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Dmitry Volkhov: how to be if a houseboy is strangling in a dream

Dmitry Volkhov: how to be if a houseboy is strangling in a dream

According to the majority, the brownie is an extremely peaceful creature. If you are on excellent terms with your brownie, he will provide you with all possible assistance and protection from harm. Very often, the most loyal and kind of home-grown ones are those who have lived in dozens of years in the same family.

For example, if people for generations live in the same house, therefore, the brownie will become a member of their family. In order to improve relations with his brownie, psychic Dmitry Volkhov advises to always keep the house clean and tidy. Do not leave dirty dishes for the night, do not scatter things and minimize quarrels and conflicts in the house.

And what if the brownie you got angry and careless? According to Dmitry Volkhov, very often there are such cases when a houseboy does not accept his masters, in every way he does mischief and mischief. A common example is the fact that a houseboy is choking in a dream.

Unfortunately, in our time, this phenomenon is not uncommon. Many wonder: what does this mean? As a rule, many psychics advise at such a moment not to become puzzled and ask “for goodness or for good?” To the brownie.

If you feel cold, then you will lose weight, if it is hot, then it will be good.

Dmitry Volkhov believes that there are so many reasons that can explain why the house guy is stifling in a dream. It is not always a matter of disorder. It may happen that the houseboy in the apartment will simply get bored and he will want to have some fun in his own way. We must not forget that be that as it may, the brownie is, first of all, evil.

In no case should not offend the brownie, speak against him nasty things or threaten him if he does not stop his pranks. In response, you will receive only a huge number of new troubles. If the brownie strangles in a dream, therefore, in this way he tries to hint to you that it is time to change your usual way of life.

How can you calm your brownie? Psychic Dmitry Volkhov recommends that if the brownie comes in a dream, the next day, pour him a shot of vodka and put him in a corner of the kitchen. Side by side, put three candies and cookies.

Sweets pre-expand. According to the old belief, such a treat will appease the brownie in the apartment. If you want to get rid of the intrusiveness of your brownie, then there is another option — get a cat.

Cats are very fond of cats and if such a pet appears in the house, then evil spirits will play with him, and not with you.

A brownie doesn’t choke in a dream not only to warn us of any danger. Slavic sorcerer Dmitry Volkhov believes that in this way he communicates with us. Quite peculiar, but still.

Show attention to the house in your apartment, it will be quite enough to stop the attacks of evil.

And so that in your house always reigned harmony, do not forget to press and

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