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Do dreams come true from Monday to Tuesday?

Do dreams come true from Monday to Tuesday?

The answer to this question is up to you. Believe in dream books or prefer to interpret dreams from the point of view of psychology.

Let’s try to figure out whether prophetic dreams exist: what the interpreters and psychotherapists say about it. So all the same, do dreams come true from Monday to Tuesday?

Do dreams come true from Monday to Tuesday?

Astrological point of view

Astrologers believe: Tuesday is the day of the week, which Mars patronizes. This planet is named after the god of war, so it left its mark on the interpretation of dreams. Night visions from Monday to Tuesday are rarely prophetic in terms of astrology.

But such dreams are mostly negative.

Very often, on Tuesday dreams, images of conflicts, turbulent scenes, quarrels are drawn to a person, and the atmosphere is extremely tense. On the night of Tuesday, consciousness splashes out all the accumulated negative energy.

Therefore, you should not be upset if you have a bad dream — the mind is freed from aggression, resentment, dissatisfaction with the social life, negative energy.

  • If sleep from Monday to Tuesday is extremely unpleasant, even a nightmare, this is a sign — it’s time to direct your energy towards doing useful things
  • If night vision is very bright, memorable, “not letting go”, wait for important changes in your life, aimed at your spiritual growth
  • People rarely remember Tuesday’s dreams., but if you succeed — you are a leader by nature, try to reveal organizational qualities in yourself
  • It happens that in the morning you wake up in tears, an unpleasant aftertaste lasts all day To relax and move away, arrange a day of self-love if you can — stay home, take a bath, prepare a delicious dinner.
  • If in a dream won over someone, it means that in real life there will soon be a chance to surpass all. Don’t miss it

To attach great importance to Tuesday dreams is not worth it — they are rarely prophetic. But often deliver psychological discomfort. In order not to remember bad night visions, change the wake-up time to 30 minutes (get up half an hour earlier or later).

This will change the phase of sleep, in which the alarm clock will ring. If you are lucky, you will wake up during a slow phase, in which dreams are not remembered.

Opinion psychotherapists

Do dreams come true from Monday to Tuesday?

In the writings of famous psychotherapists indicated: dreams — a reflection of real experiences, impressions, thoughts and emotions. All this is fancifully intertwined in the human mind and transformed into images that are in dreams.

It is known that a person sees 4-5 dreams every night. Dreams are necessary, they unload the brain and allow it to rest. During the night, sleep phases change from slow to fast.

It is during the fast phase that a person has a dream. But remembers only if you wake up at this moment.

The body often warns a person about something through dreams. Therefore, sleep from Monday to Tuesday may well be prophetic.

Experiments conducted by scientists confirm this. For example:

  • If you dream of falling into the abyss, go to a cardiologist: such dreams are a signal of the body about the presence of cardiovascular diseases
  • There was an experiment: a person was tied up in a certain way, and he dreamed that he was riding a bicycle
  • If the room is cold and a blanket falls in your sleep, you may dream that you are sitting in the snow.
  • One girl dreamed that she was falling into the abyss, but at the last moment a man stretches her hand, whose face she does not see. The dream was repeated with enviable regularity until she married. Then the dream came for the last time, and the man turned out to be her husband. Such a dream is a reflection of the fear of loneliness that passed when the problem was solved in real life.

This is not mysticism, but only psychology. Remember at least Mendeleev, who dreamed of his famous table!

The scientist thought a lot about it, and the brain gave a hint. It is not uncommon for the body to activate defense mechanisms through sleep.

For example, a girl who is insulted by a stepmother can dream of a deceased mother and teach her how to respond to an evil woman. Sometimes a dream is a reflection of real needs. Monks often have erotic dreams, which religion explains simply: “the devil tempts.”

This is actually a sign of sexual dissatisfaction.

It is important to learn how to correctly recognize the signals that the brain gives through sleep. And then the dream books will not be needed — you yourself will learn to understand which dreams come true and which do not.

And the day of the week does not matter.

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