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Do dreams come true from Thursday to Friday

Dreams from Thursday to Friday — prophetic? Do they come true?

Mankind has long had a special curiosity for dreams. Of particular honor were dreams-predictions (the so-called prophetic).

It is still believed that prophetic dreams are people dreaming on the night from Thursday to Friday.

Do dreams come true from Thursday to Friday

Venus — patroness of Friday and prophetic dreams

Dreams that fall from Thursday to Friday, you must try to memorize as detailed as possible. They tend to come true much more often than the dreams that a person sees on the other days of the week.

For one night, a person can dream a few dreams. However, only those who dreamed after midnight, closer to Friday morning, will be prophetic.

Unambiguous explanation of the reasons for this phenomenon, astrologers can not yet give. Some associate the mystical properties of Friday dreams with the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, since this event took place exactly on Friday.

Others believe that the prophetic abilities of dreams these days are manifested due to the protection of Venus.

Sensual Venus symbolizes love and harmony. Under her influence, people begin to perceive the world around them more subtly and softer. Dreams during these days of the week are, for the most part, a reflection of the sensual side of the personality of the sleeper.

The dreamer’s intuition on this night is extremely acute, therefore his visions acquire a prophetic character.

Distinctive features of prophetic dreams

The dream that occurred from Thursday to Friday can be connected with any side of life: personal and family life, the material sphere, social contacts and so on. However, a closer connection is observed with the emotions and feelings of the person.

Visions of this night tend to reflect the most intimate and important desires of the dreamer, his dreams, secret attachments, anxieties and doubts.

Often in this kind of dreams, a sleeping person sees those actions and actions that he would not have decided for anything in real life. Sometimes, prophetic dreams can tell about the creative abilities of a person.

It happens that Friday dreams predict the day when a person’s wishes will come true.

The prophetic dreams that the sleeper sees from Thursday to Friday are almost always bright and remembered after waking up. As a rule, they come to life within 2-3 months, but can prove themselves even years later. Visions that have visited a sleeper at the predawn hour come true faster than others, sometimes even on the same day.

In some cases, one and the same can dream a few nights in a row, so it is to him that he needs to pay special attention, try to remember his smallest details and his feelings during it.

Dreams in these days do not always serve as prophecy. Sometimes they act as a clue, help a person find a solution to the problems that concern him, point out the right direction, and warn against potential mistakes.

Meaning of dreams

To dreams that fell on Friday night, should be treated with all care.

  • A good sign if the dream is bright, colorful and pleasant. Such dreams promise days filled with memorable events. It means that the dreamer’s secret desire will soon be fulfilled.
  • If the visions that night were painted in black and white, it warns about the upcoming routine and monotony. Most likely, the dreamer is waiting for hard work on the way to the desired goal.
  • If in his nightly dreams the sleeper gets or acquires the desired thing, then in the near future he will soon observe how his cherished dream comes true. For lonely people, such a plot foreshadows a meeting with the second half.
  • Dreamed of making a large purchase or getting a large sum of money? It’s time to prepare to get this in real life.
  • Attempts in the dream to find something or achieve something remained unsuccessful? It warns of upcoming major expenses, debts and financial instability. Sometimes this can symbolize and dissatisfaction with their personal lives.
  • The fact that the life plans of the sleeper will be a fiasco is said in a dream in which a person has lost or stolen something. The most correct step in this situation will be to postpone the attempt and return to it after some time.

Prophetic dreams often result from the actions and actions of a person in real life, and sometimes show the events that will happen to him in the future, unless he changes the tactics of his behavior and activities in the present. It is worth remembering that prophetic dreams are not the absolute truth that a person cannot change. Man’s future is only in his hands, and he has the power to influence him.

And prophetic dreams can be good assistants in this matter.

Common plots of prophetic dreams and their interpretation

Among the prophetic dreams that people see from Thursday to Friday, there are several of the most frequent scenes. All of them, to some extent, are able to influence the real life of the dreamer.

Do dreams come true from Thursday to Friday

In the life of every single person love happens once — a person appears who causes tender feelings, takes possession of the heart and thoughts. To know whether he (she) is the very second half, prophetic dreams will help you from Thursday to Friday.

Astrologers believe that in prophetic dreams the sleeper sees only the one whom he truly loves and appreciates.

  • Dreamed a dream, where are you with your beloved (loved one) together? Well, then, fate is benevolent, and you just have to wait in the wings, allowing events to develop on their own.
  • Quarreled with passion in a dream or saw him (her) with another (other)? Alas, the dream warns that this is not your man, and you are not destined to become a happy couple.
  • The dream in which you observed your wedding, — a good sign. It will be good if you recall all the unpleasant moments from this dream, if any. This will help you avoid them in reality.
  • I dreamed about the wedding of my beloved (sweetheart), but weren’t you the bride (groom)? This promises a break in relations and separation.
  • See the death of a loved one — warning of major troubles, tragic events (murder, death).

In order for the vision not to come true, it is necessary to try to live in a calm atmosphere in the coming months and do everything possible to prevent the events seen in the dream.

  • Get a career boost in a dream, see a big salary — to wealth and success.
  • I dreamed of a quarrel with superiors or colleagues, dismissal or demotion — to dramatic changes. Do not try to interfere with the management, conscientiously fulfill your duties at work and keep your mouth shut — and then the negative can be avoided.


  • To see in a dream any troubles that happened to you (accident, accident, domestic problems, health problems, etc.), — to similar events in real life, the presence of a threat, any existing problem. From you in this case requires the maximum amount of effort that will reduce the likelihood of these troubles to zero.

If you have a prophetic dream from Thursday to Friday, your task is to take it seriously and take it as a hint from higher powers.

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