived will have to reach in other ways, and spend a lot of time on it.

In a dream fry fish means to invest heavily in a commercial project. Investments pay off handsomely.

To roast at the stake — the authority of the dreamer is striving upwards.

Eat raw — to the ailment. Tasty cooked — chores.

With an unpleasant odor — should beware of food poisoning.

Feed the aquarium dwellers — to defeat enemies with minimal effort.

Depending on the method of preparation, the interpretations of sleep also differ.

Fried signals the need to pay attention to the cardiovascular sphere, it is vulnerable due to excessive experiences of the dreamer. Baked fish entirely means that all disputes in favor of the sleeper will soon be resolved.

Salty — a reason to doubt the loyalty of the partner.

The symbol that contains smoked fish — development and career are hampered by enemies disguised as friends. Do not share projects!

Dried Vobla predicts a fun party in reality. Excessively dry means that there are not enough emotions in life.

Dried Fish encourages more painstakingly to work things out. This will lead to success.

Boiled — A signal that the sleeper is too amenable to melancholy. It is necessary to fight it in any way.

These are the interpretations of dreams with the water symbol. Let you dream the most favorable scenes!

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